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In case you haven’t heard, it is already back to school shopping season! There is no better time to find some awesome new sewing patterns for your girls. As summer quickly draws to a close, it is time to get your kid’s school wardrobe organized. No matter where you are in the process, Love Notions has your girl covered when it comes to back to school clothing needs, literally.Back to School Girls Sewing Patterns

Love Notions PDF Sewing Patterns for Girls: Back to School

With so many back to school options and styles to choose from, Love Notions PDF sewing patterns for girls will deliver a closet full of clothes that will be sure to delight her now AND for the rest of the school year. So get a head start and stock up, so you can really savor the last few days of summer (or, so you can focus on your own back to school celebration)!

In this post, we have collected a few of Love Notions best-loved girls sewing patterns and compiled them into three categories based on age. There are patterns for preschool, elementary, tween/teen, and one category that works for any age kid. There are even two completely free patterns that will coordinate perfectly with many of the tops, tunics and dresses listed.

Whether you are looking to get the perfect back to school outfit together for her first day of school picture, or are just needing to stock-pile some basics, you’ll find what you need here.

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Love Notions pattern sale

Happy back to school sewing!

Preschool Girls Back to School Patterns: Everyday Playdress, Cartwheel Collection, Miss Mary Mack

The Everyday Playdress pattern continues to be a wardrobe staple for little girls. Don’t forget to check out the FREE matching 18” doll pattern as well as the girl and doll matching collection. I can envision many adorable 1st day of preschool pictures in this dress!
The Cartwheel Collection includes SIX patterns for one price. T-shirt, Dress, Skirt, Shorts, Capris, Tunic. That sweet cutout on the back is just adorable and the shorts under the skirt let your little one explore without any worry. This package has it all for your little girls and even can be modified to work for bigger girls and as a tumbling outfit, as Kelly shows in this blog post. The Miss Mary Mack top is one of my favorites for a preschooler. I love the options and all of the possibilities for coordinating fabrics! Also, they can be paired perfectly with the free leggins!

Playdress sewing pattern Girls tunic sewing pattern girls capsule sewing pattern collection

Elementary Girls Back to School Patterns: Lotus, Prisma, Origami

Many elementary girls are just starting to develop some opinions on what they wear to school and might be more interested in the creative and fun aspects of their clothes. Check out the Lotus Blossom Top for that super creative, but easy to wear twist front. Also consider the Prisma Dress which definitely can work for back to school uniforms considering so many require collars and pleated skirts. The Origami Tunic is also perfect for back to school as it transitions so easily from late summer to fall wear.

Tween Girls Back to School Patterns: Boyfriend Cardigan, Maxxine Pants, Skater Skirt

Tweens and Teens who are headed back to school have many options with Love Notions. While many of the above patterns can be modified to fit a more mature girl using more solid prints and opting for the more sleek options, the following patterns are perfect for your tween who is looking to be comfortable but stylish for back to school.

Try the Boyfriend Cardigan, the Skater Skirt (FREE), and the Maxxine pants.The Boyfriend Cardigan is an essential wardrobe staple for the layering and comfy look that will work throughout the school year. The amazing thing about the Maxxine pants is that they can lean toward the sporty, athletic look or the sleek, modern look: two distinct options with one pattern. Finally, the Skater Skirt is an essential for important dress up days when girls want to look put together but still cool, like the first day back to school or for concerts and presentations.

Any Age Girls Back to School Patterns: Li’l LDT and Leggin’s

The Li’l LDT and the Leggin’s are back to school essentials for any age. The LDT can be made appropriate for smaller girls by adding the gnome hoodie or the asymmetrical collar and made older by using a sleek, solid fabric and simpler details. Also, I think it might be safe to say that leggings are the go to wardrobe staple of the decade, no matter what age your girl is: comfortable, coordinated leggings can help any girl feel put together for school.

Love Notions’ Leggin’s pattern can be made to match any of the tops, tunics. skirts or dresses and can allow your summer wear to work for fall and winter. And they are FREE! What’s not to love about these versatile patterns for any age girls? Use them for back to school sewing and throughout the school year.

More Back to School Resources

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