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Driftwood Sew Along: Day 4

Driftwood Sew Along: Day Four Today on day four of the Driftwood Sew Along, we wrap up sewing our Driftwoods with hemming and sewing the side seam vents. Don't worry though, we will still have a post and a fun hack for you tomorrow as well! Today for our hack, we are...

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Driftwood Sew Along: Day 3

Driftwood Sew Along: Day Three Day three of the Driftwood Sew Along is collar construction day. And I have cute Peter Pan collar hack for you as well! And, it gets better, I'll show you how to create cap sleeves, too!! Yesterday we went over the placket construction...

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Driftwood Sew Along Day 2

Driftwood Sew Along: Day Two Today we begin assembly on our Driftwood. If you are sewing the polo or henley version, we will be assembling the placket. If you are nervous about this part, DON'T BE! You got this! Sewing the button placket Step one of sewing the button...

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Buttonholes & Buttons

How to sew buttonholes and buttons Buttonholes elevate a garment to another level and give it a professional look.  When I was looking for a new machine I had a couple of "must-haves" and the number one item was one-step buttonholes!  Now all machines do it a little...

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Driftwood Sew Along Day 1

Driftwood Sew Along: Day One Welcome to day one of the Driftwood Sew Along. This week, we are going to be sewing the latest Love Notions Pattern for boys, Driftwood. Each day, we will post here with fun hacks each step along the way. Make sure you are a part of our...

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Classic Tee- Button Sleeve Cuff Hack

Classic Tee Button Sleeve Cuff Hack There have been so many fun Classic Tee hacks and I'm here to bring you one more!  I'm Tami from SewSophieLynn and I'm excited to be here sharing this fun, easy hack today to add a cute button sleeve cuff.  I'm a Love Notions junkie...

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Classic Tee: Scoop Back Hack!

Classic Tee: Scoop Back Hack! Hi, I’m Shelly from Sew Shelly Sew (@sewshellysew) and I am always looking for a fun new tee!!  I love the versatility of The Classic Tee Shirt Pattern.  It can be easily hacked into a million different styles.  My Scoop Back Hack is...

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Classic Tee: Cartwheel Hack

Classic Tee: Cartwheel Hack Today we have Lindsay with a Classic Tee hack I KNOW is going to be loved! We have seen your requests in the Facebook Group for a peekaboo back tee for ladies like the girls' Cartwheel Collection. Today, you can sew one up! I've always been...

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Meet Tami

My passion is to design user-friendly, digital sewing patterns that help you create the modern, comfortable clothes that will become your wardrobe staples. Whether you are a master sewist or a complete novice, my goal is for you to enjoy the entire sewing process from the time you click “download” until the wearer is twirling around in the final fitting.

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