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You can totally sew

It doesn't have to take years and years to learn to sew your own clothes.

Newbies welcome here.

Looking for patterns that are easy to sew for a newbie?

Check out our specially selected set of patterns linked below which are perfect for you. Love Notions patterns feature full-length tutorials, embedded videos, with simple & classic pattern design so you actually end up wearing the piece you spent your hard work, time, and money on!

Click to get Easy Laundry Day Tee Pattern

Here’s what you need to start sewing:

  • A reliable sewing machine (our favorite is the Babylock Brilliant)
  • A cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Thread (we like Gutterman)
  • Machine Needles (start with universal needles)
  • Fabric (you can work with stretch or non-stretch, but keep in mind that different patterns require different types of fabrics)

And, of course, a high quality sewing pattern is a must for any beginner.


shop beginner patterns
legato course

Ideas for your Sewing Space

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Projector Sewing: Making it work in the space you’ve got

How to set-up a projector, no matter the size of your sewing space
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Let’s get Organized!

Get your sewing organized with Pat's post featuring a Dockside Polo.

A few places to find sewing support

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We especially recommend our free & private pattern support group. There you can post a picture and question — day or night– and immediately get tons of encouragement and insight.

How does a PDF sewing pattern work?


Sewing School is in Session

Find instant support for your sewing questions


How To

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Sewing School: Everything you need to know about THREAD

Everything you need to know about thread for a beginner sewist.
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Sewing School

How to sew knit binding + Tranquil Nightwear

Learn how to sew knit binding.

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