At Love Notions you’ll find modern sewing patterns for the whole family. All patterns are instant downloadable pdf’s.

After 10 years of running a successful custom children’s clothing boutique, Dunk-n-Fluff, I made the leap in offering my original designs in pdf format for the home sewist. I strive to offer easy to use and easy to wear designs with an emphasis on designs for ‘tweens and stretch fabrics. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or support.

I’ve been sewing since I was 10 but my business was born shortly after my daughter, Mallory. What started out as a necessity from cloth diapering blossomed into a full-scale custom clothing boutique. After 10 years of running that I made the leap into offering my original designs in PDF format for the home sewist. Again, the business took off and today I work hard to deliver easy to use and easy to wear designs with an emphasis on ‘tweens and stretch fabrics. I feel so blessed to be able to share my creative side with the sewing world: from the rookie sewist to the seasoned professional.

So how did I become involved in the sewing world 28 years ago? Well, my mom grew up on a farm with a big family and parents who were extremely resourceful and handy at everything. My grandparents passed the tradition of crafting beautiful, homemade, useful items onto my mother and me: cooking, canning, farming, gardening, animal caretaking and, of course, sewing. In fact, to this day my eighty year old Grandma can still step just out her front door and create a meal for eight with just the contents in her garden and her canning pantry. So, when I was about 10 my grandma taught me how to sew. I can still remember our first project — a pair of pajamas using some turquoise shirting she was going to use for my grandpa. I so wish I still had those PJ’s!

Fast forward a couple decades and I have my own family who inspire my creations, with a little bit of graphic design help from my artistic husband. Now Mallory is 12 and fairly confident with my sewing machine though Sam, my 9 year old son, would rather just take it apart to see how it works. No matter the medium, I hope they can continue the family tradition of crafting useful, beautiful things.