The Tuxedo Dress- it has it all!

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I’ve been a busy bee drafting and sewing lately. The newest Love Notions pattern officially released last week and it was a labor of love. The Tuxedo Dress is my most ambitious pattern yet with 12 sizes, 2 necklines, 5 sleeves, pockets and ruffle hem option. Before the Tuxedo Dress, the smallest size I had done was 12-18mths in the Everyday Playdress. I heard your requests and graded The Tuxedo Dress to 6mths! It’s an adorable dress for the little ones as well as those ‘tweens.

My vision of the Tux dress started out with a simple, a-line dress made for knits that was around knee length. It’s fitted in the chest and flares out gently to the hem. This dress is so versatile! Perfect for churchwear or playing the yard.

I had over 25 testers help me fine-tune the pattern and they did an excellent job- catching things I didn’t as well as making helpful suggestions.

In fact, one of my testers, Chrissy, came up with the brilliant idea to use the bib portion as a face and made a little penguin dress for her daughter. How appropriate considering it’s a ‘tuxedo’ dress. 😉

The Tuxedo Dress has two necklines- crew neck and bib:
5 sleeve styles: Long, bell, 3/4, puff and cap. Mix and match the sleeve and necklines to create a new dress everytime!
A huge thank you to my wonderful testers:

 Meghann Leili – Jerrinne Haas – Katie Pinkleman – Dina Templeman – Rachel Ring –
Chrissy Colbath – Fatima Fraile – Hyde Gonzalez Brown – Deborah Zaleski – Tammie Shipe –
Judit Sikora – Sandy Cunha – Mairi Rivers – Cecelia Lehmann – Candy Mak – Jamie Lynn – Terry Steinmetz – Vicky White – Mary Aftowski – Melissa Uhler – Carolyn Moore – Melissa Williams -Nikki Reed – Shaunna Brown 

Purchase your copy in my Etsy shop. Use code ‘tuxedo’ for 15% for a limited time!



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