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allegro overalls

This blog is all about how to hack (convertible!) overalls from the Allegro Bottoms sewing pattern. I think we all love a good hack, and these overalls Allegro bottoms are ingenius, so keep reading for a new post that will kick your bottoms up a few notches.



Overalls Hack featuring Allegro Bottoms

Hi everyone,

This is Livia from Livia.JY on Instagram and from the blog Liviality

I’m thrilled to be back on the Love Notions blog with another fun hack. This time, the star of the show is the Allegro Bottoms.

The Pattern

If you’re searching for a versatile bottoms pattern to wear all summer long, look no further. Pants, shorts, skirt…Allegro has it all.  Not only is it incredibly flattering, but it’s also super comfortable. What’s not to love?

The cherry on top?

Allegro is the Feature Friday pattern this week, which means you can grab it for $5! But only for today, so don’t walk… run to score this amazing deal!

Get the pattern here
allegro bottoms
full length or cropped pants with cuff options
9″ or 5″ shorts
elastic waist
knee-length or maxi length skirt
optional front slash pockets and back patch pockets


What could make Allegro even better?

If you’ve seen me around the sewing world, chances are you already know that playing with patterns I love is my jam. If I find a gem of a pattern I just want to make it over and over again while finding different ways to incorporate the pieces to my wardrobe.

As a lover of all things jumpsuit, an Allegro Overalls was a no-brainer, but as versatility is also very high in my book… let’s make it with a detachable bib!

allegro overalls

This hack is easy, simple, and incredibly effective – my favorite combination! 😉

Here’s what you’ll need for an Allegro Overall Hack

  • Allegro Pattern:
  • Snaps and/or velcro:
  • Pen/Pencil/Marker;
  • Ruler;
  • Optional: button gauge.
  • Optional: interfacing

A few considerations before we start:

  • The width and length of the bib is personal preference. I suggest you use some scraps to measure it on your body first, before cutting your good fabric.
  • My bib  was cut 12×14 inches, and for reference my full bust is 38” and waist is 32”.
  • Strap width will also be personal preference. Mine are 1.5” finished.
  • Fabric I used is a medium weight linen for main and regular cotton for waistband and bib lining. If you’re using lighter fabric, I’d suggest adding interfacing to bottom of the bib where the snaps/velcro will go.


The beauty of this hack is that we don’t need to modify any of the pattern pieces or the construction process. Simply sew your chosen option as directed in the pattern. I decided to go with the 5″ shorts.


(Allegro Shorts, pictured with a modified La Bella Donna)

allegro overalls


  • Cut your bib pieces (1 main and 1 lining)
  • Optional: Cut a patch pocket.
    You can use the one included in the pattern, draft your own or use any pocket pattern piece that suits your fancy 😉 I used the one from Glissando.
  • If adding the pocket, pin and stitch it on main fabric now.


The width of my straps was eyeballed from the scraps I had left from cutting the shorts, but as mentioned above, the final width of each strap is 1.5 inches. As for length, I suggest making them extra long, and trim the excess after measuring it on yourself.

  • Cut 2 strap pieces.
  • Sew each one along the longest side, wrong sides together, creating a tube.
  • Turn it right side out, give it a press and top stitch it if desired.
  • I like to place the seam on the center of the back side of the strap.
allegro overalls


  • Align one end of the strap to the top edge of the bib, 3/8” away from the side edge. Repeat for the other strap and baste them in place


  • Now with lining and main right sides together, sew all around leaving the bottom edge open.


  • Flip it right side out, give it a good press and topstitch if desired.


Bottom Edge: I opted to just serge the bottom edge closed to reduce bulk, but you may hem it If you prefer having a neat finish. 😊


I used sew in snaps to attach the bib to the shorts on the front and velcro on the back. The tiny plastic snaps were perfect to secure the bib in place and not add any extra bulk to the waistband, and the velcro is easier to handle without being able to see what I’m doing.

  • I used a button gauge to figure out the spacing for the snaps placement, but you can use a regular ruler. As you can see, I added 6 snaps in total and it was enough to hold the bib in place and keep it secure when moving around.
  • Hand sew the snaps to the bib and to the lining side of the front waistband (male side on the bib and female to the shorts).
  • Sew the velcro to the strap and lining side of back waistband, making sure the soft side of the velcro goes on the waistband.

That’s it, all done! 😊

Now you have a super cute, comfy and versatile shorts overalls, perfect to pair with all the cute Love Notions tops in your wardrobe!

It’s perfect a perfect pair for Juliet and La Bella Donna!


I have a confession… I’m not a big fan of pocket bags.

I prefer my pockets to lie flat and not move around, so this is what I do most of the time when a pattern has “loose” pocket bags.

  • Cut pocket opening as per pattern;
  • Serge/finish the edge;
  • Hem


  • Cut pocket lining only, omit pocket bag
  • Serge/Finish edge;
  • Align pocket lining to the Front Panel
  • Pin and sew it in place

so that’s how to make a gorgeously sleek pair of detachable overalls


Easy peasy lemon squeezy 😉  I hope I inspired you a little into having some Allegro fun, and if you make one I’d love for you to tag me so I can ooh and aah over it <3

xxx, Livia.

Instagram: @livia.jy

Blog: Liviality

Facebook: Liviality

TikTok: @liviality

Shop Allegros Here
allegro overalls

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  • Maura says:

    sewing patterns are my thing but sustainability too, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to incorporate them both of them into my wardrobe. The Allegro Bottom is perfect for this. I purchased this a while ago and have a lot of leftover fabric after I made them. Now, I’ve got an idea what to do with it. Thanks so much for the idea!

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