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Hello, Gorgeous! Woven Sewing Labels

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A packet of 8 “Hello, Gorgeous!” woven labels by Kylie and the Machine. 1cm x 5cm end fold labels. Each pack contains 4 of each color.

Each packet contains 8 high-quality woven labels for giving your handmade garment the perfect finishing touch. Thread count is polyester with rayon threads. The labels are Oeko-Tex certified, won’t fade with washing and soft to the touch!

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Package of 8 labels for giving your handmade garment a personal, finishing touch. Labels will ship First Class USPS within 2 business days.

Additional information

Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2.75 × .12 cm


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  • United States- $3.50 First Class
  • Canada- $5.50 First Class International
  • United Kingdom- $10.50 First Class International
  • Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa- $12.50 First Class International

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