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Wanna get the quick, easy, & FREE Laundry Day Tee?

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

laundry day tee
1. Join our Group

Ask to join our private, free, and uber-supportive sewing group – where you can get real-time sewing help with your Love Notions patterns. Make sure to answer the membership questions.

2. Get the Code

After you are in the Pattern Support Group, scroll to the top of the group and read through the “Start Here” post. The code to make Laundry Day Tee free at check out is at the bottom.

Find the Code
3. Use the Code

Then put the LDT pattern listing into your cart on the Love Notions website, enter the code at checkout and you’re all set! (Make sure to sign up for our newsletters while you’re there!)

Get it Free!

That’s how to get your pattern!

Then learn how to get sewing by using the resources we’ve got linked below.
See the entire sewing process from download, to print, to assembly and sewing here:

Watch how

Hello! I’m Tami

Sewing Pattern Designer, Owner of Love Notions

I designed the Laundry Day Tee as an essential for every wardrobe – and it is the perfect way to begin your sewing journey. This is an easy-to-wear swing tee, tunic, and dress with TONS of options and ways to wear. It is fitted at the bust and then flares out a bit over the hips for ultimate comfort and style. We offer this pattern for free to our support group members so you can see if Love Notions patterns are a good fit for you (pun intended!).

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Wondering how all this works?

As a beginner, sewing can seem scary. Watch this video to see exactly how to download, print, assemble, cut, and SEW this quick and easy pattern. Don’t be surprised when you fall in love with sewing!

Watch how

Are you a sewing newbie?

Head over to our beginner sewing page for everything you need to get started on your sewing journey. Tool suggestions, fabric sources, beginner-friendly patterns, and intro to sewing lessons are all there for you!

Beginner? Click here

Now, using Love Notions, everything I make fits. Plus I am new to sewing, started a year ago, so all the instructions and tutorials are exactly what I need.

It's the Love Notions patterns I end up sewing. I call them style with simplicity.

I made my first Laundry Day Tee and I love it. Just bought the Sabrina Slims and fabric. You have made sewing exciting again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Love Notions sewing patterns special?
Love Notions patterns are designed with everyday people in mind. From the easy-to-use tutorials, the reliable fit, and the approachable style, Love Notions gives you the sewing experience you will enjoy from start to finish.

Why do I have to join the FB Pattern Support Group to get the LDT code for Free?
It’s really important to us that you get the help and inspiration you need to have sewing success. Our pattern support group is the place to go for help that is fast, extremely encouraging, and full of people who want to see you succeed. Rather than just add a digital file to your collection – we want you to see all the ways you can be supported as you sew. A FB group is the current platform we use to help us achieve that goal in a private, easy, safe, and supportive way.

Why is it called the “Laundry Day Tee”?
The Laundry Day Tee gets its name because you really can sew a new top in less than the time in takes to do a load of laundry!

How can I stay in touch with Love Notions?
Join our email list and search for and follow us on your favorite social platforms. We are active every week with supportive sewing resources, new patterns, and sales.

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How can I contact Love Notions about an account issue?
Email and our customer service will make sure you get the answers you need.