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I know what you’re thinking- zippers? Nooooo! That was my thought when I was approached to participate in the Designer’s Challenge. I’ve been sewing since my teens and I still don’t love zippers. They’re just not my favorite. Which makes them the perfect challenge for me.

I’ve finally found a style of zipper that I love the look of and is so EASY to do. Honestly, this exposed zipper style is hard to mess up. Challenge yourself and try one today.

The perfect garment to add a little exposed zipper style to is the Moto-Maxx pants. I released the Moto-Maxx Set last fall and it definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite patterns I’ve done. The pants have such a nice slim fit, the waistband is comfortable, easy and quick! I know some may have passed up on the original pattern set thinking it was not right for their girl or that they just didn’t want both pieces. If that’s you then you might be interested to know I’ve separated out the plain front Moto-Maxx pants into their own pattern (PLUS added a skirt)!
Presenting the Maxx-ine Pants & Skirt pattern!
If you have already purchased the Moto-Maxx set there’s great news for you too- I’ve included the Maxx-ine pattern with the Moto-Maxx pattern! Etsy purchasers should find their order number in their history, email me that info and I’ll send you the additional file. Craftsy and purchasers will find the new file in their account automatically.
Now onto a few details about the Maxx-ine:
The Maxx-ine pants are a slim fit pants made for stable, medium to heavyweight knits and wovens with some stretch to them. The pants skirt feature slash hip pockets, back pockets and a wide, comfortable elastic waistband. Also included is a simple, straight skirt with side zips. The pants have two cut lines: capris and full length. The skirt has two cut lines as well: knee and mid-thigh. Pictured below is Mallory in the knee length. Put in one side zipper or do both sides! Cute and trendy. Available in sizes 2T-14.
2015 02 27_8476
No need to fear the zipper, I walk you through installing an exposed zipper using clear and bright color photos as well as illustrations. Plus, there are so many cool options for zippers these days. Be sure to check out Zipper Island, they have the perfect metal closed bottom zippers. I used several in my samples. Great quality and they shipped pretty quick. Great selection too! With this pattern you can use any size you like.  For the samples I made, I used the 6″ brass zippers on the size 10 (with added length). Some of my testers used longer lengths and they also turned out great!

I hope I’ve convinced you to give the zippers a shot!


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