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Hacks are such a fun way to take a pattern you have an give it a new look. I love hacks! And I have two great hacks for the Allegro to share with you today.

You may be wondering what a hack is? A hack is changing up a pattern to give it a little different look. It may go outside of the instructions in the pattern or maybe even change the pattern pieces up a bit. Today’s hacks are a great way to step into the world of hacking a pattern! Our first hack is to create a skort with the Allegro pattern.

Allegro Skort

Using the Allegro pattern to create a skort is a simple hack! We are going to use the knee length skirt and the 5″ inseam.

Cut the skirt as the pattern instructs. For the shorts, cut them without the pockets and without the fly extension. To do that, fold back the fly extension using the center marking as your guide.

Assemble the skirt and shorts as instructed. Then, slip the shorts into the skirt with the right side of the shorts against the wrong side of the skirt. Make sure to line the front of the shorts up with the front of the skirt. Match up the side seams. Baste the skirt and shorts together at the waist.

Attach the waistband and you have a great pair skort! The fabric I used for these is a stretch woven from The Fabric Fairy. This woven is a perfect weight for a skort! It’s light and breezy and will be perfect for the humid hot summer.

Allegro Crop Joggers

These Allegro crop joggers are my new favorite pajamas/lounge bottoms! Made from rayon spandex french terry, they are light weight and pure comfort. To sew these joggers, I used the pants length Allegro and cut them so that the outseam measured 30″. (I am 5’2″.) I used the yoga waistband hack from earlier in the week to give me a relaxed look. Next, I created cuffs for the hem.

Measure the hem, my pair measured 8″ across. To determine how large to cut your cuff, that that measurement and multiply by 2. Now, multiply by 0.80. That is how wide we need to cut our cuff. To figure the height, determine how tall you want the finished cuff to be, then multiply by two and add 0.75 for the seam allowance.

Cuff width: (width of hem) x 2 x 0.80

Cuff height (finished cuff height) x 2 + 0.75

My hem measured 8″. 8 x 2 x 0.80 = 12.8 I rounded up to 13″ I wanted a cuff that was 2″ tall. 2 x 2 + 0.75 = 4.75 I cut my cuffs 13″ x 4.75″

Fold the cuff right sides together and sew the short ends together creating a loop. Then fold the cuff down with wrong sides together. Slip the cuff onto the right side of the pants and sew into place stretching the cuff to fit the hem as you go.

In case you missed the Allegro Sew Along, you can find the schedule below.

Sew Along Schedule

Monday: Fabric, measuring and adjustments

Tuesday: Sewing Pockets

Wednesday: Side seam construction, cargo pocket hack

Thursday: Waistband assembly, yoga waist hack

Friday: Hem, cuffs, skirt hem construction


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