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Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, the food and most of all- the clothes! Layering is so much fun and practical. There’s no such thing as too many sweaters or cardigans or great jeans in my mind. With those things in mind I designed the Boyfriend Cardigan.

This cardigan is a slightly over-sized style but still keeping some shape to it so you don’t look like you just stepped out of the shower. The center back seam, shaped sides seams, dropped shoulders and bottom vents all give this cardigan a little style.

What Love Notions pattern is complete without options?! This one is no different. Sew up this cardigan with either a shawl collar, hood or leave off the collar entirely for a super quick option. The Boyfriend Cardigan is on sale this week, use code ‘sewallthecardigans’ for 20% off through Saturday the 19th. Get the girls version here and the ladies version here.

Boyfriend Cardigan details

Boyfriend Cardigan pocket and side vent details

It can be made from a variety of knit fabrics. Everything from loose and lacy sweater knits to microfleece! The shape and style of the cardigan will change based on the type of knit chosen. The difficultly level will also change based on that fact. If you’re a beginner, choose a stable knit such a cotton blend (lyrca, rayon and poly are all great blends as long as the weight is at least 8oz.). If you’re more experienced choose a sweater knit. There are a varity of sweater knits out there, everything from lacy to more dense wool blends. All of these will work for the Boyfriend Cardigan.

Here area a few fabric ideas that me and my testers tried out. This first cardigan with shawl collar sewn by tester Erika is made with a heavyweight jersey knit from Joann’s. It’s has a heathered look to it and has just the right amount of stretch and drape. This type of knit is perfect for beginners.

Boyfriend Cardigan in a stable knit

Boyfriend Cardigan in a stable knit

I sewed up this cardigan using a Hatchi (also spelled Hacci at some shops) from This fabric is a sweater knit but it’s densely woven which makes it easy to work with. It also has a slight fuzzy texture which just feels so cozy on a cool fall afternoon. I haven’t shopped at in years because of slow shipping times but I’m happy to report that they have improved! I got my shipment within a week.

Boyfriend Cardigan in Hatchi Sweater Knit

Boyfriend Cardigan using Hatchi Sweater Knit from

Look at this sweet angle in her Boyfriend Cardigan that Tami P. sewed up! And the floral sweater knit from Denver Fabrics is just gorgeous!

Boyfriend Cardigan in sweater knit from Denver Fabrics

Boyfriend Cardigan in sweater knit from Denver Fabrics

I hear this Fukuro knit from Joann’s is really popular and may be sold out at your local shop (it isn’t available online). Looks like there’s good reason, how awesome does Lauri’s cardigan look?! Luckily, you may be able to find more of this textured knit in different prints.

Boyfriend Cardigan in a textured Fukuro knit from Joann's

Boyfriend Cardigan in a textured Fukuro knit from Joann’s

The Boyfriend Cardigan is available for ladies XS-XXXL (0-24W) and girls 2T-16. Sew up a great mother/daughter or grandmother/daughter set to make the girls in your life really feel special.

Girls and ladies Boyfriend Cardigan

Girls and ladies Boyfriend Cardigan

Boyfriend Cardigan for ladies & girls

Boyfriend Cardigan for ladies & girls

Here are a few places my testers and I like to shop for sweater knits: Stylish Fabric, Mood Fabrics, Fabric Mart, Girl Charlee, Michael Levine, Inc., Cali Fabrics, and Purple Seamstress on Facebook.


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