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How to Sew a Sleeve on a Knit Shirt

Want to sew a Laundry Day Tee but you fear attaching the sleeve? This video tutorial is for you! 

attach sleeve to shirt

Any knit sleeve attached flat, meaning you sew the sleeve to the body of the shirt before sewing up the side seam, is attached this way. So if you are having trouble with any knit shirt pattern, this tutorial can give you the extra help you need.


I hope you are enjoying our video tutorial series! If you have a request for a video tutorial, please email me (Kelly) at and I’ll see what I can do.


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  • Many thx. for the visual….I had no problem on the LTD to insert the sleeve, but now I’m trying the Classic T-shirt, with the FBA front, and the armhole shape looks alot different… are there any tips to make the regular sleeve fit in this different shaped armhole? Thx. for any help before I give it a try!!

    • Kelly says:

      Hello! The armscye (armhole) shape should be similar, even with a FBA. The process for attaching the sleeve is the same. Pin in the middle and at the ends. Line up any markings that the pattern may have, and then ease the rest together as needed.
      I hope this helps!

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