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Handmade Holiday Tour

handmade holiday

This week I am so excited to share with you the Handmade Holiday Tour! This tour is packed full of ideas for handmade gifts for friends, family and even a gift or two that you can sneak to yourself. (Hey, I won’t tell!)

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Laundry Day Tee High/Low Hack

LDT high low hem

I have another easy hack for the Laundry Day Tee today- customizing the hem to be high/low. You’re going to be shocked at how easy this is! This high/low pattern hack will work with just about any top or dress you have. I’m using the Laundry Day Tee for this example. If you haven’t already purchased this pattern be sure to join the Pattern Support group to...Read More

Skater skirt release freebie

Did you see the release of the Skater Skirt yesterday? And it’s FREE for Facebook Group members! So hop over and join and then snag that puppy up! It’s so quick and easy to sew and I’m going to show you just how versatile this beauty is!

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Tidal sewalong day 2

Welcome back to day 2 of the Tidal sewalong! Yesterday we went over selecting fabric and printing and assembling the pattern. Today we’re going to just dive in and start sewing. The Tidal is such a quick sew, there are just a few seams. You can use a sewing machine or a serger, either will work just fine. Read more to get started.

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Tidal Sewalong Day 1

Welcome to the Tidal Sewalong! We’ll be going step by step through the process of sewing a Tidal Top (or dress if you like). I’ll also be including a free godet pattern piece that you can add on for an extra swing-y top. Read on to get the details!

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Turn the LDT into three different types of dresses

LDT into a dress

One of the easiest hacks you can do is to turn your favorite tee into a dress. Specifically, I’ll be showing how to do this with the Laundry Day Tee using the slash and spread method. This process will work with any tee pattern. Read on to find out how easy this is!

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Sabrina Sewalong Day 3: Pockets, Construction and Alterations (oh my!)

Today we are going to tackle how to make some alterations to the pants once you have them partially constructed. If you want to include welt pockets, be sure to do so before continuing on. Tami also has a treat for you after you learn how to alter your pants! She has a free front pocket add on that so many of you have requested! I know I’m excited for that!!

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Adding a cowl to the LDT with free pattern

Adding a cowl to the LDT

One of my favorite features of the girls version of the Laundry Day Tee (Li’l LDT) is the drape-y cowl. I love a good cowl! It’s like a built in scarf. After releasing the Li’l LDT I have gotten SO many requests for a ladies add-on. I have done a couple of patterns (Origami Tunic, La Bella Donna) with a cowl and it is possible to use one of those pattern...Read More

Picking the right fabric for the free Laundry Day Tee

Selecting the correct fabric for any pattern is an important part in ending up with a garment you love to wear… and is flattering! This is certainly the case with the new Laundry Day Tee. The silhouette of this tee is a swing-y style that really needs a knit with good drape. If you were to choose a fabric that is more stiff and stable you run the chance to ending up...Read More

Because 30 different ways to make the Bluezette just isn’t enough…

Bluezette Dress Pattern for Ladies

By now you’ve probably heard about the Bundle Up sale that’s currently going on (and ends today!). One of the many offerings in the Bundle is the Bluezette Dress for Ladies. When I began designing this dress I started out with three skirts and one bodice. By the time my testers and I were done we had five skirts and two bodices! One (of the many) things I love...Read More

And the winner is…

Wow, what great entries you all did for the Mallory mashup contest! So much imagination, I love it! Now, on to the winners!

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Challenge time– with prizes!

It’s probably no surprise to most of you that blogging is not my favorite thing to do. As evidenced by my lack of blog posts! I would much rather be designing than writing. But I have something special to share with you all and it totally deserves an awesome blog post so I will do my best.

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Who doesn’t love a free doll pattern?

Love Notions Everyday Playdress easy PDF Pattern

So now that many of you have purchased your copy of the Everyday Playdress your daughters might be asking for their dolls to have their own dress too. And now they can! Here I will be sharing the steps and free doll pattern pieces for an 18″ doll coordinating dress.

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