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I have another easy hack for the Laundry Day Tee today- customizing the hem to be high/low. You’re going to be shocked at how easy this is!

LDT pattern hacks

This high/low pattern hack will work with just about any top or dress you have.

I’m using the Laundry Day Tee for this example. If you haven’t already purchased this pattern be sure to join the Pattern Support group to get the code that makes it FREE! The LDT is a great pattern to do this hack on since it already has two hem lengths marked for us: shirt length and the tunic length.

LDT high low hem

For our first example we’ll be using the shirt length for the front and the tunic length for the back.

Once you’ve assembled your pattern mark the seam allowance (3/8″) at the side seam. From that marking draw a curved line from the shirt length to the tunic length.

LDT high-low hack

Since this pattern has the front and back pieces nested on top of each other we need to cut out the back first. Cut out the back as normal except now you’ll cut at the curved hem you drew in.

LDT high-low hack

For the front we need cut away the back neckline (or just fold it down so you don’t loose the piece) and fold up the tunic length so it’s out of the way. Cut out your pattern piece. You’ll notice we haven’t changed anything about the front piece, we’re just cutting it out on the shirt length hem line.

LDT high-low hack

The high/low hem is a lot of trial and error, I realized the curved section was a bit too square for my taste and would make hemming a headache.

LDT high-low hack

So, I just folded the back piece together at the hem and smoothed out the curve. The front is not cut at all.

LDT high-low hack

That’s much better! And will be a lot easier to hem.

LDT high-low hack

There are different ways you can achieve a high/low hem, just be sure you keep the front and back matching in length at the side seam.

You can even change your high/low so the front curves upwards. To do that you’ll draw in a curved line on the front piece starting at the seam allowance at the shirt length line.

LDT high/low hack

LDT high low hem LDT high low hem

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  • Pam says:

    Thank-you so much for this tutorial. I am not “wild” about the high-low fashion but think this technique would easily solve appearance issues for those with a high rounded back (like my husband).

  • Hillary Otis says:

    Awesome Tami thanks for the hack. I love the laundry day tee. Next we need adding a hood 😉

  • cathy says:

    Thank you! My first attempt at something similar was a small failure, but I think this method will work for me.

  • Susana says:

    Hi: I was about to print the pattern and….I discovered that my waist 45 1/2 doesn’t match the waist of the XXXL. The rest of the sizes are ok. How can I solve it?

    • Tami Meyer says:

      Susana, there is a lot of ease in the waist and hips so you should be fine just using the XXXL size as-is.

  • Laura Darr says:

    Can your patterns be purchased without pdf????

    • Tami Meyer says:

      Hi Laura,
      I’m afraid not. All Love Notions patterns are in digital pdf format. A lot of them have copy shop format though, where you you can send them to be printed on a large sheet instead of tiling all the pages yourself. The LDT does have a copy shop file option.

  • Gail Hudgins says:

    I am looking for the video of the instructions for the lDT I to a swing dress. Where is it?

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