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The new Chorus Top and Dress sewing pattern just released and there have been lots of questions about one key feature of the lovely new pattern: the Drape! This is the focal point of the pattern – and Tami and the community designers made sure that there are lots of options for varying depths on both the front and back.

But how do you know which drape options & configurations are right for you? Keep reading to understand more.

Wanna learn more about the unique origin story for this pattern?

It was our first *community-designed* pattern and that means that every-day sewists helped decide on every feature – from the fabric to fit! So, if you’re interested in that process, make sure you go check out this video from Tami. There’s a quick Q & A first, and then Tami takes you behind the scenes for all the design.


First, let’s talk front drape options for Chorus. Keep in mind that there are a ton of factors at play when you consider drape depths for Chorus. Body proportions, body measurements & fabric composition are the huge variables. So the deep front drape for YOU might be quite different than a front drape for another with different fabric and body dimensions. You really won’t know for sure unless you sew up a muslin – which we always recommend doing (read more on that here).

As you look over these examples, notice how the fabric changes the appearance of the drape – even if the same options are chosen between models. Also, notice that the wider opening will necessitate some sort of bra-strap securing solution. The pattern has instructions for several options — so make sure to think those through before you start sewing.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the two front drape options for Chorus:

Deep Front Drape

Shallow Front Drape

I think the shallow drape neckline is so polished and professional. Definitely great option for the workplace. Consider pairing the shallow front drape top with the back drape – and show a little more skin on the back than the front for a fun change of pace or a little surprise while still providing enough back bra coverage.

The front deep drape option is a great date-night option – never too much exposure but a little more romantic, venturing into racy while still appropriately covered depending on your preferences.

I think the combo of deep front drape with deep back drape is such a great option for a more dressy event – think holiday party, Mother of the Bride dress or even bridesmaid!


There are two options for the back on Chorus – a facing for a standard back with no drape; or, a draped back neckline. The construction for these options is pretty different. You’ll need a separate piece for the back facing – conversely, the draped back has a built-in facing where you simply finish it off by folding it in. Both are easy – and both result in a pretty finish. The drapey back neckline really changes depending on fabric – with a slightly weighty drape fabric you can really accentuate that opening. Notice that if the fabric is more of a light weight or less on the drapey side you won’t get quite as dramatic of a drape. If you are looking for more of a drape with lots of folds, I think ITY and Modal Jersey are great choices.

None: Facing

Back with Drape

Back Neckline Hacks

Want to spice things up with that back neckline? Try some hack ideas from our testers.

So, which drape choices are calling YOUR name? Let us know!

And if you tackle this project ASAP – make sure to tag us and use #SewitFirstLN. You could win a $50 store credit for being an early bird with this new pattern!

Happy Sewing!



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