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Welcome to the Love Notions Brand Ambassador Team!

This group is my gold star testing & promotion group. You all are my dedicated testers who go above and beyond with your photos, styling, feedback and promotion.

Being a part of this group means:

  • You get first look at any pattern ideas I might have as well as helping me brainstorm ideas.
  • You test patterns as your time permits and you have a model. There is no minimum or maximum to testing participation; however, not participating in a test for an extended amount of time (months+) might mean it’s time to step back from the ambassador program.
  • You help promote patterns wherever you have access to and are applicable. When you post you must disclose that you are a team member that receives compensation. Please do not use your affiliate link in the LN pattern support group. You may link to a blog post that has your link, however.
  • You create sewing-related paid content for Love Notions. Sign up for these opportunities is based on your availability. However, not signing up to create any content for an extended amount of time (months+) might mean it’s time to step back from the ambassador program.
  • You check into the Ambassador group at least once a week during non-testing to stay up to date with what’s going on. You check into the testing group daily during testing. Be sure to change your notification settings for the group so that you get all posts. The notifications settings are under the info section at the top. Set it to “all posts”.
  • Your affiliate rate is 25% (normally 10%). Please be aware of where you are posting your link to be sure it’s allowed. Always disclose that you earn a commission. Posting your affiliate link in the LN support group is not allowed, however, you may post a blog link that directs followers to a post where your link is.

Paid Opportunities for Ambassadors:

  1. Pattern testing- I currently try to release a pattern every 8 weeks or so. As ambassadors, I don’t require you to test every pattern. Ideally, I’d like to see you test at least 4 a year. When pattern testing you are active in the tester group, submit your fit and final photos by the deadline as well as provide feedback in a timely way (not the day before release 😉 ). You take great photos and upload them to the folder provided.
    • $50 or $75 if it’s a companion pattern and you do both patterns, with a fabric stipend of $20.
  2. Guest blog post- These posts are not just about showing a pattern, but digging deeper in some way. That could be a pattern hack, tutorial, fitting or ‘slice of life’ type of post. Guest blog posts are run by Tessa. Blog posts spots open up quarterly. 
  3. Instagram stories takeover These are most effective when paired with a site-wide sale or event. 
  4. Guest Youtube video on the Love Notions channel. Possibilities are pattern review, technique showcase, pattern hack, etc. 
    • You can find the guidelines for Love Notions youtube content here.
    • Paid at $50 for shorter demo and $125 for full length video.
  5. Love Notions Zoom Hangout Ambassadors can host a live hour long private sewing event where they hangout and talk sewing fabric or whatever they want! The ambassador will be in charge of promoting and planning for the event usually during a Feature Friday. For example, Katie G. hosted a Ravina hangout which she promoted on the Ravinia Feature Friday. Then guests signed up on a google form and were sent an invitation to a Zoom meeting which took place several days later. During the hangout, Katie did a quick Ravinia pocket demo (10/15 minutes) and the rest of the time was just about talking sewing, answering questions, and having some sewing fun! Future events will have a small fee ($5 or so).
    • Paid at $100 

What else should an ambassador know?

  • Tessa Heiser manages the Ambassador team and all marketing for Love Notions. If you have questions about being an ambassador or any of the items below or want to sign up for content, please email her ( 
    • Tessa coordinates: 
      • The weekly $5 Feature Friday schedule 
      • Site-wide sales, events, and promotions
      • Ambassador-created content: including paid guest blogs, videos, etc. (The guest content calendar opens on a quarterly basis.) Access the calendar here: 
      • Weekly Love Notions updates in the Ambassador FB group. CHECK THESE and comment to show you saw. Join the group here.
      • Social media, newsletters, and advertisements.
      • Cross-promotions
  • Site-wide Sales – usually three a year and they last 7 days or less.
    1. New year (January)
    2. Spring (May)
    3. Tami’s Birthday/Fall (October)
  • Tami ( & Kelly (  & Katie Grimm ( coordinate all the pattern tests.
    • Each pattern test will take place in its own Facebook group. Ambassadors will be a part of the “pre-testing” process and then other testers from our regular testing group will be added in. Look in the announcements posts for each individual pattern test to find the fit feedback/picture due dates, the finals pictures due dates, and the link to the google drive when final photos will be uploaded. If you sign up for a test and do not submit the testing requirements, you will not be paid for testing.

Love Notions Pattern Tester Community

  • Tami takes care of PAYMENTS for pattern tests and content creation. 
    • We use a google form to process ambassador payment requests for pattern testing and content creation. Affiliate commissions happen automatically through the website. Tami will remit payment to ambassadors within a week after a pattern test, the first week of a new month for the previous months’ affiliate links and the day after any other opportunity you participate in. 
    • Please submit a payment request through this google form for content creation and pattern testing AFTER the testing is complete and/or the content has been published.
    • Payment Request Form:
    • If I miss you, please feel free to reach out! Please only use email, FB messages are not the best method of contact for me. 
    • Affiliate area-

New ambassadors need to complete these forms:

Meet the team bio formAmbassador Contact Form

Ambassador payment form

Please fill this out form to be paid for all of your content created for Love Notions including pattern testing, videos, IG takeovers, blog posts, etc.  Payments are sent Friday mornings.

Payment request form