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Let’s talk about Hem Tape

Hello dear readers, I am AnCa (flaxfield_sewing on Instagram) from the currently incredibly wet and cold Belgium.  Due to the dark weather and the sewing dip that I currently have, I decided to sew a warm and cozy sweater for myself.  Do you know that feeling? The kind of sweater that you put on and that feels like a warm blanket, which makes you feel better immediately? Of course I still want to look good in a regular sweater and since I have a real weakness for crossover models, the choice was quickly made.  I went for the Serenity Sweater!  

About this pattern

The Serenity has 2 lengths so I went for the shorter length, which hits me just below the natural  waist.  I added the band Add-on and some extra cuffs and voilà, my plan was done.

The sewing tool I use on almost every project

While I’m telling you about the beautiful, cozy Serenity, I want to show you one of my most used sewing tools.  It’s something that I use to a greater or lesser extent in almost every project.  And it makes sewing so much easier!  Curious? 

Tadaa …..  it’s the Wonder-Tape!

I saw it with different brands, but I always use the Wonder-Tape from Prym.  I think it is available in a large part of the world.

What is Hem Tape?

The tape is a water-soluble double-sided 6mm tape that you can put between 2 fabric layers to temporarily fixate them.  For me, it’s so much better than the use of pins, because it keeps the sewing area super flat without any distortion.  An added plus, when using knits, is that it prevents the fabric from stretching while you sew.

Once washed, the tape disappears completely.  There are no residues on your fabric.  The glue from the tape also does not stick to your machine needle at all during sewing.  You definitely don’t feel it in any way when you sew over the tape.  

Where do I use this tape?

  • To sew a neat non-wavy hem, for example the hem of the Willow dress.
  • To sew a waistband that looks as neat inside as it does on the outside.  E.g. at the Glissando.  Because you don’t use pins, your topstitching will also be more equal.
  • To install zippers, both in a hoodie and in pants or skirt.  For example, I used the wonder tape when installing the zipper with the Constellation pullover.
  • To install pockets on any garment, for example to sew the patch pockets on the Oakley Vest.

How to use Hem Tape on Serenity Sweater

Step 1: Preparation of the raw edge of the front panels.

Take both fronts and iron the slanting raw edge 1/2″ to the wrong side.  Iron.

This is just a memory fold.  This step is not necessary but it gives you such a neat end result.

Step 2: Apply one side of the tape

Take the Wonder-Tape and measure a piece that is the same length as the slanting edge of your front piece.  Add 1 side of the tape inside the 1/2″ of your memory fold.  When you get a little outside this zone it is not so bad, after washing you will not see anything anymore!

Step 3: Remove the plastic ribbon from the tape. 

The second adhesive side of the tape is now visible.

Step 4: Fold the fabric and push well with your fingers. 

You now get a very neat crease that stays in place.

Step 5: Topstich down at the edge. 

You will notice that your fabric does not stretch or wave at all.  You get a beautiful, neat stitching!

Step 6: Continue sewing the rest of the pattern according to the instructions. 

When you come to sewing the neckline, you can apply the previous steps again.

I hope you will also give this wonderful product a try.  It will make your sewing life so much easier!

More good news?  The Serenity sweater is the Featured Friday pattern today.  So it’s available for only $5!

If you like this post and you want to see more of my work, then I would be honored if you would follow me on Instagram (flaxfield_sewing).

Happy Sewing!


An Ca

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