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Printing the large format pattern files

printing large format files

Most Love Notions patterns come with a large format pattern file. This is a file you can take or send to a print shop to print out on large sheets of paper. Which means no printing tapes regular sized papers together- score!

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Adding thumbhole cuffs to the Sloane Sweater

How to add thumbholes

Pattern hacking thumbhole cuffs to the Sloane Sweater What could make the newly re-designed Sloane Sweater even better? The Sloane is already packed with options like a hood, pocket and elbow patches… what’s missing? The answer to that is thumbhole cuffs!

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Rhapsody Sewalong Day 4: sewing the sleeves + insert lace trim

Rhapsody Blouse lace insert tutorial

Here we are on the second to last day of the Rhapsody sewalong. If you need to catch up: Day 1: Cutting fabric + free dress add-on Day 2: Yoke assembly Day 3: Sewing the french seams constructing the dress For today we’re going to sew the sleeves and I’m going to show you a trendy touch you can add with inset lace or crochet trim. Before we begin, if you’re...Read More

Rhapsody Sewalong Day 3: french seams and dress hack

Rhapsody sewalong

Here we are on day 3 of the Rhapsody Blouse sewalong! So far you’ve cut your pattern pieces and assembled the yoke. That wasn’t too hard, right?! Today we’re going to cover two things: french seams and the dress hack. When you first learned to sew the phrase ‘right sides together!’ was probably drilled into your head. Well, today we’re...Read More

Pattern altering for height

altering pattern length

Love Notions patterns are drafted for the 5’5″ woman. Pattern altering is easy even if you are shorter or taller than that standard. Ladies patterns include a lengthen/short line. Additionally, bust, waist and hip lines are also marked to make it even easier and more exact to adjust for height. A good rule of thumb for adding or removing length is to add/subtract...Read More

Laundry Day Tee High/Low Hack

LDT high low hem

I have another easy hack for the Laundry Day Tee today- customizing the hem to be high/low. You’re going to be shocked at how easy this is! This high/low pattern hack will work with just about any top or dress you have. I’m using the Laundry Day Tee for this example. If you haven’t already purchased this pattern be sure to join the Pattern Support group to...Read More

Whistler fabric shopping

Whistler pdf

Narrowing down the right fabric for the new Whistler Pull-over and Hoodie was a bit of a challenge. It is intended to be worn over light layers like a tshirt or cami. I wanted it to be comfortable with layers but also work with a wide variety of fabrics and not look sloppy. I think my testers and I found a happy medium. On page four of the pattern I give specific instructions...Read More

Knit fabric resources I love

Where to buy knit fabrics

When I release a pattern the first question I get is ‘what kind of knit fabric is best?’ I always include fabric recommendations in every pattern but sometimes you need a little more hand holding or even a resource or two. It can be hard to find quality knit fabric in person in stores like Joann’s or Hobby Lobby (although, their knit fabric selection HAS...Read More

How to kick up the Canyon one more notch with a cocoon hack

Cocoon cardigan Canyon hack

I don’t know about you, but my closet has more cardigans than anything else. You can never have too many! Today, my tester Tammie Schaefer is going to show us one more way to change up the Canyon Cardigan. This time as a cocoon! Read on to see how easy this pattern hack is.

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An old pattern learns a new trick

The ladies Trendy Tunic was originally released back in the spring of 2014. It was my first ladies pattern and it was the first pattern that I did entirely on my own. My very first pattern, the Everyday Playdress, I contracted out the digitizing. And my second pattern, the girls Trendy Tunic, I contracted out the drafting and digitizing. I added sleeves to the girls Trendy...Read More

Feature Friday: Willow Wrap Top & bonus pattern hack

Feature Friday Willow Wrap

Today’s Feature Friday pattern is the Willow Wrap Top. This pattern already comes with two views but I’m going to show you another way to mix it up. Read on to find out how and get details on the sale! 

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Tidal sewalong day 3

Here we are on the last day of the Tidal sewalong. So far we’ve covered picking fabric, pattern assembly and we’ve sewn up the body. Today we’re going to finish this up with binding the neckline and hemming the sleeves and shirt. Read more to get this top finished!

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Tidal sewalong day 2

Welcome back to day 2 of the Tidal sewalong! Yesterday we went over selecting fabric and printing and assembling the pattern. Today we’re going to just dive in and start sewing. The Tidal is such a quick sew, there are just a few seams. You can use a sewing machine or a serger, either will work just fine. Read more to get started.

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Tidal Sewalong Day 1

Welcome to the Tidal Sewalong! We’ll be going step by step through the process of sewing a Tidal Top (or dress if you like). I’ll also be including a free godet pattern piece that you can add on for an extra swing-y top. Read on to get the details!

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Turn the LDT into three different types of dresses

LDT into a dress

One of the easiest hacks you can do is to turn your favorite tee into a dress. Specifically, I’ll be showing how to do this with the Laundry Day Tee using the slash and spread method. This process will work with any tee pattern. Read on to find out how easy this is!

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Get ready for warmer weather with the Summer Caye pattern!


Today, the Summer Caye pattern was released for both ladies and girls. This summer my husband and I and one of my sisters and her husband are getting away from it all to Belize. We’ve been planning this jungle & beach vacation for a couple months and the whole time I’ve had this beach friendly pattern on the brain. For part of our vacation we’ll be...Read More

Sabrina Slims Sewalong Day 6: inspiration Pinterest style

Today is the last day of the sewalong. I’ve really enjoyed working with Kelly and our sponsors, Cali Fabrics & Raspberry Creek Fabrics, putting this SAL together. I hope we’ve held your hand just enough to get you started on sewing your own Sabrina’s. Don’t forget: post your finished Sabrina’s in the album in the group to be entered to win...Read More

Sabrina Slims Sewalong Day 4: waistband & hemming

Sabrina Slims in cropped length with front pockets

Today is the day we finish our Sabrina Slims! I can’t wait to see how you all are doing with the sewalong. Be sure to post your progress in the group. To recap: Day 1: Picking fabric  Day 2: Step one to getting the perfect fit Day 3: Pockets, construction & alterations When we left off yesterday you had sewn the side seams, inseam and crotch. Today I’m going...Read More

Sabrina Sewalong Day 1: Let’s talk about fabric

It’s no secret that sewing pants for yourself can be a challenge. With this sewalong (SAL) Kelly and I will be here to hold your hand for those who have never taken the leap into this particular garment. The pants we will be sewing is the newly released Sabrina Slim’s. This is the easiest pant to start with because there are no closures, they just pull on....Read More

Adding a cowl to the LDT with free pattern

Adding a cowl to the LDT

One of my favorite features of the girls version of the Laundry Day Tee (Li’l LDT) is the drape-y cowl. I love a good cowl! It’s like a built in scarf. After releasing the Li’l LDT I have gotten SO many requests for a ladies add-on. I have done a couple of patterns (Origami Tunic, La Bella Donna) with a cowl and it is possible to use one of those pattern...Read More

Art Gallery Fabric Inspiration for Sybil

Feel the Difference The tag line of Art Gallery Fabric is ‘feel the difference’. I have been sewing, and thus fabric shopping, for many years and let me tell you- you can really feel the difference in quality when you’re working with Art Gallery fabrics. Most especially their knits. They are so luxurious and hold their color so well. They are just a pleasure...Read More

Fabric Resources for the Sybil Skirt hidden control top

My favorite thing about the Sybil Illusion skirt is the hidden control top panel. I got the idea from my favorite pair of leggings from Lysse. Finding the right fabric was more challenging than drafting the pattern but I have found at least 4 different fabrics that work perfectly. All the leg work is done for you!

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Picking the right fabric for the free Laundry Day Tee

Selecting the correct fabric for any pattern is an important part in ending up with a garment you love to wear… and is flattering! This is certainly the case with the new Laundry Day Tee. The silhouette of this tee is a swing-y style that really needs a knit with good drape. If you were to choose a fabric that is more stiff and stable you run the chance to ending up...Read More

Momiform MAKEover!

Lauren at Baste & Gather had the coolest idea- actually hand-make over your ‘mom uniform’. Do you wear pretty much the same thing every day just because it’s easy and you can throw it on quickly in the morning? I certainly do. It usually consists of jeans (or capris depending on season), a tee and fleece hoodie if it’s cold out. You may have...Read More