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Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe with the perfect-for-spring Terra Tunic! Get the Terra Tunic for just $5 today only during Feature Friday. On today’s blog we’ve partnered up with the lovely Chris from Sewjourns AND with Emily from  Boho Fabrics.  Chris is going to give you a taste of spring with some ideas for customizing your Terra Tunic using appliques and trim. A

Terra Tunics for Spring with Appliques and Trims

Hi, I’m Chris from and I am so happy to be sharing with you four ways that I have embellished the Terra Tunic for Spring using appliques and trims!


Terra Tunic: for Feature Friday

The Terra Tunic Pattern is such an amazing value and oh-so-cute top, with its six neckline options, split hem and optional welt pockets. You can pick it up by clicking  here.



Terra Tunic with Applique at Neckline

For my first Terra Tunic, I used this beautiful V-shaped open weave white appliqué.  My fabric is Rayon Spandex, and I sewed it using the V-neck view.  Then I positioned the appliqué at the shoulders and centered on the V-neck.  I pinned the appliqué along the outermost edge and the inner V. You will be covering up most of the V-neck band, but you will want to make sure you have the neck banded to retain the shape and you will retain some of the band at the shoulders.

TIP: as you can see below, I inserted my square quilters ruler inside the tunic before I pinned the appliquéto the front.  That way you will not accidentally pin through to the back of the tunic.

Sew with Zig-Zag Stitch

I sewed it along the outermost edge and the inner V edge, using the zig zag stitch. Since the applique’ has a scalloped outer edge, go slowly, and with the needle down into the fabric, you can gently reposition the applique to keep the zig zag onto the edge. Do the same for the inner V edge. Now you will trim away the fabric from above the inner V only, leaving about ¼” seam allowance and sew down the seam allowance with a straight stitch.


Terra Tunic with Trim

Next up is the Terra Tunic in white velour using the boat neck view.  For this Spring look I used wide non-stretch lace on the split hem bands and the 3/4 sleeves.  I can use non-stretch lace here because the hem is split and does not have negative ease and therefore does not need to be stretched over the hips.  It hangs loose.



Terra Tunic with boat neck and lace trim

Sew Trim on Hem

The split hem on the Terra Tunic is longer in the back than the front.  For this treatment I wanted the hems to be the same length so the trim will be at the same height on the sides and at the hem.  So, when turning up the hem I turned up the back hem to match the front.   For the trim on the side vents I just turned under each edge of the trim and sewed with a straight stitch.  I sewed the trim on only at the top and let the bottom hang loose over the hem.



Sew the lace only at the top, the bottom hangs loose

Sew Trim on Sleeves

When constructing the sleeve, you will want to sew the trim on in the flat, before attaching the sleeves to the tunic.  Turn over and hem the sleeve first then sew on the trim.  That way the trim will be sewn into the sleeve and will have a clean seam.



Hem your sleeve first then sew the trim on at the top of the lace before you sew it onto the tunic

Terra Tunic with Asymmetrical Collar and Pocket

The asymmetrical collar is such a fun look. I could not wait to use these magenta and black stripes for this. I am so very pleased with the striped matching. Scroll down to see this simple but fun way I used an applique as a pocket!


Terra Tunic with Asymmetrical Collar

When I saw this really cute crochet looking applique at Boho Fabrics it reminded me of a patch pocket and my favorite ready to wear top that has one patch pocket at the bottom hem so I wanted to recreate that. I sewed this on the same way I did the first V neck applique but of course I did not trim away any fabric from behind. Such a cute and different way to use an applique.


Applique from Boho Fabrics


Date Night Terra Tunic with Applique on Back

For this date night look I sewed up the long sleeve crew neck version. For this look it is all about the sexy back! I used the romantic print, Priscilla Pink Floral in DBP and a gorgeous black scalloped V- shape applique, both from our sponsor Boho Fabrics.

terra tunic applique back Terra Tunic Applique Back

I sewed the applique to the back using the same technique I showed you in the first Terra Tunic with the front white applique. Except this time, I cut away ALL the fabric from behind the applique, leaving only the zig zag stitches on the outline and the solid line towards the top. I also opted for a straight hem so I shortened the tunic by 2 inches. I blended a graceful curve over the hip down to the hem and serged all the way to the hem.

Terra Tunics for Spring

I hope seeing these different applique and trim techniques has inspired your creativity. The Terra Tunic with its six neckline choices is the perfect canvas for your appliques and trims.





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