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We are thrilled to announce the new members of our brand ambassador team in this post.

In honor of this team-focused event, we decided to feature the Game Day Jersey collection which is perfect for anyone on a team or who supports a team! You can get your pattern here, here, and here for yourself and anyone who is lucky enough to get a garment sewn by you.

Game Day Jersey Collection

In this post, Tami and I are happy to introduce you to the newest members of the Love Notions Ambassador team — as well as some of our fabulous members who were excited to show off their Game Day Jerseys. You can read more about what a Brand Ambassador does here. We recently opened up applications (for the first time in a couple years) and we were inundated with applications! It took a while to carefully comb through each applicant and we found so much sewing talent and value to share with our sewing community.

New sewing friends to follow

If you are looking for a new source of sewing inspiration, we highly suggest following these individuals. Each one has a different set of skills – from photography, teaching, writing, sewing expertise, creativity, community building, encouragement, pattern testing and so many talents that YOU can benefit from as you go on your sewing journey.

By the way, the Game Day Jersey is perfect for personalization for YOUR team! You can add some faux piping along the yoke, add your kiddo’s team number to the back, or put a team catchphrase on the front with HTV. One of our talented ambassadors owns a custom embroidery shop and sent us an iron-on patch with the Love Notions logo! What a great gifting idea…

Want more personalization ideas? Just scroll down and look at all the ambassadors’ diverse takes on the Game Day Jersey pattern! BTW I think we need to form a kickball team ASAP, right?! (Low key taking idea submissions for our team name and mascot…)

Hello, new Love Notions Brand Ambassadors!

game day

Allison Moroso

Hello!  My name is Allison Moroso.  I was raised in Oklahoma but have lived in Northern California for the past 20 years.  I am a fire wife and mom to two wild and crazy boys ages 11 and 9.  I am an accountant by day with my own home based business but sewing is my passion.  If I could find a way to use accounting in sewing, it would be the perfect combination!

I started sewing about eight years ago.  I am on the petite side and just got frustrated with the lack of fashionable clothing in my size and length.  I figured if I can make my own clothes, I would never have to go shopping again! I found this amazing community of extremely talented and supportive sewists about three years ago and haven’t looked back.  I am so thankful to be here and excited to be part of this team!


Amii Mannings

Hi! I’m Amii! I am a self taught sewist whose speciality is creating dance costumes for my business Amii J Made. I became interested in sewing when my daughter started dancing competitively, and I wanted to be able to create costumes that expressed her personality and talent. Sewing has not only became a creative outlet but also a way to connect with different people. Being a Navy Veteran, I love volunteering at my local VA and sewing for the veterans at the VA nursing home. As an active member of the sewing community, not only do I use my creativity for myself and my family but also to support and advocate for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Plus Size sewing community. I am so excited about being a Love Notions Ambassador!


game day jersey

Annick Campenaerts

Hello, I ‘m Annick (An Ca) and I live in Belgium. I learned the basics of sewing (and knitting, and crochet, and embroidery and …) from my mom. She often made my clothes when I was a child. My mom stopped sewing when I was a teenager and so did I. When my niece was born, 8 years ago, I wanted to make her a personalized gift and started sewing again. In the meantime, I became really passionate about everything that’s sewing related. I have spent quite a few hours on the sewing machine over the past 8 years. The nice thing is that my mom saw my enthusiasm and now she sews her own clothes again. So it has really become a hobby from the two of us.

Blog & Instagram

Chloe Hall

I started sewing in my 20s with a vintage machine in a tiny studio in New York, mainly to make clothes to fit my petite height. My machine and growing fabric stash then moved with me to Tokyo, London and now Virginia, US. These days I sew for myself as well as my two girls. Love Notions patterns are our go-to source for versatile wardrobe staples. When I’m not sewing I also enjoy knitting, spinning and gardening.


Danielle Kramer

I learned how to hand sew as a child from my meme. But, it wasn’t until 2018 that I started sewing on a regular basis and tackled garments for me and my husband. Now, I can’t imagine not having a mostly handmade wardrobe. Sewing is also a meditative exercise that continues to help me grieve my daughter’s stillbirth. As a sewist in a bigger body, I’m passionate about encouraging others with similar size and disrupting size discrimination. All bodies deserve respect and to be clothed in garments that honour the journey our bodies take. By day I work as a Nurse Practitioner. I am blessed with a supportive husband who is a semi-professional photographer who joins in my hobby by helping me document my makes. I’m also an avid vegetable gardener and serial extreme hobbyist.


game day jersey

Debbie Groves

Sewing for me is all about creativity. I love how I can take a piece of fabric and convert it into something that is unique . This sewing journey began a few years ago when a friend of mine invited me to a wedding, my bridesmaids dress had to be made and I was in awe that the seamstress took a few measurements and I had a beautiful dress!! Of course I just had to try what she did !! After much self teaching,  here I am today proud that I took the journey. I cannot imagine where I would be without this beautiful art.


Jennifer Ballif

I have always been obsessed with clothes, but once I started sewing, my love for fashion grew even stronger.  I find so much joy in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that mimic my lifestyle and personality.   

I started teaching myself how to sew in 2010, after my 3rd child was born and I decided to become a SAHM.  I started my sewing journey by refashioning thrift store finds, as a way to save money.  In 2014, I discovered PDF patterns and that is when my passion for sewing really took off!  Throughout the years I have sewn countless Love Notions Patterns for myself and my 5 kids. 

In addition to sewing for myself and my kids, I also teach sewing classes.  I started teaching small group sewing classes over 5 years ago.  I absolutely love it!  Sewing has brought me so much joy over the years and I love passing that joy onto others. 

I spend quite a bit of time on Instagram, sharing my latest makes and I throw in a bit of behind-the-scenes footage too.   I am grateful for our sewing community and I feel so lucky to be a part of it!


Jess Wilcox

I used to do a lot of vinyl crafts and machine embroidery and to help my hooded towels look their best, my husband bought me a serger to finish the edges. But I didn’t really use it (too scary!) Whoops! Then one of my craft groups mentioned how easy it was to make leggings. And I thought, “You can MAKE leggings?” So I started using my serger, found PDF patterns, was totally scared to try it, but decided to just DIVE IN! Caught the sewing bug and here we are, 4? 5? years later! Now I sew for myself, my husband and all 8 of our kiddos (and some others, if they’re lucky! lol)! We are NOT “average” sized in any way, so it’s SO REWARDING sewing clothes for us that fit us well and BONUS, we feel amazing in! Sewing is so empowering and I looooove sharing that passion with anyone willing to listen, especially newer sewists who just need a cheerleader to get going! Helping others accomplish their goals is such a joy!


Jessica Higginbotham

Hi! I’m Jessica Higginbotham, and yes—that is too many syllables and letters for one name! 

I have a heritage of creativity and passion. My mom taught me to sew when I was in high school, and I made countless zipper pouches and purses. Then, when my husband and I were freshly married, flipping our first home, and expecting our first child, the sewing machine came out again. I made bags, car seat covers, nursing accessories, pillows…all that new-baby, young-home goodness! Those deep dives into the world of DIYs and tutorials eventually led me to pdf patterns, and that’s where creativity truly met passion for me. 

I was amazed at the skill and time it took to produce one shirt, and wondered why my clothes didn’t cost more. I have been pursuing a handmade wardrobe for myself and my family ever since, and Love Notions patterns make up most of that! I am ecstatic to be continuing the goodness of home-sewing as a Love Notions Ambassador. 


Katie Kennedy

Hi everyone, I’m Katie and I live in Southern California with my husband and our three boys. Sewing my own clothes has become such a terrific creative outlet for me over the past several years; I make time for projects a self-care priority these days. I love how there is always a new technique to learn or some amazing trick I haven’t yet seen which keeps this pastime fresh (and sometimes challenging). This sewing community means a lot to me, and I’m always happy to share my experience to lend a hand because other sewists have taught me so much, and it’s a delight to share my knowledge or cheer someone on. My favorite aspect of sewing my own wardrobe is getting to tell someone who compliments my outfit that I made it!

Instagram & Website

Kristen Taylor Hilton

Hey there! I’m Kris and I’m sooooo excited to be a part of the Love Notions Ambassador Team. I’m a lawyer on paper but a maker and crafter in heart, soul and spirit! I started my sewing journey in 2018 because I wanted a new challenge that would allow me to flex some creative muscle. Since then, I’ve pretty much been married to my machine (as much as can be with a full-time job, a hubby and a 4year old!!!) My sewing journey has helped me to learn so much about the body that I have, and I spend considerable amounts of time trying to adapt patterns to fit me. I am however completely self-taught and my techniques aren’t always by the book, but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I’m a small island girl, from a tiny spot in the Caribbean, and I love to bring the colours, flava and overall vybe of the islands to my work.

Instagram & Website

Marnie Durbridge

My sewing journey began with the frustration of not being able to find clothing that fit properly. I grew up with two aunts that could sew anything, and I decided I would be that person in my family. Since then sewing has become the most joyful hobby – I love being able to take a piece of fabric and give it life. I also LOVE the online sewing community.

I have always been a big fan of study and education, and as I have delved deeper into the textile world, my understanding of the downside of fast fashion has increased. I like to use fabrics that are ethically sourced and manufactured wherever possible … I have a small handmade business on the side, as my daughter and I only need so many clothes and I love the connections that I have made as a result with families who I have been sewing clothing for for years.

I love the fact that Love Notions patterns for ladies suit a huge age range, are beautifully drafted and always fit!

Instagram & Facebook

Mary MacLean

Hi, I’m Mary Anne and I am so honored to be a new Love Notions Brand Ambassador!  My sewing journey began a long long time ago at the age of 10. As a young child I was always being dragged to one of the many local fabric shops. (And I never complained!) 

I worked in a fabric store, studied Textiles and FACS (Home Economics).  I also worked for a Big 4 pattern company in NYC.  I taught FACS (Home Ec), teaching Foods, Clothing, and Child Development for 32 years, while raising my two daughters. 

I retired almost 4 years ago, and now I have all the time to sew! I discovered the online sewing community, and since then I have been sewing up my casual retirement wardrobe.  I like simple comfortable clothing that fits!  As a full busted 5 foot tall woman in her late 50’s, it’s very hard to buy clothing that fits, is comfortable, and looks cute!

Instagram & Website

Nicole Kaczorek

I have enjoyed crafting all my life but became an avid sewist about 7 years ago. I love being part of the sewing community and the connections I’ve formed with others. I am late deafened, so it can be challenging to meet new people. I started significantly losing my hearing in my twenties. Now, I cannot hear spoken words without hearing aids, but I can lip read very proficiently. I live in a suburb of
Indianapolis. My day job is in Learning and Development at a major pharmaceutical company. My husband isn’t on social media but takes all my pictures and does a lot of hearing for me. My daughter enjoys all sorts of crafting and likes caring for our cocker spaniel and 35+ year old turtle. I’d love to connect with you.

Instagram & Website

Whitney Luckenbill

I’m Whitney from the Indianapolis, IN area.  I was bitten by the sewing bug in 2006 when I taught myself to sew gender neutral bedding for my boy/girl twins’ nursery.  It was love (or obsession) at first stitch.  When we moved from the Kansas City, MO area to the Indianapolis area in 2011, I was fortunate to meet my sewing mentor, a professional dressmaker.  I was lucky to be her apprentice until her retirement, when I then went to work in a bridal workroom.  In 2018, on a whim, I decided to start a YouTube channel where I explore sewing capsule wardrobes and recreating ready-to-wear as well as teaching sewing and fitting techniques.  My passion for sewing grew into a passion for teaching and inspiring others in the craft.  It was through the YouTube channel that I was introduced to Love Notions by a viewer and have been a huge fan ever since!

Youtube & Instagram

More Ambassadors and Game Day Inspiration!

Ilse Lemmons

In everyone there is a winner, a sweet person, a lifesaver, a dreamer,… I am also a dreamer and I believe. The Game Day Jersey is the ideal shirt to celebrate life and love and in this case new Love Notions Ambassadors. I gave my Game Day Jersey my own touch and made only on one side a golden border. 

You can find the pattern here, thanks.

Ladies’ Game Day Jersey

Kids’ Game Day jersey

Men’s Game Day Jersey



Website & Instagram

Karina Trinidad

I LOVE my Game Day Jersey and not being a sports fan myself, I found a way to make it a little different with a leather look jersey. I used the matte wrong side also for some contrast.  I have a single small band on the left sleeve.  You can see how to add the cute hem ties on the video on my channel and also how to sew the overlapped V neckline in detail.  

My Affiliate link: The video on my channel:

Website & Youtube

Katie Kimmell

Hi! I’m Katie Kimmell, one of the three Katie’s on the ambassador team! I’m a born and raised Oregonian that loves living in the gorgeous PNW. When I’m not sewing, you can find me camping, biking, reading or wine tasting with my family. I discovered my love of sewing and fabric when my kids cloth diapered booties didn’t fit clothing well. Since then, I started a blog to share my hacks and creations at, share on instagram, dable with youtube and frequently pattern test. You can find me in my sewing space most days as it makes me happy to create. 

I also love fabric! I’m not afraid of prints or color so I like to think my makes are often fun. I’m a Star Wars fan so I used this Star Wars inspired fabric as the base for my Game Day Tee paired with stripes. I don’t prefer wearing cotton lycra for myself but the Game Day is the exception for that! I sized down since this is a heavier weight fabric and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Go Star Wars! 

Affiliate link:

Keira Wood

You don’t have to be a sports fan to love the Game Day Jersey! My tie dye dbp version is 100% Keira and is perfect for casual days and chilling at the beach. I colorblocked using white athletic mesh to keep a bit of that sporty feel and to keep me cool in this tropical heat. What I love most about the Game Day Jersey is that it is totally customizable to your own style! Can you tell that sewing is my favorite sport? 🙂

Aff link & Website & Instagram & Youtube

Kim Koluch

I fell in love with the Game Day pattern as a way to share the joy of football with my family.  I have made them for the men in my family, also kids and myself!  It’s a great way to love football— when you don’t love football all that much, but you love the people who do!

Here is my latest version so that I am game-ready to cheer for my husband’s favorite team this fall.  I have used Cotton Lycra from Girl Charlee Fabrics for this one, and I also cut vinyl embellishments with my Cricut Maker.

Ladies’ Game Day Pattern (aff link)

Go Steelers!

Koe Truschke

I think my favorite thing about sewing is looking at something and knowing, “I can sew that.” I saw a jersey dress online and knew the Game Day pattern would help me replicate it almost perfectly. With my middle child starting high school in August and being immersed in all things band and drumline related, I figured now was the perfect time to sew the dress I had seen. If I’m going to be at all the football games I might as be dressed cute while sitting in the stands. 

You can check my blog for all the juicy details on how I modified the Game Day Pattern to match my inspiration.

Let’s be friends!

Instagram & Minerva & YouTube

Marta Gloger

Hi there! I’m Marta from The Pickle & The Banana on Instagram.  I’m SO happy to be part of the Love Notions team. I’m a high school English teacher and I love being able to create my own wardrobe to wear at work.  I share my outfits almost daily on my IG page (when I’m not working from home due to CoVid restrictions).  One of the best things about being part of the Love Notions team is getting to learn new skills while testing patterns, meeting other sewists who know way more than I do and teach me their ways, and experimenting with my style.  This was my first Game Day Jersey and of course I HAD to make the dress version.  I will definitely be making more.  I hope the team inspires you to make some amazing garments of your own.  If you ever have any questions, we are always in the group to help.  Here are some links to my very favorite Love Notions patterns.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Xoxo, Marta

And don’t forget to grab a Game Day Jersey for the whole family!  They are ALL on sale for only 5$ each today only! Women’s Men’s Kid’s

Sequoia Bond

The Game Day Jersey and Dress is one of my favorite Love Notions Patterns. I think, deep down, I will always love a pattern than gives me the ability to color block without doing the work of splitting a pattern and making adjustments. The Game Day Jersey is perfect for wearing your favorite team colors or just being comfy around the house, but it is also super fun as a pattern hack. You can check out my tutorial for a creating a faux button placket at my blog, SequoiaLynn Sews. #TeamPatternHacker for the win!! 

Afflink link above for pattern.

Josie Magoola

The Game Day Jersey pattern is not just for the sports fans out there which I am not. My Game day dress jersey is the ultimate weekend outfit paired with items from my wardrobe. If you love wearing a T-shirt you will love this pattern.

You can read about my take on this pattern on my blog here –

My Affiliate Link –


More Game Day Jersey Ideas from our Ambassadors!

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