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All Love Notions Sewing Patterns are digital downloads, you may print them at home or send to a copy shop. A physical pattern will not be mailed to you.

The Compose Robe is here to comfort you. The robe comes in two lengths- knee and calf and can be made with either a simple band or a nice, deep hood for ultimate comfort. This robe can be made with knit or woven fabric. A full bust option is included.

Compose Robe Features:

  • Meant for knit and woven fabrics
  • Two lengths: knee and calf
  • Hood and band options
  • Full bust option
  • Patch pockets
  • Bonus Compose Hair Wrap pdf pattern included

Sizes: XS-5X (See Size Charts here)

Skill Level: Beginner

Pattern Formats Included:

  • Print at home for US letter & A4 paper, trimless format with layers
  • Large format file for copy shop printing. This file will print on 2 A0 (33″ x 46″) size sheets. Be sure to instruct your printer to print actual size in black and white on their cheapest paper. We recommend PDFPlotting for printing the large format files.
  • A projector file is also included for those using projector technology


The Compose Robe pdf instant downloadable pattern contains:

  • The Compose pdf sewing pattern contains two lengths – knee and calf. A full bust piece is also included.
  • Two finish options are included, hood or band
  • Designed for both knit and woven fabrics
  • Bonus Compose Hair Wrap pdf pattern included with purchase
  • Included is a print chart to only print the pages you need for your style choice.
  • A projector file is included for those using projector technology
  • 2 pages of inspiration photos from pattern testers
  • Cutting guide
  • Bright and clear step by step illustrations
  • Optimized for most tablets with links to each part of the pattern. Print only the pattern pieces and use a tablet or computer to read the instructions to save on ink and paper!
  • This pattern has the ability to print just desired size(s) and in addition, features trimless pattern assembly! Open the PDF in Adobe, select the layer thumbnail on the left-hand menu and then select the size(s) to print. See this tutorial for more information.
  • Designed for both letter and A4 paper printing.
  • Because we value work at home business, feel free to use this pattern in your home sewing businesses.

Size chart & fabric requirements

Line drawing

36 reviews for Compose Robe

  1. Anne LaPointe (verified owner)

    This robe is easy to make and fits well. I made a test one to check the sizing but I like it so much that I haven’t needed to make another. The only thing I’d change is to make the belt loops a bit thinner.

  2. Linda Ross (verified owner)

    Ok! This was easy but if you are making it out of Velvet Plush have your vacuum cleaner handy! It turned out beautiful and made a wonderful gift. Make a robe or a swimsuit cover up and have fun.

  3. Christine Blumer (verified owner)

    I finally purchased this pattern during the sale. Looks amazing and I can’t wait for my new woven waffle robe.

  4. snyder2501 (verified owner)

    I made this robe as a maternity robe for my daughter-in-law. The directions were so helpful and the Facebook advice from Tami gave me confidence to move ahead. She had LOTS of compliments, my son said, from the hospital staff.

  5. Stacey Gambetti (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a hooded long dressing gown for ages, this Compose robe hits all the points I needed in my new robe! Thanks, LN 🙂

  6. Jennifer Van Pernis (verified owner)

    Finally purchased,long lead time as I will need it next winter! Using the hood pattern on a different garment- all good. I have finally mastered the send of download to be printed- woow woow- even better!

  7. karilynpittman (verified owner)

    Easy to sew robe pattern. You can make one cozy and warm for the winter as well as a lightweight one for summer. Perfect for our weather in Virginia!

  8. Terrie (verified owner)

    Easy to sew and makes a great gift, especially when you don’t have exact measurements for the person receiving it. I made matching ones for our daughter and granddaughters last year out of a warm plush fabric. If using something like that, be ready to vacuum and clean your sewing room a lot, but so worth it! I made the loop at the neck out of a grosgrain ribbon making it less bulky in that area. Now to make one for myself!

  9. RebeccaB (verified owner)

    This is easy to make and so very comfy! I finally made one for me, after making one for my toddler several months ago. Mine is made of a very drapey and soft French Terry and it is SO comfy. I love that the sleeves aren’t too big at the wrists (I feel like some robes have very wide wrist openings; they look nice but I find they just get in the way a lot) – I’m still playing with the idea of gathering the sleeve and putting a cuff on but we’ll see! A note about fit: I made the size I measured into (and the size for most LN patterns) and it definitely fits but doesn’t cross over in the front quite as much as I would prefer; looking at pictures, I don’t think it’s so much about my girth, just how the pattern is designed. I made it out of very stretchy fabric but if I’d made it out of something more stable I think I’d want to make it a little wider to cross over a bit more in front – just my personal preference, not a flaw in the pattern!

  10. mv_bel (verified owner)

    One of the best fitting rob ever! Very detailed and clear instructions and fit is perfect. I made mine from towelling fabric and are enjoying it every day. Thank you for one more high quality pattern!

  11. Frances Campbell (verified owner)

    I made my robe in a summery, brightly coloured rayon challis and it’s fabulous!

    I use it for travel and holidays as it packs down to a tiny size and is so lightweight and comfortable.

    Another Love Notions winner!

  12. gamblese (verified owner)

    I love this robe! I made a fleece one with a hood and I wear it nightly in the winter. I really need to make a lighter-weight one for the warmer months. I’ve also made a couple of the kids’ version for my kiddos.

  13. hellolorijoy (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern. I keep making them as gifts and everyone loves getting them.

  14. ruthspory (verified owner)

    Very easy sew with great directions. These robes also make wonderful gifts for family members. I made mine out of fleece and it is the comfiest robe I own.

  15. Joanne Creech (verified owner)

    This robe is a great gift idea. I have made it in a lighter material version and one out of fleece… They were all 3 dreamy and they go together easily with the great instructions that come with the pattern! My biggest tip would be make sure your band option is even on both sides if you add length to the robe!

  16. Jeannie M (verified owner)

    I made this for my niece, adding length (she’s 5’9″ and a bicep adjustment. She LOOOOOOVES it.

  17. Kristi Craft (verified owner)

    This was my first Love Notions pattern that I made. It is well drafted and fits great. I made a winter robe in a terry cloth fabric. It’s nice and cozy. I will make a summer robe in a lighter weight fabric. Love how it fits and the tie is long enough to cinch closed. When I sit the robe doesn’t gap open. I highly recommend this pattern.

  18. mlgatward (verified owner)

    Love Love Love this pattern. I have made two housecoats for myself. I also made the pattern longer making my husband, who is 6′ 4″, two housecoats.

  19. Terrie (verified owner)

    So easy to make and it’s a great option for gifts when you don’t know precise measurements for the recipient. Have made them for many in our family.

  20. Emiko Nakagawa (verified owner)

    My robe turned out pretty well. I used the kimono view and used cotton woven fabric. A bit of challenge installing the flat band piece to the curve of the back neck and points that end the “v” neckline. I am an advanced intermediate sewer, but after a few rip out and re-sews, I was not able to get the body attached to the band without puckers. Not sure what I did wrong. My next attempt, I thinking I may make my own band piece with a curvature to reflect the shape of the neckline I need to stitch it to. Anyone else had any problems with wovens?

  21. Karen Nelson (verified owner)

    This is such a great pattern! I made all of my future daughters-in-law each one for gifts and they absolutely loved them. I live in mine around the house as well. I will eventually make myself a silky one too. This pattern goes together so easily and you don’t have to worry so much about fit since it’s nice and roomy.

  22. danitajc (verified owner)

    I love a pattern that can fit the whole family! This is the one for my bunch! From granddaughters to hubby’s this is the perfect pattern to make for everyone to feel extra comfy in! And it’s oh, so easy!

  23. Lori Jessen (verified owner)

    I made a lightweight robe from DBP. It’s the perfect robe for warmer weather. The next one will be from some fleece for the cold. Very easy to construct, and now I want an entire lineup of them!

  24. shelley Kearney (verified owner)

    I have made 3 Compose Robes over the years – it is my go to dressing gown pattern. I had a beautiful soft and snuggly leopard print in cuddle fleece that I wore to death. It had to be retired. Im now sitting here writing this review in a rose soft velour one. So simple to make, great fit and comfortable.

  25. Sharon Taylor (verified owner)

    I made the Compose robe in a gorgeous teal green minky. On the back I embroidered a beautiful peacock. It turned out fabulous!! I loved it so much and wanted to keep it for myself! It was a Christmas gift for a friend I’ve known since middle school. She was enamored with it! The pattern is really an easy sew! I’ll be making it again very soon!

  26. robine_30 (verified owner)

    I love that this pattern works equally well with thick fluffy fabrics and thin silky ones! I made a beautiful, luxurious robe for my mother with a floral printed silk fabric.

  27. Briana Coelho (verified owner)

    I made this for my 85 year old FIL for Christmas. I made a few adjustments, as suggested by members of the Facebook group and it came out wonderfully. I cut the back piece on the fold and adjusted the position of the belt loops for his height. The directions were straight forward and easy to follow. I see many more Compose Robes in my future!!

  28. Sally Holmes (verified owner)

    I purchased this pattern a few weeks ago but not made it up yet, but every LN pattern I have made has turned out great. I am planning a lightweight robe for the summer

  29. Jamie Wright (verified owner)

    I used this pattern to make a Kylo Ren robe for my son’s Halloween costume. It came out fantastic and he loved it. Easy to follow instructions.

  30. Sue (verified owner)

    Made this as a present for a friend as I don’t have her exact measurements. I usually try to make a bag or an apron as her birthday present but liked the idea of using this pattern this year. She’s a totally different size and shape to me and it’s so easy to use the pdf layers option and reprint the pdf in her (approximated) size. As usual several options included in the pattern for length, hood or banded ( I chose banded) and a hair wrap pattern included. If she likes the winter fleece option I plan a summer shorter, lighter weight option next year. Excellent value pattern

  31. Luv SODA (verified owner)

    Yes I have bought this pattern. I also love the options. I have more makes planned than time LOL I also love the hand holding support group Thanks Love Notions!

  32. Frances Collins (verified owner)

    I made this robe, knee length, in a cotton waffle. the instructions were easy to follow and the pattern went together really well.
    I was so pleased, that I made a long version in fleece and I lined it in sherpa fleece. I sized up one size and altered the pattern slightly, but the pattern is so good it was quite simple to do.

  33. kjelliott1971 (verified owner)

    Made my college daughter this robe in a Harry Potter Minky. She loves it. She says it is soft and warm and fits perfectly and helps her when she is missing home.

  34. Donna Louch (verified owner)

    I have one cut out in cotton waffle but haven’t sewed it up yet. Like all LN instructions – it looks like it will be a very straightforward sew. I also plan to make one in a cushy fabric as well.

  35. Ivy Bader (verified owner)

    Oh how I love how versatile this pattern is!
    Can use woven or knit. Can add the hood or leave it off. Can even make as a cardi as well as a robe. Can make in heavy weight fabric for winter or light weight for spring. Great for all ages.
    Thank you for an amazing pattern!

  36. sassymcreations (verified owner)

    This became everyone’s 2023 Christmas gift in my household and I love seeing all the robes every day! Shoulder and chest adjustments were made using the North Star hoodie for the males.

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