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Of all the sewists I know, Pat is the perfect one to help us out with today’s topic: Sewing ORGANIZATION. Today Pat’s got some sewing organization ideas that will get your space ready for all your sewing adventures — plus she whipped up a new Dockside for her husband in honor of Feature Friday. Let’s see what genius she’s got in store today…..

Let’s Get Organized!

I am not a normally tidy person – anyone who knows me will agree!  But when it comes to sewing, I like things to be organized.  

Today I was setting out to make my husband a Dockside Polo Shirt.  He loves those shirts and I’ve made him a few, but he wanted something with long sleeves for the cooler weather.  I had some burgundy Yoga Stretch from Discovery Fabrics which will be perfect for the job. (Make sure to check out the kids’ Driftwood linked in the Dockside listing, too!)

Sewing Organization: Thread

The first thing on my list is to make sure I have the right thread.  Thread can really get away from you if you’re not careful!  When I first started sewing, I kept it on boards with nails sticking out – worked really well – for a while!  

sewing organization

But as I got more and more into sewing, I started keeping it in bags of like colours.  I kept the bags in a basket.  That kept the spools dust free and it was much easier to find the colour I was looking for.

sewing organization

Then I found a collection of small bins on sale at a hardware store and it was just what I needed for storing spools!  I always buy my thread in two’s for my coverstitch machine, so I tend to have a lot of thread on hand.  The bins keep them nicely organized.

sewing organization

Bobbin threads I tuck in a silicone bobbin caddy in the shape of a doughnut.  It keeps the thread ends secure – no more bobbins unwinding themselves all over the place!

sewing organization

And speaking of thread, did you know that the Gutermann thread has a secret?  You can pop one end up to release the thread that’s wrapped around the spool!  I’d been using it for years before I discovered that little secret!

Sewing Organization: Notion Storage Solutions

sewing organization

Those bins come in handy for so many things.  I have a shelving unit above my machines where I keep things I use frequently close to hand.  The thread bins are on the right side, and I have big spools of serger thread on the left.  Above the serger thread, there’s a shelf with more bins to house all my elastics. 

sewing organization

A big folding table is where I keep my cutting mat and an organizer box my son made me which holds all the tools I need for putting patterns together and cutting out pattern pieces.  It sits on the end of the table, and holds items like a tape dispenser, scissors, rotary cutter, marking tools and so on.

sewing organization

My husband works with wood as well and now that he’s learning how to turn wood on a lathe, I’m getting lots of little practice bowls which are great for holding pins, clips and various small bits and bobs.  Cups that have lost their handles or small ceramic bowls would work equally well.

Sewing Organization: Pattern Storage

sewing organization

How do you store your patterns?  I have plastic bins that I keep mine in.  I have one for children and another one for adults.  

sewing organization

Patterns are stored in letter-sized file folders with the first page trimmed and taped to the outside.  The pattern instructions and folded up patterns are inside.

sewing organization

I also have rolls of pattern masters and hubby made me a sort of cradle to hold them which sits on top of a set of shelves.  

sewing organization

A book rest sits at the left of my sewing counter and holds the pattern instructions where I can refer to it conveniently.

Organized Sewing Spaces Lead to More Sewing!

Okay – now that I have myself organized, I can make that Dockside Polo shirt for hubby!  It’s one way to say thank you for all the things he does to help keep me organized! And since it’s a Feature Friday pattern, you can pick up this terrific pattern today only for $5!

dockside polo

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  • Heide Fries says:

    Great post Pat! Always helpful to see how others keep their sewing supplies in order. Like many, my space is still a work in progress but even smallest of improvements can make a huge difference. BTW, I have the same BL Imagine serger and LOVE it!!!

    • Keira Wood says:

      Hi Heidi! Keira here.. totally agree about making small improvements. My sewing room is definitely a work in progress too. We actually moved back in September so I had to start fresh in a new space. Seeing others’ organization ideas is always so helpful and inspiring! ~K

    • puzzlnut says:

      Thank you! I love seeing what others have done with their spaces and have certainly benefited from their ideas. I just love my Imagine – which is why I grabbed the BLCS2. Excellent products!

  • Debi Mager says:

    Pat! My hubs started turning wood this past summer. I have bowls for pins and clips and whatnots also. Now that he’s getting better at it, I’ve asked him for specific sizes and I’m loving the custom made items! Thanks for sharing your tips!!!!

  • marysews says:

    You have some handy ideas there! Can you tell us more about that book stand?

    • puzzlnut says:

      Thank you! It’s just a plastic book holder that we got for my mother-in-law when she was bed-ridden. It works perfectly to hold loose papers. We found it in a book store.

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