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Terra Tunic with Grommets

Hi, Pat here from Seamly Behaviour!  The Terra Tunic is one of my favourite Love Notions patterns.  Simple to sew, but packed with options, it seemed like the perfect vehicle for embellishment!  And what better embellishments than grommets! Let me show you how I created a Terra Tunic with Grommets.

My inspiration was a sweater I saw online which had grommets on the slits and was almost a dead ringer for the Terra Tunic.

Adding grommets to the slits and the collar to would tie them together.

The first thing I had to do was adjust the pattern.

I moved the slit up 2″ higher and removed an inch from the the hem of the back piece to make the front and back even.  Then I sewed the pattern using a cornflower blue cotton/spandex from l’oiseau fabrics.  When the last topstitching was done, it was time to add the grommets.

I decided that 4 grommets per slit and collar piece would be just right.  I marked out the places, measuring from the side and the distance between, and after practicing discovered that making a tiny cross cut with my embroidery scissors would be the correct sort of hole to make.  It all came together quite quickly!

My next big decision was to lace the slits or not.

My husband really like the laces, but I’m thinking that unlaced might fit my practical nature better.

When all is said and done, I think I’m going to get a lot of use out my new Terra Tunic!

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