Sewing School Blog Posts

How to sew knits with just a regular sewing machine

How to sew knits with a regular sewing machine.

How to Shop for Fabric Online

Learn how to shop for fabric online!

Pressing Matters: Get pro results with your iron

Learn all about getting the best, most professional results while you sew.

How to interpret pattern markings with Willow Wrap Dress

Learn how to interpret sewing pattern markings on any sewing pattern.

How to Swap Sleeves on Sewing Patterns

Learn how easy it can be to interchange the sleeves between your sewing patterns.

What is Fabric Grainline? (& how does it affect your sewing?)

Understanding Fabric grainline – and how it can improve your sewing.

Focus on Fit Blog Posts

Introducing Lincoln Top: all about fit and fabric!

Learn about the fit and fabric for Lincoln Top – our newest pattern release!

How to create a Fuller Full Bicep Adjustment: What To Do When You Need a Little More Space

How to create a FULLER full bicep adjustment

7 Easy Steps for a Full Bicep Adjustment

Learn how to make a Full Bicep Adjustment in this quick tutorial – featuring the Constellation Pullover.

How to make a Shoulder Slope Pattern Adjustment (with Compose Robe)

How to adjust the shoulder slope with the Compose Robe.

How (and why) to make a muslin for pants

Learn how and why to sew a muslin for fitting pants.

How to move a bust dart – Focus on Fit

Learn how (and why) to adjust bust darts for your unique body.

Pattern Hacks & Techniques