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Can you believe it’s already mid August? Time to start accepting summer is almost over and the sweet smell of pumpkin spice and fallen leaves will be in the air before you know it. What about our favorite tank tops and skirts? I for one am not ready to put them aside till next year….so what better way to bring our summer favorites into fall than adding a beautiful cardigan and a pair of shoes or boots? Read on to get the details on this weeks Feature Friday.

origami tunic
The Origami Tunic and Cardigan  is the perfect addition to your “summer into fall” wardrobe. It not only features a cardigan AND a tunic option but it also includes 3 sleeve lengths. So if your weather will not get cold enough for long sleeves, then a 3/4 or even short sleeve options would work great.
ladies origami pg 3
For the blog today I made myself a cardigan style Origami and I added some trim lace. Here’s what you need: the Origami pattern, your fabric, lots of pins and trim. The most difficult part of this project was choosing the lace I wanted to use.


TIP: Choose a lace that is not too heavy. While I loved the look of the starched crochet lace after pinning it to my cardi I did not like the way it was pulling it down. I chose a similar width lace but much lighter weight.

Sew your cardigan or tunic according the pattern instruction and then start pinning your lace on the bottom of the hem. You can attach your lace over the hem or under the hem. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Once you attached the lace around your bottom hem start sewing it slowly while carefully removing the pins. I prefer to attach my lace with a 3.0 stitch length and a 3- 3.2 tension. You can also use your coverstitch machine to attach the trim.

IMG_9978 IMG_9979

Tadah! You have now made yourself a stylish new cardigan to wear over you Luna cami , your Willow top or Lotus Blossom blouse. Look how beautifully the Sybil skirt works with the Luna cami and the Origami tunic!

origami tunic origami tunicorigami tunic

Even more good news! The Origami Tunic and Cardigan is today’s Featured Friday pattern so it is also on sale. It’s only $6 and you are basically getting two patterns in one. Be sure to grab yours today and post your amazing creations in the group.

Happy fall sewing!




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  • carole taylor says:

    Lol, I am in love with all of the patterns! I’m frozen, I just can’t seem to decide which ones to get! UGGGH, I never imagined that I would be so indecisive! What is a woman to do?
    Help! I am 5 feet tall, and a little bit round, plus Very Short Waisted.
    What do you think? What do you recommend?

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