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We’re excited to announce that Love Notions is gearing up for our annual 40% off sale.

We don’t do site-wide sales often around here, so when we do have them, we do them big. 40% is definitely the most substantial discount we will do this entire year. So now is a great time to stock up on our faves!

All patterns (except the newly release Arlington Sweater) will be included in the site-wide sale which lasts from Monday, October 18th through Friday, October 22nd, 2021. Central time.

What patterns will you add to your Love Notions wishlist?

Here are a few of our new releases from 2020-2021:

  1. Metra Blazer
  2. Tempo Sundress
  3. Breckenridge Henley
  4. Glissando Bottoms
  5. Ballad Blouse
  6. Compose Robe

Additionally, here are a few patterns that were updated in 2021:

  1. Sonata Dress
  2. Tranquil Nightwear
  3. Whistler Pullover and Hoodie
  4. Margot Peplum
  5. Boyfriend Cardigan
  6. Melody Dolman
  7. Sybil Skirt
  8. Lyric Dress
  9. Harmony Blouse

Make a Wishlist!

You can keep track of these wishlist patterns using our wishlist feature! Just log in to your Love Notions account and click the little heart next to the listing! You can access that wishlist from your dashboard for easy shopping and staying organized during the sale.

Just click on the heart next to the pattern listing!

40% off Sale Giveaway Prize

In honor of the sale, and to celebrate with YOU (our wonderful customers) we’re doing a “little” giveaway.

Together with the Love Notions ambassador team, we’re giving away a Babylock Victory serger OR a Babylock Brilliant Sewing Machine – the winner will choose!

These are machines that we love and use daily in the Love Notions Workshop. The winner’s machine will be brand new, in box, unused, and with all manuals and accessories. The MSRP for these machines is between $1,000 and $1,799.

Here are the official rules:

  1. Entrants can learn how to enter to win this prize by following the Love Notions Ambassador team. Each Love Notions team member will be submitting a nomination and will make their own post with directions to enter with them. You can find links to follow the Ambassador team on their social media outlets here (listing of the 2021 Love Notions ambassador team).
  2. Anyone is eligible to enter! Shipping within the continental U.S. will be paid for by Love Notions. Winner outside of the continental U.S. can choose to pay the shipping/receiving/customs difference or select our alternate prize. Please note that this machine uses U.S. voltage.
  3. Alternately, a winner can choose the $1,000 Love Notions store credit to be used on Love Notions digital patterns, workshops, or future retreats.
  4. All nominated entrants will receive the free pattern of their choice.
  5. Nominations will selected by 10/22/21. The final winner will be selected randomly on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021.

Shop more Love Notions Patterns:


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  • Yvonne Jolley says:

    I love , Love Notions patterns I have made 30 laundry day tee dress and tunics since I purchased.

  • Tamara says:

    I have so many of the LN patterns because as a new garment maker, they are well drafted and easy to follow. The LN website, blog, YouTube channel and FB community are great for inspiration and support with any questions about the patterns and the parts that may be a little challenging for new sewists. Great, versatile patterns for adults and kids!

  • HP says:

    I desperately want to win the sewing machine!!! The sale is going to be awesome and I have my wishlist all ready. Good luck to everyone. Thank you Love Notions.

  • millmaur says:

    Found Love Notions by accident. Was searching for an easy to follow pattern for knits. Thus the Laundry Day Tee. After getting over the jitters of cutting knits the pattern was easy to follow and success on first try. Thank you for all the support on both FB as well as YouTube. I am going to be sewing more garments this winter. Off to start my pattern wish list.

    • Jennifer Parker says:

      Just started on Love Notions and this will be great to get some additions for my fall sewing. The detailed patterns, blogs and tutorials have been such an amazing help and I am learning so much. I can’t wait to sew up the duet trousers and the Arlington with a turtle neck. Next step is to tackle the glissandos. So glad I found LN on FB.

    • lewisnancy54 says:

      I always check out Love Notions patterns first. They have easy to follow patterns and great videos. One pattern that I really love is the Ladies Trendy Tunic. This pattern is the most comfortable top that I own. It looks great with anything that I wear it with. I have never been disappointed with anything I have made with Love Notions patterns.

    • Keira Wood says:

      Oh my goodness. Well that surely was a happy accident! So happy you got over the jitters and went for it! ~K

  • Elizabeth McLaren says:

    I love your patterns. I have made several since discovering Love notions during lockdown.
    I have improved my skills each time I sew. Recently made 3 Rhapsody’s in chiffon. One included a hack to neckline where I added a lace appliqué panel instead of ties.

  • Linda Ross says:

    I have always had the desire to sew my own clothes but hadn’t known where to start until I saw the LDT on Pinterest!! Oh happy day! it has been a wonderful and sometimes frustrating journey when I totally messed something up that couldn’t be saved. But on this wonderful journey I tried new things and surprised myself and my family with some wonderful creations that I never thought I could do. I am so much more confident in myself and not so afraid to tackle new things even if I fail. None of my mistakes have been failures because I always learn something. I am so much more confident in other areas of my life because of this. I am no afraid to try new things!!! Thank you to everyone on the team.

  • Patricia Mendoza says:

    I love the Rhapsody pattern! The fit was great, using the burrito method went like a dream,after watching the videos. Just had to shorten, when you are 5 ft it is a way of life. Thank you!

  • Marjorie Bell says:

    I tell everyone who sews to subscribe to your blog and get your patterns! I’ve made so many but there are still many waiting to be made up. I find the patterns are an exceptional value for what you get. So we’ll designed with tons of options. Way to go, ladies!

  • I’m loving your patterns! My most recent obsession is the Rhapsody blouse; 5 to date, and now am on a roll with the Everyday Play dress, 4 so far. I just made a sale order for 6 more patterns!

  • Maria Macksoud says:

    I just finished cutting out my second rhapsody blouse in a lovely chiffon print that I will be sewing up this week. Currently wearing one of my four Melody Dolmans. Love Love Love your patterns!! I have almost all of them and look forward to sewing them up. So versatile, so well drafted, and so many variations (and thank you for the full bust options!!).

  • Karen Gilbert says:

    I’ve made several LTD and have already bought several new patterns to work in for the fall. Can’t wait to start my Game Day shirt for the football season…and then one for baseball!

  • Susan Furth says:

    What a great resource Love Notions Patterns is for sewists! The patterns are great with oh so many options, but the best part is the community that’s been forged through a common interest. Each of the ambassadors offers a unique perspective yet all of the also bring so much knowledge and energy to support the whole community.
    I am fairly new to Love Notions (my styling goddess, Whitney @Tomkat Stitchery introduced me the site) and it’s been such a fun experience, I barely have time to cut fabric (-;=

  • Sheryl says:

    Where do I post a review? I read website but not sure how to post a review on the website.
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

    • Keira Wood says:

      Under each pattern listing, there is a section that contains the Size Chart, Line Drawing, Errata and Reviews. When you click the review heading, you’ll be able to read other reviews and add your own. ~K

  • Michele Rose says:

    After 40 years of quilting, I have decided to learn to sew garments for myself. I found Love Notions and am so glad I did. The instructions are easy, taping the pdf patterns together is relaxing for me and I really enjoy it. I have about 10 patterns so far, but my very favorite is the Rhapsody Blouse pattern. I have made it with rayons, cotton jersey and cotton/lycra. I have made the ties, the continuous band as shown on the website and also eliminated the “V” and just made it a scoop neck for a great looking t-shirt. The camaraderie and help on their facebook page is the best anywhere. I love that group. Thank you for adding me!

  • Jennifer Cesare says:

    Love Notions patterns are my go-to patterns for a quick, easy project. The basic t-shirt is a constant staple in my sewing line-up. The patterns are easy to print, tape, and cut out. The instructions are very well written and the accompanying YouTube videos are awesome! I highly recommend any of these patterns!!!!

  • Colleen says:

    I am always amazed at how well all the Love Notion patterns fit and also look very stylish!! I have sewn quite a few patterns and my favorites are the Margot Peplum, Ravinia skirt, Metra Blazer, Harmony Blouse, and the Boyfriend Cardigan. Of course, I can’t forget the La Bella Donna, I have made several and am wearing the long sleeve one now! All the patterns are drafted very well and the sewing is very easy with lots of instructions and YouTubes for help!

  • Nadine Sampson says:

    Loving the love notions patterns. Have made the Arlington and Brekinridge this week. Cut out two more of each this morning!
    The fit is great.

  • Judy Hansen says:

    I’m in love with Love notions patterns! I have made 4 laundry dat tees, a Forte top and have another and ready to sew. And a compost rope. Recently purchased the Octave coat and the vest that Im so excited to start sewing it!

  • Marlene Laplanche says:

    I love the love notions patterns, I am new with their patterns but looking at their designs and simple illustrations an addition to their sewing you tube videos.. thank you Love Notions!

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