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Classic Tee: Cartwheel Hack

Today we have Lindsay with a Classic Tee hack I KNOW is going to be loved! We have seen your requests in the Facebook Group for a peekaboo back tee for ladies like the girls’ Cartwheel Collection. Today, you can sew one up!

I’ve always been jealous that the Cartwheel Collection is only available in kids’ sizing. So, when Tami and Kelly mentioned they were looking for hacks for the Classic Tee, I couldn’t wait to make a Cartwheel for me!

This is a straightforward modification.

First, go down one size to minimize gaping across the yoke. For a lighter fabric consider going down an extra size just for the yoke piece or remove some at the center fold. Here I’m using 220 gsm, 95/5 cotton lycra. Next, draft the yoke starting 2 1/2″ down from the neckline, and draw a curved line that ends about half-way down the armscye. Finally, for the bottom portion of the back piece start at the shoulder and leave yourself a wide strap, about 2 1/4″. I originally scooped this curve using the scoop neckline from the front piece. However, I found that it wasn’t dramatic or scooped enough for me so I came back and trimmed quite a bit more. On my final version, the lowest point of the scoop was parallel with the bottom of the armscye. That still leaves enough coverage for most bras.

Breaking the back piece down into the yoke and bottom piece.

New cut-lines for the Cartwheel modification

Cut and Go!

Now, trace and cut out the two new back pieces, front, sleeves, and neckband. You may use any of the necklines with no adjustments to the neckband. Next, fold over 3/8″ and hem the bottom curve of the yoke, and scoop on the bottom piece. You could bind these instead, but folding over reduces bulk where these will overlap, especially at the shoulder seam. Now, place the yoke face-down, and pin the bottom scooped piece on top of the yoke, right side of the bottom piece facing the wrong side of the yoke. Baste these pieces together to make a single back bodice unit.

Cartwheel back bodice assembly

Align the yoke and scooped back together to make the complete back bodice.

Now you can finish it up!

Proceed with the rest of the assembly starting at Step 1.

Finished Cartwheel Classic Tee

Finished Cartwheel Classic Tee

Now you have a fun peekaboo back tee that is much like the girls’ Cartwheel Collection tee!

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