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Cuddle Pocket Pullover Hack

I have a fun pattern hack for you today! I used the Sloane Sweater Pattern, but you can use any pullover or hoodie that you like to create this cuddle pocket hack. This is such a fun gift for kids or adults! I was inspired by the cute “pet cuddle hoodies” that I found on Amazon while searching for a gift for my kitty loving niece. I knew she would love one of her very own. It was a fun sew and I am excited to share the how to with you today!

Using the front piece of your pullover/hoodie pattern, you are going to create the cuddle pocket. I just “eyeballed” how large I wanted the pocket to be. For reference, I am sewing a size 8 Sloane. My pocket piece is cut to begin about 2″ below the bottom of the armscye. I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room in it, so I tapered the top out 1″ beyond the side of the pattern piece to create a trapezoid like shape (picture shows the trapezoid cut on the fold). Cut 2, one for the pocket lining and one for the kangaroo pocket front. For the kangaroo pockets, cut a half circle from the sides. I used a small bowl as a template.

pet pocket hoodie

Measure the curved pocket edge. Make sure you don’t stretch it out when you measure!

measure pocket

Cut two stripes of fabric 2″ wide by 85% of the length of the pocket edge for the pocket bands. Fold pocket bands in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press.

hoodie pocket

With right sides together, pin the ends and middle of the pocket bands to the ends and middle of each pocket. Sew in place while stretching the band to fit the pocket. Press seam allowance towards the pocket and topstitch into place.

pocket binding

Place the wrong side of the pocket lining against the right side of the pocket piece. Sew together along the top edge. Place a small piece of interfacing in the center on the wrong side of the pocket piece. (My interfacing is about 1″ square. I used SF101.)

cuddle pocket

Turn the pocket lining to the wrong side of the pocket so that the right side of the pocket lining is against the wrong side of the pocket piece. Topstitch 1/2″ from the top edge of the pocket. Install a snap in the center of the pocket, below the topstitching.

cuddle pocket

Thread 3/8″ wide elastic through the channel created by the topstitching. You want your elastic to be a couple inches shorter than the width of the front of your shirt. Tack the ends of the elastic into place.

hoodie pocket

Place the pocket onto the right side of the shirt front matching up the bottom and sides. Baste the pocket in place along the sides and bottom.

hoodie pocket

You now have the front of your cuddle pocket pullover completed! Construct your pullover/hoodie following the instructions in the pattern you used.

pet cuddle pullover

My son’s stuffed kitty Whiskers tested out the pocket. It’s puuuurrrfect for carrying and cuddling everything from stuffed animals, small toys or even a couple of animal crackers. (PS. Please DO NOT CARRY live animals in the cuddle pocket! It is NOT intended for that!)

cat pocket

I had to round out this kitty gift with a pair of Leggin’s for my niece as well! I mean really, what 8 year old wouldn’t want to wear her favorite animal head to toe?


cuddle pocket tutorial

cuddle pocket

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