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Olympia Fabric Choices

How Fabric Affects the Olympia Hi everyone! By now you have seen the amazing (affil) Olympia dress just release from Love Notions. I’m Keri, and I was lucky enough to get chosen as a tester for this pattern. Although I will admit, I was a little intimidated.  I am an experienced seamstress but, I have never had success with V-Necks.  But I dove in and signed up...Read More

Best fabrics for a stunning Terra Tunic

terra tunic fabric sources

One of the great things about the new Terra Tunic is the variety of fabrics it can be made from. Unlike the popular Laundry Day Tee, the Terra Tunic does not require a certain amount of drape to look flattering. Pull out your double knits and cotton/lyrca– the Terra Tunic is an excellent pattern for those! Terra Tunic fabric recommendations are medium weight knits...Read More

Whistler fabric shopping

Whistler pdf

Narrowing down the right fabric for the new Whistler Pull-over and Hoodie was a bit of a challenge. It is intended to be worn over light layers like a tshirt or cami. I wanted it to be comfortable with layers but also work with a wide variety of fabrics and not look sloppy. I think my testers and I found a happy medium. On page four of the pattern I give specific instructions...Read More

Skater skirt release freebie

Did you see the release of the Skater Skirt yesterday? And it’s FREE for Facebook Group members! So hop over and join and then snag that puppy up! It’s so quick and easy to sew and I’m going to show you just how versatile this beauty is!

...Read More

An old pattern learns a new trick

The ladies Trendy Tunic was originally released back in the spring of 2014. It was my first ladies pattern and it was the first pattern that I did entirely on my own. My very first pattern, the Everyday Playdress, I contracted out the digitizing. And my second pattern, the girls Trendy Tunic, I contracted out the drafting and digitizing. I added sleeves to the girls Trendy...Read More

Get ready for warmer weather with the Summer Caye pattern!


Today, the Summer Caye pattern was released for both ladies and girls. This summer my husband and I and one of my sisters and her husband are getting away from it all to Belize. We’ve been planning this jungle & beach vacation for a couple months and the whole time I’ve had this beach friendly pattern on the brain. For part of our vacation we’ll be...Read More

Introducing the Boyfriend Cardigan + Fabric Resources

Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, the food and most of all- the clothes! Layering is so much fun and practical. There’s no such thing as too many sweaters or cardigans or great jeans in my mind. With those things in mind I designed the Boyfriend Cardigan. This cardigan is a slightly over-sized style but still keeping some shape to it so you don’t...Read More

Introducing patterns number 30 and 31!

If you subscribe to the Love Notions Newsletter you’ve already seen that I’ve pulled a fast one and released two patterns this morning! These patterns are my thirty and thirty-first official patterns. That’s pretty cool! Both of these patterns are on sale this week through Saturday, August 29th. Use coupon code ‘labella’ for 20% off. If you...Read More

New Pattern Release + Riley Blake Knit Tour = Perfection

Riley Blake contacted me about being in their Knit blog tour a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance. I admit, I’m somewhat of a knit fabric connoisseur. I’ve been sewing with knits for over 10 years and have come across some awesome fabrics as well as some duds. I’m happy to say that the Riley Blake knits definitely fall into the awesome category. Bright,...Read More

Love Notions Challenge– zippers!

I know what you’re thinking- zippers? Nooooo! That was my thought when I was approached to participate in the Designer’s Challenge. I’ve been sewing since my teens and I still don’t love zippers. They’re just not my favorite. Which makes them the perfect challenge for me.

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Shopping for Samson’s Sweater

As I was designing the first boy’s pattern, the Samson Sweater, I searched high and low for the perfect fabric. In my mind I was looking for a striped sweatshirt fleece or french terry. Apparently, that doesn’t exist. At least for us at-home sewers. But what I did find is even more fun AND economical. So, here’s a list of ideas to get your fabric shopping...Read More

The Tuxedo Dress- it has it all!

I’ve been a busy bee drafting and sewing lately. The newest Love Notions pattern officially released last week and it was a labor of love. The Tuxedo Dress is my most ambitious pattern yet with 12 sizes, 2 necklines, 5 sleeves, pockets and ruffle hem option. Before the Tuxedo Dress, the smallest size I had done was 12-18mths in the Everyday Playdress. I heard your...Read More

The Everyday Playdress Pattern

Hello and welcome! A little back story on me– I’m Tami the WAHM (work at home mom) behind Dunk-n-Fluff and now my newest project- Love Notions Sewing Patterns. Sewing has been a part of my world since I was a kid and my grandma helped me sew a pair of pajamas for camp one summer.

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