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They secretly picked each other’s projects –  today we reveal their amazing results

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Agnes shopped for

Kim K.

Dear Kim,

I’ve been looking around your YouTube channel/facebook page and teal is definitely your color! It’s made from blue – color of stability – and green – optimistic color – and even though we’ve never met, I think these words describe you! With your experience as a seamstress (is there any LN pattern you haven’t made?) I doubt you’ll have any trouble making this pattern 😉

Happy Holidays!


Pattern and Fabric

Kim says…

Thank you, Secret Sewist!  I love this fabric so much, and you were right—I love to wear Teal. I chose one of the patterned teal fabrics you sent in Double Brushed Poly for my Arlington.  Plus, I noticed that they had exact match solids, so I also was able to get enough for a pair of Sabrina Slims to match!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new outfit.  Thank you to my sweet sewing sister and Love Notions!

~Kim (Dorothy’s Daughter)

Anjori shopped for


Dear Ilse,

Happy secret sewist Ilse!! You are beautiful in everything you make, it is hard to go wrong shopping for you! I wanted to pick some fun pieces that will work well with the cold weather ahead of you so I hope you like my choices but they are only suggestions and I know you’ll make something fabulous. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and see your kindness over the years as ambassadors. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

xoxo, Anjori

Pattern and Fabric

Ilse says…

Dear Secret Sewist,

The combination of your moodboard and proposed fabrics to match gave me so much inspiration. I’m surprised how you can feel my style and my color palette so well.

For now I went for the Arlington & Sybil combination seen on the moodboard in the right corner. One of the recommendations was this beautiful pink knit; perfect for an Arlington. 

The printed viscose was a perfect addition to it for my Sybil.

Huge thanks my Secret Sewist and Love Notions for this treat!

Love Ilse

Annick shopped for


Dear Anjori,

I would love to see you in the secret pajamas from LN: the Sabrina slim pants! If you need new leggings: I think they are an ideal match ❤️. I always really enjoy seeing all your colorful sewing. It always brightens up my day when I see them on FB. Life is too short to wear boring clothes 😉. Have fun shopping x.

Pattern and Fabric

Anjori says…

This was the perfect challenge for me and you are absolutely right, these are great for leggings that aren’t too tight. I loved the teal but was a bit nervous about the plaid in the fabric – but sometimes, you gotta try what others are suggesting. They see you differently. And you definitely did see me differently – I love the french terry and the plaid (even if they don’t line up). I will be wearing my new Sabrina’s all the time now!  Thank you Secret Sewist! ❤️

Chloe shopped for


Dear Rachel,

Your radiant smile is always the very first thing I notice in your photos – even before your fabulous style and polished makes! You capture the joy of sewing in everything you share and I can’t wait to see what you sew up next 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season!


Rachel says…

This has become such a special tradition to me and I’m so grateful to Tami for her generosity and to my Secret Sewist partner for how well they know the way to my heart! It means so much to have a chance to sew something special that I can wear and enjoy during the holiday season. I loved all of the fabrics and patterns that were suggested for me but I settled on this sparkly grey sweater knit for a casual Metra Blazer and a black rib knit for a cap sleeve Classic Tee to pair with it. I finished the outfit with my much-loved pair of Legato Jeans and I’m ready to celebrate allllll the things! Happy holidays, all!

Cynthia shopped for


Dear Annick,

I hope you enjoy sewing your gift as much as I did choosing it! I feel that we have similar styles and since you mentioned needing neutral, comfortable, and stylish wardrobe essentials for your classroom, I chose the Ravinia skirt for you to sew. The fabrics I chose are merely suggestions that I feel would match with other staples in your closet but are more colorful than just a beige or gray skirt. Please choose a fabric and color that speaks to you! I have many teachers who have inspired me through the years so let me say thank you for all that you do for your students!

Annick says…

Thank you Secret Sewist,

I love your pattern choice!  You were right about the Ravinia skirt, it is indeed a stylish wardrobe essential.  I will wear this skirt often and with pride.  I also made a matching Arlington sweater to complete my outfit.  

Thank you, sewing sister and of course also thank you Love Notions for all those great opportunities!



Chloe shopped for


Dear Nateida,

I’ve had the pleasure of watching your videos on YouTube a few times, and your enthusiasm truly shines through. It brings me immense joy to know that I have the opportunity to inspire your creativity with the LN Juliet Top. Your vibrant personality and beautiful smile seem to perfectly complement floral and bright, happy prints. I cannot wait to see the magic you create with the LN Juliet Top and how you add your personal touch to it! Happy sewing, Nateida!

Nateida says…

This was my first time participating in the Secret Sewist event for Ambassadors hosted by Love Notions.  I was pretty excited about the process and someone choosing something for me to make in a suggested fabric.  I admit, I was a little nervous about what may be chosen for me, but I knew I could add my own spin on whatever was chosen.  My Secret Sewist chose for me the Juliet Top and offered an inspirational look and color scheme, in PURPLE of course – LOL!  I’ve never made the Juliet top, but I loved all of the options for this top.  The fabric would need to be a knit and I chose this GORGEOUS glitter knit from Melanated Fabrics and it was a PERFECT MATCH.  Based on the inspirational look and my own search on inspiration looks, I did a little hacking to make the sleeves quarter length with elastic and add very long waist ties.  I LOVE how this final look came out and I want to thank my secret sewist for the selection, this was so much fun!!!

Erin shopped for


Dear Debbie,

I love all of your makes on your social media and it looks like you’ve made nearly every Love Notions knit dress already. I adore your Tidal dress and I think you’d look fantastic in some winter/fall color floral as the front accent piece. You said it is warm where you live, so I’m hoping the color choices will help go with holiday gatherings or events. I didn’t immediately see the Olympia dress in your recent makes, so I suggest that as a plan B with the floral for one half of the bodice and black for the other. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could split the skirt in half and do floral for the whole of one side of the dress. I think both options could be a fun statement piece that would suit your style as well. I hope this will be fun to sew and that you’ll get to feel beautiful and kind of cool/on trend!

Debbie  says…

The Secret Sewist Event is  always a thrill of mystery as you never know who will be your secret sewist and what they will pick for you. 


I thank Love Notions for coming up with this awesome event as it really does showcase how we can all create a one of a kind sewing masterpiece. 


I also want to express my happiness to my Secret Sewist for choosing the perfect fabric and sewing pattern for me! Your keen eye and great taste were  thoughtful to my needs which resulted in an absolute sewing joy!! I truly enjoyed this sewing journey!

Ilse shopped for


Ilse writes,

Livia sounds to me like “The queen of the hack”. What you can do with a pattern is amazing to me. I selected luxurious fabrics for you to freestyle with. With my mood board I tried to represent a style, a base, but definitely do what you feel comfortable with. I am curious to see your creations! Have fun fun fun!

Pattern and Fabric

Livia says…

Thank you so much for your fabric choices and pattern suggestions! You sure knew the way to my pattern-hacking loving heart! 😉 I followed your instructions to the letter and had fun fun fun! 😄

The lilac Metra (shortened and with an added zipper) is a fun addition to my wardrobe, and the red velvet is so yummy and lux, made it for a perfect Holidays dress. I hope you like my Olympia hack as much as I do! ❣️


A big shoutout to Tami and Tessa for organizing this awesome event, being a part of this creative team adds so much joy to my sewing experience!

Jess shopped for


Jess writes…

I was scrolling through Cynthia’s IG and noticed she has a lot of pastels but also some pops of red and purple! We love similar colors so I tried to come up with some combos that would be complimentary to her wardrobe but also fun for fall! I really love how everything she sews looks so chic but casual at the same time! She mentioned wanting to sew some Resolution joggers and I’ve included options for that, but also a CHALLENGE inspo piece of hacking either Largos or Allegros to be a kind of cargo woven jogger that can take her from meetings to date night to Target. A classic cardi, either Boyfriend or Canyon, would add some coziness to the ensemble but the joggers are the star! ☺️

Pattern and Fabric

  • Canyon or Boyfriend Cardi and/or Resolution bottoms joggers. Challenge sew would be an Allegro/Largos mash for a cargo joggers
Cynthia  says…

I had so much fun participating in the Secret Sewist event! I love surprises so the idea of
shopping secretly for someone, and having someone shop for me, was too exciting to pass up.
I have just completed my first year as a Love Notions Ambassador and have really enjoyed
reading about this event from previous years. So, I couldn’t wait to sign up this year! My Secret
Sewist knew that I needed some elevated casual wear and challenged me to be creative and
combine some pattern features for a unique set. They also chose fabric in the perfect shades of
my favorite color green that coordinate perfectly! The patterns that I chose to sew were the
Boyfriend Cardigan and the jogger version of the Allegro Pants. I used an amazingly soft
brushed waffle for my cardigan and a stretch woven for my joggers from one of my favorite
shops, Surge Fabrics. To add a little bit of interest to my joggers, I used the cargo pocket from
the Largo Cargos. I am so happy with my new set. Thank you so much, Tami and Tessa, for
this fun event!!

Katie G. shopped for


Katie writes,

I absolutely love Koe’s style and everything she makes! She never ceases to amaze me with the way she makes patterns her own. When I think of her makes, I think of all of her amazing rompers/bibs/jumpsuits and hacks. I wanted to give her a few ideas, but let her make what she loves so I picked out both some woven and knit options for her to choose from. And if she chooses something else I’m sure it will be amazing as well! I find not only her style inspiring, but the things she shares alongside her makes. Her bright (but real) outlook on life is one thing I love about following her on social media. Happy Sewing Koe- I can’t wait to see where your creativity goes!

Pattern and Fabric

  • If you want to go woven – I’m thinking maybe a Lyric/Rhapsody mash, or a Tempo/Summer Caye mash?. Or your own twist on the Sonata…
  • If you choose to go knits- a Willow Wrap inspired romper or maybe a romper take on the Lenox? Definitely go for something YOU love. Whatever you choose, I know it will be fabulous!
Koe says…

I love the secret sewist event! My secret sewist picked this cute pink fabric which I completely adore. She gave me the best ideas for what to sew and suggested maybe a jumpsuit hack of the Lenox!!! It’s like she was reading my mind!!! I have been dreaming about doing that since the pattern released. Jumpsuits are my most favorite but when it came down to it, I wanted to be able to wear this cute fabric as separates so …. I went with a faux jumpsuit instead. I used the Tinley shorts and the Lenox square neck top. It’s just too cute and I can’t thank my secret sew sister enough for the suggestion!!! Check my blog for all the details on how I made this cute, versatile outfit!

Katie Kennedy shopped for


Katie writes…

Noreen! What an honor, I’m nervous to try and select something for you, it’s a little intimidating to try and delight such a bastion of Love Notions patterns. I admire you so much, and I’ve learned so many techniques from your videos and posts. I loved looking at your Pinterest board, and I’m inspired by all your gingham ideas!

Pattern and Fabric

Noreen  says…

My favorite thing about the annual Secret Sewist event is that it never fails to push me to try new things and this year is no different.  When I saw the fabric my Secret Sewist recommended I use I knew immediately what I needed to do. My pinterest is full of black and white checked skirts for inspiration but I have always talked myself out of it.  Are they too bold?  I am not really a skirt person.  Oh the excuses I could make but I knew that the time was here so while I stared at it for a few days trying to talk myself out of it, I finally just took a breath and jumped in.  I am so glad I did because  I absolutely love my skirt!  Thank you Love Notions for giving us this gift of encouraging each other and thank you to my Secret Sewist friend for inspiring me to try.   And that’s what I always am hoping to share with others too…just try!  You never know when a new favorite is about to be created!!

Katie G. shopped for


Katie writes,

It was nice getting to know you through your IG account. I was swooning over all your yarn and the stunning colors you use. Since you said you’d like some solids, I thought a blue blouse would add nicely to your wardrobe.

Pattern and Fabric

Agnes says…

I love the patterns & fabrics my Secret Sewist picked for me and looking at her awesome moodboard I got all excited to sew every possible combination but I had to choose one. In the end I went with the Rhapsody Blouse because it’s the very first Love Notions pattern I ever bought and it’s still one of my favorites! I made the Rhapsody with the long Bishop sleeves in a gorgeous Hunter Green Viscose fabric as suggested by my Secret Sewist and I couldn’t be more happy!  Thank you Secret Sewist and thank you Love Notions for organizing this.

Kayla shopped for


Kayla writes…

Jess has become one of my favorite online friends in the past year. I have found myself asking for her advice more than once. She is so supportive of all makers and I recently learned she is going on an amazing mission trip soon and she is just the right person for this trip (seriously check her socials to find out more!!). I hope you enjoy what I chose for you and I can’t wait to see what you make!

Pattern and Fabric

Jess  says…

Ahhh, huge thank you to my Secret Sewist! A black Metra has been on my to-do for a while but there is ALWAYS something else to sew! This was the perfect opportunity to bang it out and I couldn’t be happier with it! And I loved stripes, so this sweater knit was a great choice for me. I planned on making a Forte but didn’t want to recreate a look from a few years back, so I went with LBD instead. This will definitely keep me cozy all winter long! Thank you, SS and Tami and Tessa for the opportunity! Love being a LN Ambassador! ☺️

Koe shopped for

Mary Anne

Koe writes,

Mary Anne, you are a bright spot in this sometimes crazy world. I sooo enjoy scrolling through you colorful makes! You seem like someone I would love to spend an afternoon fabric shopping or chatting with. You have nailed the Aria look which I completely envy! I struggle with my button shirt game. Back in March you posted the prettiest blue floral Rhapsody blouse. Since you said you needed more layering pieces I immediately thought “she needs a boyfriend cardigan to go with that cute Rhapsody.” I don’t get to layer much with my wardrobe so I really enjoy seeing all the different ways you layer and wear all your gorgeous memade pieces. You looks so pretty in pinks and blues so I tried to pick the right colors. Whatever you make with be perfect because you have amazing taste! Happy Sewing my sweet sew sister!!! Love Koe

Mary Anne says…

One of the highlights of the holiday season for me is participating in the Love Notions Secret Sewist exchange!  My SS did an amazing job of selecting the perfect fabric/pattern combination for me!  Since I had mentioned that I needed to add more layering pieces to my wardrobe ~ she took the time to look at my previous makes and selected a beautiful sweater knit to coordinate with one of the Rhapsody blouses I made last Spring.  The beautiful Banff Ultra thick sweater knit she selected from Surge Fabrics  sewed up into the cuddliest Boyfriend Cardigan.  I’ve been wearing it nonstop!  Thank you so much Tami and Tessa for making this exchange so fun.  Thank you to my SS for selecting something so perfect for me!

Livia shopped for


Livia writes…

Hi Megan, I admire your colorful wardrobe and how perfectly polished it always looks! Your bright and cute smile perfectly complements your girly and romantic fashion sense. It’s truly inspiring.

Pattern and Fabric

Megan  says…

Thank you to my Secret Sewist for their suggestions! I chose a gorgeous bright floral for our Aussie Summer and made one of my faves, the willow wrap, but chose to add a flounce which I haven’t done before. I love it!

Mary Anne shopped for

Katie Kennedy

Mary Anne writes,

I always love seeing your posts Katie! You always put together the perfect pattern and fabric combos. I was so surprised you’ve never made the Aria and since you love topstitching I thought this was the right choice for you. Soft summer colors always look so nice on you (but seriously, I’ve never seen you in anything you didn’t look amazing in). And I just had to throw out that I love your photo spot too! Thank you for always being such an inspiration to your fellow sewists!

Pattern and Fabric

Katie says…

I couldn’t be more thrilled with this pattern and fabric combo! What a delight to have finally sewn my very first Aria, and in the softest, more gorgeous linen, no less. My secret sewist totally nailed a color I adore and a fiber I love to wear. Thank you! I will wear this shirt with so much joy.

Noreen shopped for


Noreen writes…

Erin, I love your vintage style and want to encourage you ( or enable you LOL) in that! I think there are some great parts of Love Notions patterns that when combined together and with the right fabric just scream vintage! So I’ve suggested a few to mash up for a fun vintage vibe. Your makes are so fun and inspiring and I most of all want you to be you! So take my inspiration or just run with it and surprise me. Either way, I can’t wait to see what you make!

Pattern and Fabric

Erin  says…

My Secret Sewist had such good ideas. She came up with patterns with vintage vibes that I was very excited about. I chose the Melody dolman top and I hacked the skirt of the Lyric dress by making it a little wider and also adding a waistband with elasticated back for a skirt. I’m not sure I would have come up with this project on my own and so I’m really grateful for my Secret Sewist for thinking of it and giving me the impetus to try something new!

Rachel shopped for


Rachel writes,

Whitney, I love your youtube videos and the way you use bold colors and prints to showcase the perfect fit of your wardrobe. You inspire me to break away from black and grey and infuse some more color into my own closet! You know yourself well and I love that you always use GOOD fabrics, making your wardrobe a carefully curated collection. I picked a few things that I thought would be gorgeous on you, but please feel free to follow your own instincts if you prefer! Happy holidays!

Pattern and Fabric

Whitney says…

I had so much fun participating in Secret Sewist again this year!  My Secret Sewist wanted me to combine at least two Love Notions patterns to create something new and I just loved that challenge.  Picking the newest pattern release, the Frankie Polo, was a no brainer as I love the neckline on that pattern.  Since I’ve really been into boxy, cropped sweatshirts lately, I thought popping the Frankie neckline onto the body of the Sloane would be a great pairing and I was so right!  The only adjustment I made was the shorten the body of the Sloane by 4” to give me the cropped look I was looking for.  As far as fabric, my Secret Sewist picked out some really dreamy knit quilted fabrics.  This petrol blue quilted knit from StyleMaker Fabrics was just perfect for a boxy sweatshirt.  With the addition of some Liberty scraps from my stash, I now have the perfect sweatshirt for the upcoming winter!  Thank you so much to my Secret Sewist!

Whitney shopped for


Whitney writes…

As the days get longer and grayer, nothing is better than some bright color to brighten your day. Kayla’s personality embodies that brightness so I picked a fun and cozy bright fabric to go with a fun and cozy pattern – the Breckenridge. Plus, either of these will look great with her newest orange Metra!

Pattern and Fabric

Kayla  says…

I have thoroughly enjoyed the ambassador secret Santa tradition the past few years and am over the moon to be able to participate this year! My secret ambassador chose this stunning print called feathered fusion from one of my favorite fabric shops, The Styled Magnolia. They provided a mood board for inspiration and suggested the Breckenridge Henley, and clearly they know I have been wanting to try this pattern forever!! The only downfall was there was only one yard in stock of the suggested print-which is not enough for this pattern. I do love a great stripe/print combo, so decided to go that route using a double brushed poly fabric. I contemplated, for way too long, how to combine the two and decided to bring the stripes around the front for a unique look by blocking the front shoulder. I am totally in love with the finished top!! Thanks to my secret Santa for the great suggestion and Tessa and Tami for their generosity!

Kim shopped for


Kim writes,

Chloe- it is such a joy to “shop” for you! Your energy and kindness comes through to anyone who has ever encountered your posts. I chose a pretty fall/winter color palette and separates that I thought would be versatile and comfortable for a busy mom over the holidays. I pray God blesses you in all your endeavors this coming year, and I can’t wait to hear all about them!

Pattern and Fabric

Chloe says…

It’s always such fun to participate in the Secret Sewist event! This year my SS envisioned a cardi/top combo inspired by a gorgeous fall floral DBP from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics. The popular print sold out in a blink, so I opted for another beautiful DBP that had a similar vibe – which was also the personal favorite of Darcey from Sincerely Rylee! I love how the colours are just perfect for the transition from fall into winter holiday season. I made the Juliet Top with a funnel/cowl neck hack for the cooler weather, and paired it with a gathered Canyon canyon Cardi in the softest heather hacci sweater knit. This cozy and delightful combo feels like a warm hug from my SS and I’m so grateful for her picks! Thank you Tami and Tessa for this fun event!

Megan shopped for

Katie Grimm

Megan writes…

I know you said you liked blues, jewel tones, black and cream, but I could really imagine you in the rust. I think it would look lovely with your skin tone and has me imagining you snuggled up next to the fire with a hot drink to warm your hands and heart. I hope you enjoy the suggestions I have made, I think you have a true beauty that will shine through in any Love Notions pattern you decide to make. ❤️

Pattern and Fabric

Katie  says…

I love the Secret Sewist tradition and always look forward to seeing what fun suggestions I get!  This year, we moved across the country and it’s been tough adjusting to so many new things and are facing a long cold winter.  My secret sewist suggested a cardigan out of a cozy sweater knit.  When I picked up my fabric, I happened to see some new corduroy fabric that had just come in and I fell in love with it next to the sweater knit.  Then I loved how cozy the sweater knit was that I picked up another piece to coordinate with the stripe – and before I knew it I had 4 fabrics for a mix and match capsule of cozy winter pieces that I absolutely love.  I decided to go with a cropped Sloane Sweater instead of a cardigan.  Then I added a pair of corduroy Largo Cargos, a pair of sweater knit Tranquil pajama bottoms, and a ribbed mash of the Breckenridge henley and classic tee.  Thank you to my secret sewist for getting my creative juices flowing and for picking out a fabric I never would have picked on my own and thanks to Love Notions for their generosity.  Happy Holidays!

Nateida shopped for

Katie Kimmell

Nateida writes,

When looking over Katie’s Instagram feed it’s filled with simple but fun designs and I can tell Katie love knit fabrics and floral prints. I have chosen this pattern and fabric combination and style inspiration because it seems it would be a complimentary wardrobe piece and perfect for Fall and Winter in Katie’s closet.

Pattern and Fabric

Katie says…

I absolutely adored the project my secret sewist picked for me. The mood board gave me the immediate idea of adding a flounce to Breckenridge which was a simple and satisfying hack. The colors in the vibrant print you picked for me were right in my wheelhouse. Thanks for seeing me and inspiring me!

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  • Marilyn Hardman says:

    Tessa, what an amazing array of Secret Sewist designs! As I’m only just getting back into sewing garments after 35 years, these women have encouraged me to be a little more adventurous. Thank you 🙏 Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Jess says:

      Oh, that is high praise! Will pass it on to the LN team. So glad to hear you’re feeling a bit more adventurous! Please share your makes with us once you do! Merry Christmas!

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