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All Love Notions sewing patterns come with three ways to download & use your sewing pattern. Here are your download options:

  • Print-At-Home (+Tutorial/Instructions)
  • Large Format
  • Projector

Today’s post is all about that Large Format file. This is a file that contains the fully assembled pattern pieces which can be printed on a plotter printer or sent to a commercial print shop on very large sheets of paper, also called A0 paper.  This method means NO TAPING!

If you’re working with an adult-sized pattern that can mean a significant savings in time. It’s true that it’s pretty easy to assemble the print-at-home versions of Love Notions patterns – especially with our trim-less assembly style format; however, some of the larger patterns can be 30+ pages. So a large format, fully assembled pattern print might be exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s inside a Large Format pattern file?

Before we dive deep about A0 ordering, let’s talk about what’s contained in the large format digital download.

Sheet Size: Love Notions large format pattern files use “A0” paper size which is much larger than the standard print-at-home A4/US Letter paper size.  A0 (“A Zero”) is a typical international paper size – and is about 33″ x 46″. Because typical US large format printing is done on 36″ x 48″ sheets, the A0 format from Love Notions works for most printing inside and outside of the US.

Amount of Pages: Depending on the pattern, the A0 / copy shop / large format version of the pattern download will contain anywhere from 2 to 6 separate 33″ x 46″ sheets. Some of those sheets might contain extra options or built in adjustments that aren’t necessary for you. For example, on Vivace Dolman several sheets of the A0 version have the Full Bust adjustment version of the pattern which might not be necessary for you. If you look carefully at each sheet and your view preferences, you might be able to use a free PDF page extractor (google it) to separate your needed sheets from the rest of the pattern.

Assembly Requirements: In almost all cases these A0 sheets will require absolutely no taping or pattern assembly. However, there are one or two patterns that have pieces so big that they stretch between two A0 sheets and they will require just a teeny bit of taping.

Includes: The large format download will only have the labeled pattern pieces with all size lines and titles as well as a 4″ square to double check printing scale. The A0 file will not have the instructions for the pattern – those instructions are inside the “print-at-home” version of the download. Many choose to only access those digitally for convenience and to save on printing costs.

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How to print a Large Format file yourself

A few sewists might have access to a Large Format printer in order to print their patterns. Some have access through their workplace or a family member. Some are even lucky enough to have one available at home. At the Love Notions Workshop, we use a Large Format printer that we house in our fabric stash room.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Large Format version of your pattern. Access that download through your account at
  2. Open the Large Format file inside Adobe Acrobat (free pdf reader)
  3. Determine size layers & pages you’d like printed
  4. Print on the large format printer with these settings:
    • “Actual Size” with no scaling
    • A0 paper
    • I like to use draft quality to make it print quickly

How to order a Large Format print

Ok, I’m ready. How do I send this to the printer?

  1. Find a reliable printer. We have a list below of providers that our sewists have had success with. Shipping rates, total charges, and the pros and cons will be different for everyone. Some offer instructions printing, some offer bulk ordering discounts, next day shipping and folding or rolling. Take some time to do a little research about what works best for you!
  2. Upload your Large Format file. In most cases, once you upload your file the pattern printer service will be able to determine the right size and options for you. However, if you choose to upload to a service like Office Max or other general copy service, it’s important to look for “Engineer Prints,” sort of like a blue print. The patterns don’t need to printed like a professional photograph – they just need accurate scaling – so watch out when ordering through a non-sewing-related business.
  3. Select your paper type and size. We’ve found a few printers charge the same amount for color and black & white, though most charge less for black and white so that might be a spot to save some money. Most indie pattern printers require you to input the number of sheets which is easily to find in the pattern listing or by looking in the file itself so be sure to read the directions carefully when inputting quantity. Love Notions patterns average 4 sheets in the large format file.
  4. Select your print options. Look for “engineering”, “architechtural”, or “blueprints” options for stores that don’t specialize in pattern printing. Skip any options for laminate or stapling or binding.

Cost of a Large Format print

While office supply stores offer large format printing for any PDF file, tons of companies have sprouted up in the past few year specifically dedicated to sewing pattern prints at a reasonable rate. Because of the plethora of shops, there are a lot of variations on service, product, perks and especially price. We’ve seen large format prints range anywhere from $1.50 to $7.00 USD per sheet. Remember, with sales and discounted rates for large orders, it’s often economical to order several patterns at once, so your milage may vary based on a ton of factors.

As an experiment on cost, I took today’s feature pattern (Vivace Dolman) and priced it out at a BUNCH of different PDF printing shops – from big box stores, brick and mortar print shops, to tiny indie pattern printing shops, to fabric companies. I used the same exact file, and tried to find nearly identical products at all the shops. I didn’t include shipping rates — just the base pricing. Also, I extracted 2 sheets (the FBA adjusted pattern pieces) from the files because I won’t be needing those. The orders were all a total of 4 pattern pages — and I selected the lowest cost coloring on a white standard paper, typically between 20-24#. Here’s what I found:

How to use a Large Format sewing pattern

Once you’ve got the printed pattern sheets you’re ready to roll! The large format print can be used just like the assembled version of a print-at-home pattern. Some cut right into that large print out – but most want to preserve that large print out for future sizes and options – so they trace out the pieces as they need them. I love Swedish Tracing Paper. It’s similar to what interfacing feels like so it folds up easy and you can draw or even sew on it. Pellon also has a similar product called Easy Pattern that you can find at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s. (Amazon affiliate links)


No matter what your preferred method for working with digital sewing patterns – we hope this overview demystified the Large Format pattern printing process. Still have questions? Let us know!

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  • Kkmack says:

    I appreciate the list and comparisons. I had no idea that there were so many now! I’ve used PDFPlotting for years. They have a super fast turnaround time but UPS can slow down the delivery. I’ll try out some of these others. The interesting part will be the postage!

    I’m one of those who cuts right into the paper and makes my adjustments on the large format paper. But I preserve the print and reuse it.

    I’m curious what fabric Tessa used for her Vivace. It looks so fresh and beautiful. I love a good floral! 😊

    • Jess says:

      Yes! There are so many now! Some of it will come down to personal preferences (folded vs rolled, weight of paper, color vs b&w, etc,) and location for delivery times and cost. I’m in the same state as PDF Plotting so mine would always come next day, or at most, 2 days! But yes, it’s nice to have so many options!

      I will get back to ya on Tessa’s Vivace. ☺️

    • Jess says:

      Just heard back from Tessa!

      The blue floral is woven from Alyssa May and is a poly of some sort 🙂

  • Marta Hamilton says:

    Hi! Thank you for the cost comparison of large format PDF pattern printers. I’ve used PDF Plotting and was pleased with the printing cost of about $10 for 6 pages. But the shipping cost $30. I’ll now go to the list of printers and see if any of them are located close to me in Colorado.
    Thanks, Marta

    • Jess says:

      It’s definitely nice to have so many options! Perhaps a shop closer to you will ship for less? Local options that print inexpensively are ideal! ❤️

  • Bridgid says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you for compiling this list. I’ve used Blue Cup Shop on Etsy and have been very pleased with the quality & service. Laquana will print only certain sizes or pages if you ask, which can help prevent printing/paying for pages you don’t need. I’m going to try some on this list too – it’s always nice to have options!

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