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Willow Wrap crop hackToday’s Feature Friday pattern is the Willow Wrap Top.

This pattern already comes with two views but I’m going to show you another way to mix it up. Read on to find out how and get details on the sale! 

Turn the Willow Wrap Top into a cropped top

I love wearing high waisted pants like the Sabrina Slims or even one of the Sybil skirts.  But it can be hard to find the right style top to go with them and show off the higher waist. I’m going to show you a simple pattern hack you can use with the Willow Wrap Top which just happens to be our Feature Friday pattern.

Featured Friday Willow Wrap Top

Print off and assemble the pattern as-is.

This pattern hack will work with both the asymmetrical view and the smooth view. I’m going to use the view B, smooth finish view to show you how.

Use a tape measure against yourself to determine how short you want the top to be. I decided on 19″ for mine. Lay the back piece on top of the front piece, matching shoulder seams, and draw a line across both pieces where you want to cut.

Willow Wrap pattern hack

Cut front and back pattern pieces a part on the line you drew. Set the bottom pieces aside to tape back onto the pattern pieces when you’re finished.

Willow Wrap pattern hack

Start sewing

Sew up the pattern according to the directions up to hemming. Instead of doing a regular hem you’re going to add a banded bottom. Cut a band that is 7″ high and is a couple inches shorter than the width of the top. If you’re using a fabric that is super stretchy and does not have good recovery then you may want to cut the band even shorter. Be sure that the width of the fabric goes against the grain so you’re getting the stretch to wrap around you.

Willow Wrap pattern hack

With the right sides together sew the short ends of the band together. Fold the band over onto itself so the wrong sides are now facing and you have a loop.

Willow Wrap pattern hack

Fold the band into fourths and mark. Do the same for the raw hem of the top. Slip the band over the bottom of the top, matching quarter points, with the raw edges together. Put the seam line on the band at center back. Straight stitch or serg the band on, stretching the band to match quarter points.

Willow Wrap pattern hack

Press the seam allowance up and you’re done!

Willow Wrap pattern hack

Have you picked up your copy of the Willow Wrap Top? If not, be sure to pick it up today on sale!

Cropped Willow Wrap Top

Super Girl pose- the Willow Wrap Top will save the day!

  • Sale!

    Willow Wrap Top

    Original price was: $12.50.Current price is: $5.00.
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