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Sewing, thankfulness and raglan patterns

Facebook Pinterest Instagram Hey Y’all! It’s almost Thanksgiving, and here at the Love Notions Fan Club - er, I mean Monga household, we’re doing a lot of reflecting and counting of our blessings. We’ve been living in this wonderful country, the United States of...

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Connecting With Your Craft Sewing Retreat Recap

    Facebook Pinterest Instagram What do you get when you plan and work and organize an event for a year? Answer- a wonderful, fulfilling time spent with other garment sewing enthusiasts! Planning this sewing retreat was a labor of love. It was a lot of work...

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Driftwood Sew Along: Day 5

        Today is wrap up day for the Driftwood Sew Along. I hope you have enjoyed all the hacks and tips we have shared! It's been so fun creating all of these for you. Yesterday, we finished sewing our Driftwoods, but today, I have one last hack...

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Driftwood Sew Along: Day 4

Driftwood Sew Along: Day Four Today on day four of the Driftwood Sew Along, we wrap up sewing our Driftwoods with hemming and sewing the side seam vents. Don't worry though, we will still have a post and a fun hack for you tomorrow as well! Today for our hack, we are...

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Driftwood Sew Along: Day 3

Driftwood Sew Along: Day Three Day three of the Driftwood Sew Along is collar construction day. And I have cute Peter Pan collar hack for you as well! And, it gets better, I'll show you how to create cap sleeves, too!! Yesterday we went over the placket construction...

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Meet Tami

My passion is to design user-friendly, digital sewing patterns that help you create the modern, comfortable clothes that will become your wardrobe staples. Whether you are a master sewist or a complete novice, my goal is for you to enjoy the entire sewing process from the time you click “download” until the wearer is twirling around in the final fitting.

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