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The Acorn Vest: For Boys

Have you seen the new Acorn Vest for girls? Supppper cute and so on trend this fall!! And of course, we have the matching Ladies Oakley Vest. Now, you boy moms may be looking at view B of the Acorn Vest and wondering if you can get away with making one for your son. Well, I’m here to tell you, that with some simple modifications, you totally can!!! Let’s do an Acorn Vest for Boys!

If this is your first time hacking a pattern, you are in luck! This is such an easy one!!!

First, measure your son’s chest. Now, I like a bit more ease in my son’s clothes, and this is typical for boy fashion, so I measured my son (who has a size 6 chest) and sized up to a size 8, which also happens to be the size height he is in.

Now, we need to straighten the side seams. The vest is a slimmer fit which nips in at the waist. Since we are making this for a boy, we want a straight side seam. Just take your ruler and line up the top and bottom of the side seam and draw a line straight down. Done.

boys acorn hack

Next, we are going to remove the dip in the front of the hem. Take your back pattern piece and trace the hem line to the front piece. Easy as pie!!

boys acorn hack

That’s it!! Now sew it up per the instructions, put it on your favorite boy and admire your super cute, trendy son!!!

boys acorn hack

Thomas gave his new vest two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!

We paired his vest with the Vanguard pants in an olive denim fabric. I love this combo! Both the quilted plaid and olive denim are from Joann Fabrics.

boys acorn hack

This vest is perfect for my little heat box. He gets soooo hot. This vest gives him the warmth he needs, but having his arms free from a jacket keeps him from over heating.

boys acorn hack

Don’t let the girls have all the fun with this pattern! Go sew your little guy an Acorn Vest of his own!

boys acorn hack


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