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Love That Look: The Boyfriend Cardigan

Cardigan season is now! So what better way to start building that spring wardrobe than by making a duster length cardi inspired by the all popular “Sarah” cardigan. Today on the blog I will show you how easy it is to get this look using only the Boyfriend cardigan and the instructions included in the pattern!

Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 1

First off, print your cardigan in your desired size.

Tami makes that easy by having layers on all her patterns…the best, right? All you have to do now is lengthen the front and back pieces. In order to do that you will need to use the “lengthen line” that’s already on the pattern and follow Tami’s easy instructions to do so. This will ensure that you keep that beautiful side split hem look.

Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 2

I am 5’5″ and I lengthen the pattern by 16 inches. I wanted the cardigan to hit below mid calf. If you’d like it higher, lengthen it less than 16 inches. Isn’t it beautiful how we can create various looks using just one pattern and customize it to our preference?

Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 4 Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 3

I chose the hooded option but you can certainly use the cowl neckline too.

The only alteration you would need to do now is lengthening the cowl or hood band. You will need to add 32 inches to the length to account for the extra 16 inches length added to the front pieces. If the width of your fabric allows it I would recommend adding 8 inched to the band piece. If your fabric is not wide enough to accommodate the extra inches you can always add a third piece to the band. This third piece will be 32 inches plus seam allowance.


Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 5

Once you have cut your new pattern pieces, all you have to do is sew it as per Tami’s tutorial and tadah….you made your very own “Sarah”. This cardigan pairs beautifully with the Sybil Skirt. Any of the styles would work great! I made the pleated version using this amazing stretch faux leather from So Sew English. The top is the new Terra Tunic in red double brushed poly also from So Sew English.

I hope I convinced you how easy it is to get the look of the very popular Sarah Cardigan by using just the Boyfriend Cardi pattern. Don’t have the pattern yet? No problem! Tami put the pattern on sale today only (no code needed) so grab it and show off your creations in the Love Notions group.

Happy sewing!

Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 6 Sarah inspired Boyfriend Cardigan 7



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