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Love That Look: Sloane Hoodie Hack

I am so excited to be able to introduce to you, a new series, “Love that Look”! In this series, we will be featuring guest bloggers sharing looks they found on Pinterest, Instagram, store websites, catalogues, where ever the place may be, and how they used Love Notions Patterns to re-create it! Today, I will be sharing how I hacked the (affil) Sloane Sweater to create a cute hoodie I found on pinterest.


I’ll be honest with you, I can’t seem to have enough hoodies in my closet. Like ever.

You can’t really go wrong with a good hoodie! They are cozy, easy to wear, look great on everybody and they have pockets. So, I was minding my own business, scrolling pinterest one day and this gorgeousness showed up in my feed.

And, I had to make one. It had to happen and I am so so so soooooo thrilled with how it turned out!

May I introduce you to, the Sloane Hoodie Hack!


It’s incredible easy to do! You will need another pattern with a hood, to add that on. I’m using (affil) La Bella Donna to do this.

Because the Sloane neckline scoops down and is larger than the LBD neckline, we need to add the LBD neckline to Sloane.

Now, the Sloane has a lot more ease in it than the La Bella Donna. So, we are going to line up the tip of the shoulder seams, making sure to keep the fold lines parallel.


In the image above, I traced the LBD onto a piece of construction paper so that you can easier see the different necklines. The back neckline is shown above.

Transfer the neckline of LBD onto Sloane. You will have to blend them together at the shoulder seam. You want to keep Sloane’s original shoulder seam. Be sure you transfer both the front and back necklines.


Because Sloane has more ease, we need to make the hood a bit larger to compensate for the slightly larger neckline. Measure the difference between the fold lines when you transfer the neckline. Add that amount to the front edge of the hood. I added 1″. This will cause the hood to be larger over all. If you prefer your hood to be more fitted, reduce the curve in the back of the hood.


That’s it! Now, assemble Sloane as instructed. Use the hood assembly instructions from La Bella Donna to add the hood on.

In my humble opinion, a hoodie is not a hoodie unless it has a pocket. And because Tami is super duper fabulous, she drafted this kangaroo pocket piece for us!


Grab the pattern piece for the kangaroo pocket.


You need to attach your pocket BEFORE attaching the bottom band.

Cut your pocket piece on the fold. Press the pocket curves under 3/8″ and topstitch into place. Next, press the top and sides under 3/8″. (Tip: use hem tape to stabilize drapy fabric like this poly French terry from So Sew English. This one is out of stock, but there are lots of other yummy fabrics to choose from.)

You can also lined the pocket. Cut two and sew right sides together along all the sides except the bottom. Clip the curves and trim the corners and turn right side out.


Line up the center of the pocket with the center of the front of the hoodie with the bottom raw edge of the pocket aligned with the raw bottom hem of the shirt. The wrong side of the pocket will be against the right side of the shirt front. Stitch the top and sides of the pocket into place. Bar tack each end of the pockets in place to prevent pulling. Baste along the bottom edge.


Purple line does NOT represent stitching lines. It is to highlight the pocket piece only.


Attach the bottom band per the instructions in the pattern. There you have a beautiful kangaroo pocket.


Grab your copy of Sloane and La Bella Donna and create your own Sloane Hoodie and share it with us in the Love Notions Support Group on Facebook!








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