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PDF Sewing Patterns FAQ’s

Where is my pdf pattern?

Immediately after purchase you will come to the ‘Order Received’ screen. You will find your download link in the product description.  Clicking on the ‘Download: Pattern Name’ will automatically start downloading the pdf pattern to your computer. Usually, you’ll have a ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer where downloaded files end up. You can also access your download files in your ‘My Account’ immediately after purchase. An email confirming your order will also be sent to you but it may take some time to get to you and even may end up in your spam or trash folder depending on how your email provider handles these types of emails.

How do I print my patterns?

All Love Notions pdf patterns are meant to be printed on your home printers. Page three of every pdf sewing pattern includes a layout guide as well as a print chart and instructions on how to print.  See this blog post for more help with printing. 

Most patterns also come with a large format file that can be sent to a copy shop to be print on 1-3 large sheets of paper. The preferred service provider of Love Notions is PDFPlotting. They offer reasonable pricing and quick turn around. See this blog post for more information on how to use large format files.

How do I use the layers/the layers aren't showing

You must open the print at home pattern directly from Adobe Reader. Do not try to print from the web preview or another PDF viewer. If you are opening directly from Adobe and the layers still aren’t showing up, first be sure you are using the latest Adobe version. If they still aren’t appearing your file may have become corrupt. Delete the pdf pattern from your computer and download it again from your account. 99% of the time that fixes the issue. Please contact me if that does not fix your issue. Note that Adobe does not offer the layers functionality on mobile devices.

If you’re a visual learner, check out this video walking you through how to use the layers function:

Can I make and sell clothing from Love Notions sewing patterns?

Yes, absolutely! No credit needed but appreciated.

Can I share or trade this sewing pattern file with my friends?

No, you may not. Digital products such as this pdf pattern are protected by copyright laws. Please refer your friends to where they may purchase their own copy.

If you have further questions not covered here please feel free to email me. Emails are responded to within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. You may also find further help in the Love Notions Pattern Support Group.

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