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I am so happy you have joined me for day two of the Tranquil Nightwear Sew Along! Today we will be sewing the neckline of the shirt, or nightshirt. This detail is a beautiful touch to this piece. Don’t let it intimidate you! Even a confident beginner can tackle this. Just take your time and before you know it, you will have a beautiful new piece to add to your wardrobe.

traquil sew along

Sewing the neckline

After you sew the shoulder seams of your Tranquil Nightwear shirt or nightshirt, you will need to finish the neckline. The tutorial offers two options for this, fold over elastic (commonly called FOE) or knit binding. The photos below will demonstrate how to attach knit binding for the neckline. Scroll towards the end of the post for a video on attaching knit binding.

Today’s YouTube video features fold over elastic in the neckline! You can view that below.

To attach the knit binding

First, cut your binding to the proper length. You can find a cut chart on page 5 of the tutorial of the Tranquil Nightwear. Make sure you cut the binding with the stretch going across the piece! Place the knit binding right side together with the neckline. I like to match the center of the binding to the center of the neckline (this is NOT the center of the back) and then pin the ends in place. This helps ensure that I stretch the binding evenly around the neckline. When you stretch the binding, make sure you are not stretching the neckline also!

traquil sew along

Below is the binding attached to the front of the neckline. I have a bit of puckering. My scrap fabric that I used had a LOT of recovery and I should have cut my binding pieces a bit longer. Sometimes we have to make adjustments like that because of the individual properties of the fabrics we are using. I just marched ahead instead of pulling out my seam ripper and recutting.

traquil sew along
After the binding is attached to the front, fold the binding around to the back of the Tranquil Nightwear shirt and press into place. You are wrapping it around the seam allowance, NOT folding the entire binding to the back. You should have binding visible on both the front and back of the neckline when you are done.
traquil sew along

After you have folded the binding to the back, topstitch into place. I kept missing the raw edge, so I did this with a wide zig zag stitch.

traquil sew along

Once the neckline is finished, we need to match up the markings with the wrong side of the main piece against the right side of the smaller accent piece. These pieces will overlap 3/8″. If you have a hard time keeping them lined up, you can secure them with some narrow hem tape prior to topstitching into place. I used a long straight stitch for this and stitched right along the bottom of the knit binding to secure it.

traquil sew along

Lace trim or piping

You can switch up the look of your Tranquil Nightwear by using piping or lace trim for the neckline and hems of the pants. I wouldn’t recommend this with the sleeve hems, you need some stretch there, but you can get away with non stretch lace or regular piping for the neckline and pants!

traquil sew along

Place your lace trim or piping right sides together and stitch into place. A straight stitch is fine.

traquil sew along

Then press the seam allowance towards the wrong side and topstitch into place. This will flip the lace away from the body. This technique is just like applying picot trim in the video below.

traquil sew along

I want to add lace to all the things now! I love the touch it adds to the hem of the pants!

traquil sew along

That is our stopping point for day two

Join us back here tomorrow for assembling the hem of our sleeve and attaching the sleeve to the body of the shirt of the Tranquil Nightwear.

Are you on social media?

Sewing with friends on a common project is a great way to socialize and “meet” new people! Join our Tranquil Nightwear Sew Along Event happening in our Facebook Support Group. There you will get daily reminders for blog posts and YouTube videos, be able to ask questions in a friendly environment, and enter to win a prize at the end of the week! One lucky person will win a $50 gift certificate from Love Notions Patterns (good on all PDF patterns).

Tranquil Nightwear Sew Along Schedule

Monday: Fabric, adjustments, cutting

Tuesday: Sewing the neckline

Wednesday: Creating the faux hem/ sewing the sleeves, BONUS: banded finish option

Thursday: Sewing the elastic waistband

Friday: Hemming, BONUS: faux wrap nightshirt hem

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