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Say hello to the newest patterns at Love Notions

Shop the new Tailgate + Sideline Sweatshirt patterns

Everyone will love these sweatshirts!

We are thrilled to offer you our newest patterns in mens and kids sizing. The Tailgate and Sideline Sweatshirts and Hoodies are perfect for those crisp days with a chill in the air. Wear it with friends before the big game, while you unwind around the fire pit, or need a warm layer for school or work — these relaxed fit hoodies keep families warm and comfortable all day and all the way through the final quarter.

Here’s why you’ll love ’em

  • Two options, sweatshirt or hoodie
  • Sturdy kangaroo pocket
  • Cuffed sleeves
  • Meant for stable knit fabrics
  • Drop shoulder design
  • Sideline sizing 2T-16
  • Tailgate sizing XS-5X

P.S. Looking for a similar sweatshirt pattern intended for curvier figures?

Shop the new Tailgate + Sideline Sweatshirt patterns

What makes this pattern different?

Some notes from assistant pattern designer, Kelly

“Me and my family live in hoodies (especially my youngest son, Thomas). Personally, I love hoodies but prefer a men’s or unisex cut. For the most part, I have a hard time finding a classic sweatshirt with the option for a roomy kangaroo pocket.
I designed the Tailgate and Sideline patterns to solve these problems! They are the best of all worlds, because when sewn without a hood, you can layer it under a hooded jacket without bulk, but still have access to that great pocket when the coat is unzipped or not being worn.
Overall, these patterns stand out from the typical RTW sweatshirts and other patterns for a few reasons. Of course, that big ol’ pocket with sturdy reinforcement was top of my mind as I designed. I also incorporated a drop shoulder on the men’s version and created a slightly oversized fit on kids version. This pattern also offers a  generous hood with professional finishing and every step has those amazing instructions that sewists love ;)”

Try a Trendy Crop Version

Sideline + Tailgate designer Kelly got some great pieces for her whole family – but her daughter wanted an oversized cropped sweatshirt. Kelly knew this pattern would make the perfect on-trend version. She used some quilted fabric she found in her stash.

  • Sizing Notes: This model has a 33″ bust and this is an XL with body shortened to 17″.
  • Crop it: If you choose to make a cropped version, your best bet is to hold the pattern piece up to the model’s body and decide on the best spot to cut the crop. If you are going for that over-sized look, go up at least 2 sizes from the original size chart’s directions.
  • Sew: per the tutorial’s directions.
  • Finished Measurements: For this sample, with bottom band, it’s approx 20″ long from shoulder to bottom.
  • Other Alterations? You might find that the wearer prefers shortened sleeves. Though many people looking for that oversized look prefer a looser, longer sleeve.

A pattern for the family

No matter what, every member of the family will love having a handmade sweatshirt in their closet. When you can blend sizing for a perfect fit, play with options, customize fabric & colors, and incorporate fun hacks — this sweatshirt goes from just a handy fall essential to a beloved part of their wardrobe.

Shop the new Tailgate + Sideline Sweatshirt patterns

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