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In the States, summer is close to over, which means back to school. Make the transition … more fun with Anjori from @bee.threadly … and Love Notions’ first ever #SewBackToSchool challenge, both on Instagram and Facebook!


The two-week challenge will be filled with daily prompts to get your kiddos ready for school, starting August 20th, running to September 2nd. This will be a great way to build community, get inspired and of course, win some prizes!

sew back to school

Want to participate?

(And be entered to win some fun fabric and pattern prizes?)

Simply post your back to school sewing makes on social media. Then tag us (@lovenotions) and use the hashtag #sewbacktoschool. That’s it! Feel free to participate every day, once, or multiple times a day. And the prompts are just a way to get you thinking about what you could or have sewn – no need to follow them closely if you’ve got other back to school sewing you’d like to show off.

Anjori will then keep track of the entries and send out the prizes – thanks, Anjori!

Keep in mind that we will need to be able to see the entries to have it count – so tagging us is important!

Prizes and Sponsors

We’re thankful for the sponsors of the #Sewbacktoschool challenge. Along with Love Notions, several companies are involved in this challenge and offered some generous prizes.

Here’s the prize list!

  1. Love Notions store credit (one $50 credit)
  2. Love Notions Notions bundle (two bundles, each worth $45-50)
  3. Raspberry Creek Fabrics store credits (two $40 credits)
  4. Surge Fabric Shop store credits (two $40 credits)
  5. Alyssa May Design store credits (two $40 credits)
  6. Amelia Lane Designs store credit (one $25 credit)
  7. Cali Fabrics store credit (two $40 credits)
  8. Boho Fabrics one fabric bundle, winner pays shipping
  9. D&H Fabrics store credit (one $25 credit)


Posts must tag @lovenotions (or @lovenotionssewingpatterns on FB) and include the hashtag #SewBackToSchool to be included. If you post on another social media platform or private group, you’ll need to take a screenshot and send it to Anjori to be counted.

Posts must be published between the days of Aug 20 and Sept 2.

Your makes must be made by you, the person sharing the post (not store bought) 

Makes can be any pattern from any company; and is not restricted to Love Notions patterns.

Your makes do NOT have to be made during the challenge time frame. You may share makes from previous years. 

Winners announced Sept 3, there will be different winners for the Facebook Group and Instagram

DatePromptLove NotionsPattern Suggestions
Aug 20Hearty Hello Introduce yourself and who you are sewing for 
Aug 21Summer Style – Most schools start back up in the heat of August. Share your kid’s summer wear.Girls Sunday Romper, Kayak Boardshorts, Sprint Muscle Shirt, Everyday Playdress, Girls Lotus Blossom Blouse, Posh Popover Collection 
Aug 22Fall Fashion – Change in weather begs for layers, how do you layer on?Acorn Vest, Dashing Vest, Girls Boyfriend Cardigan
Aug 23Perfect PantsShare your kid’s go- to handmade pantsMaxx-ine Pants & Skirt, Moto Maxx, Girls Summer Caye Pants, Capirs & Shorts, Thomas Track Pants
Aug 24Snuggle SweatersShare your kids in their handmade snuggly sweaters.Sloane Sweater for Girls, Samson Sweater, Vanguard Kit, Hazelwood Hoodie, Girls Boyfriend Cardigan
Aug 25Mask Making – Many schools are requiring masks this year, are you making them? Show us what you made. 
Aug 26Terrific Twirling – Something about a twirly dress or skirt that takes you back to childhood. Share your child’s favorite twirling outfit.Skater Skirt, Prisma Dress, The Cartwheel Collection
Aug 27School SpiritShare an outfit with your child’s school colors.Kid’s Game Day, Wrigley Raglan
Aug 28Zippin ZippersShare your makes that include zippersNavigator Pullover, Acorn Vest
Aug 29Scrappy Sewing – Kids sewing can be a good way to use up scraps. What’s your go to scrap buster?The Cartwheel Collection,  Vanguard Kit
Aug 30Picture Day – Before you know it, picture day will be here! How are you dressing them up this year?Prisma Dress, Dolce Dress, Driftwood Henley & Polo
Aug 31Pajama PartyShare your kids favorite handmade PJs.Girls Tranquil Nightwear, Girls Luna Loungewear, Kid’s Compose Rose, Jam Jam Sleepwear Collection
Sep 1Winter Wear – Hot cocoa and a warm jacket is what I’m looking for in the winter! Share your kids in their favorite winter wear.Blissful Blazer, Navigator Pullover, Sloane Sweater for Girls,  Vanguard Kit, Samson Sweater
Sep 2Forever FavoritesWhat is your go to, tried and true pattern for your kids?Lil’ LDT, Kid’s Game Day, Girls La Bella Donna, Girls Classic Tee

Back to school patterns


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