"...I was really debating on purchasing the Aria course because I have purchased courses in the past (not from Love Notions) and I always felt a little disappointed so I rarely purchase courses. Well I thought the Aria course was a great value so I decided to go ahead and purchase it. Let me just say I am having SO much fun watching the course instruction. I am just loving it. I have never sewn a button down top before and have always been intimidated by them. Tami explains things so clearly and makes it look so easy. She goes through every single step. I am really enjoying the course and can't wait to start making my top. Thanks Tami Bunch Meyer and I hope you create more courses like this in the future. I just love the clarity of your instruction."

Katrina M.

"My first Aria and Allegro in Twill. I love the Aria and purchased the online LN course it was definitely worth it. These two projectes had a lot of firsts for me, first time sewing buttonholes and buttons, first time making a structured garment and first time sewing with twill. There will be many more of both of these patterns."

Mary-Lou G.

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