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Hello Love Notions fans! It’s Kelly, and while Tami is off relaxing on the most amazing vacation ever, I’m at home in my studio doing some pattern hacking. And you are in luck! I’m going to share this super quick and easy change to the (affil link) La Bella Donna. Are you ready for the V-Neck La Bella Donna? IMG_4337web

If you are new to pattern hacking, don’t fret! This is so SO easy! You are going to need the (affil links) La Bella Donna pattern and the Laundry Day Tee pattern. Print off the entire La Bella Donna pattern in the size you need. For the Laundry Day Tee, in the size you need, you will only need pages 16, 17 and 21. (the neckband, shoulder and neckline pieces)

If you are printing a fresh La Bella Donna pattern, assemble as usual. Don’t cut it out yet though. If you are using a previously used pattern like I am, you will need to trace your pattern piece. You can trace it onto the back side of wrapping paper, freezer paper, or you can “borrow” your child’s roll of easel paper like I did.

First, we are going to transfer the back neckline of the Laundry Day Tee to the La Bella Donna pattern piece. Place the Laundry Day Tee pattern (outlined in red) on top of the La Bella Donna pattern. (outlined in blue) Line up the center fold lines. You want the top tip of the Laundry Day Tee’s shoulder to touch the shoulder seam of La Bella Donna. Trace the back neckline of the Laundry Day Tee onto the La Bella Donna pattern.


Now, cut out the V-neck option of the Laundry Day Tee and trace it onto La Bella Donna. Your new La Bella Donna will look like the piece below. The blue lines are the original La Bella Donna necklines. Red is the new V-neck transferred from the Laundry Day Tee.


Another change I did was to alter the sleeve length. If you like this look, take 2″ off the LONG sleeve length line of La Bella Donna and use that as your new short sleeve length.


Now, follow the directions for cutting out the La Bella Donna per the instructions first cutting the back piece, then cut the front piece. Here is what your new La Bella Donna pieces will look like.


Construct the body per the directions in La Bella Donna. After you have the body constructed, use the V-neck construction instructions from the Laundry Day Tee to complete the neck band. To give the neckband a lighter look, I took of 1/2″ from each of the long sides of the neckband piece.


Hem your sleeves up 1″ and hem the bottom and you are set! I may not be on an amazing tropical vacation, but I am comfy and relaxed in this new top!


I would love to see your La Bella Donna V-necks! Please share them over in the Love Notions Pattern Support group on Facebook.







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