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Introducing the Octave Coat sewing course! This on-demand course can be watched on YOUR time. No limits, no expirations. Binge it or watch it in chunks. Replay the tricky spots until it clicks for you. Tami walks you through each every step the way. Tami takes the mystery out of intimidating subjects like size, fabric selection, common pattern adjustments, sewing techniques, sewing the pockets, sewing the lining, and more. You’ll also get access to a module all about installing a zipper!




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Choosing the perfect fabric for your Octave Coat

  Whether it's your first time sewing a coat or your tenth, you will want…

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  1. heather-1210 (verified owner)

    I thought the Octave Coat directions were pretty straight forward but having the course also made things much more simple. It seems like any new project I do the first time is OK, the 2nd time is better, and the 3rd is exactly what I wanted the first time. With this course, I was able to produce the exact results I wanted the first time. So here’s to not having 2 practice rounds 🙂

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