Neckband Tutorial

How to attach a neckband

Mar 6, 2017 | How To, LDT | 4 comments


How to attach a neckband

Do you need a little help figuring out how to attach a neckband to your Laundry Day Tee or any of your other knit sewing projects? This video will show you just how to do it! This same method is used in the Samson shirt for kids and LOTS of other shirt patterns.

Attaching a neckband to a shirt can take a bit of practice. Learning to stretch the neckband to fit the neckline is the trickiest part. Just take your time and baste your neckband in place.

Use this how to attach neckband tutorial on the FREE Pattern

There you have it! You can attach a neckband with ease if you follow those steps.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the Love Notions Support Group on Facebook. We also love to see your Love Notions makes! So share your creations there also! (And remember that when you join the group or follow @lovenotions on Instagram, you can get the code for a FREE Laundry Day Tee pattern.


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Neckband Tutorial


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  1. Patricia Clements

    Thanks for the tutorial. Did Thomas make his shirt. He sounds like a good boy who is interested in what others around him do.

  2. tnbelle53

    Thanks for the tutorial. Thomas did a great job filming!
    Looking forward to see Thomas’ finished handmade shirt ?

  3. Genevieve Schroeder

    How do I do a V=neck on the Classic Tee? I see the Vneck band pattern but do I use the same rounded front pattern?

    Instagram: gg_designs_and_more

    • Keira Wood

      Hi Genevieve! The Classic Tee pattern has 3 different neckline cut lines: scoop, crew and v-neck. You’ll just cut on the V-neck line and use the corresponding v neck band. Happy Sewing! ~K


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