Sabrina Slims Pants

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All Love Notions Sewing Patterns are digital downloads, you may print them at home or send to a copy shop. A physical pattern will not be mailed to you.

The Sabrina Slims were inspired by the 1950’s ‘cigarette’ style pants most notably worn by Audrey Hepburn. The Love Notions take on this classic style features a wide, contoured waistband that sits at the natural waist. This is a slim-fit pant with negative ease. The Sabrina Slims are meant to hit at the ankle. Also included are optional welt pockets, back patch pockets, split hem, zipper hem and center front and back seaming. Three inseam lengths are included. Make the pants maternity by adding the overbelly waistband. These pants are meant for stretch wovens and stable knits.

Sabrina Slims Features:

  • Meant for stretch woven fabrics and stable knits
  • Slim fit, pull on style
  • 2 views:  solid front and back or seamed front and back
  • 3 hem styles: plain, zippered and split hem
  • Optional front pockets that act as a control panel
  • Optional back patch pockets or welt pockets
  • Includes a fitting workbook designed specifically for the Sabrina Slims!
  • Maternity option

Sizes: 0-32 (See Size Charts here)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern Formats Included:

  • Print at home for US letter & A4 paper, trimless format with layers
  • Large format file for copy shop printing. This file will print on three A0 (33″ x 46″) size sheets. Be sure to instruct your printer to print actual size in black and white on their cheapest paper. We recommend PDFPlotting for printing the large format files.
  • A projector file is also included for those using projector technology


The Sabrina Slims pdf instant downloadable pattern contains

  • The Sabrina Slims pdf pattern contains: Cigarette slims pants pattern
  • Pattern pieces for 2 different pant styles: solid front and back or seamed front and back as well as 2 maternity waistband options and three hem styles: plain, zippered and split hem
  • 2 pages of slims pants inspiration photos from pattern testers.
  • Cutting guide
  • 14 pages of bright and clear step by step color illustrations and photos.
  • Downloadable fitting workbook designed specifically for the Sabrina Slims
  • Included is a print chart to only print the pages you need for your style choice.
  • In addition to the print-at-home file, an A0-sized large format file for copy shop printing is also included
  • A projector file is included for those using projector technology
  • Optimized for most tablets with links to each part of the pattern. Print only the pattern pieces and use a tablet or computer to read the instructions to save on ink and paper!
  • This pattern has the ability to print just desired size(s) and in addition, features trimless pattern assembly! Open the PDF in Adobe, select the layer thumbnail on the left-hand menu and then select the size(s) to print. See this tutorial for more information.
  • Designed for both letter and A4 paper printing.
  • Because we value work at home business, feel free to use this pattern in your home sewing businesses.

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Size Chart

Fabric requirements

Line Drawings

Slim fit pull-on pants sewing pattern


Completely updated and all sizes redrafted January 2020. Added sizes 30 & 32, added more ease through hips and thighs, raised front rise, included two new hem options: split hem and zipper hem.

2/1/2021- added 4″ test square to large format file

2/2022- fixed layers issue on projector file

5/2024- updated tutorial to include metric measurements

49 reviews for Sabrina Slims Pants

  1. samsam7700 (verified owner)

    I LOVE these pants! They are so comfortable! It’s like I’m wearing yoga pants…except I’m not. I didn’t need to make very many mods to make these fit my body. And the waistband is my absolute favorite. Here’s a secret: I’ve been using this waistband for all the other pants that I’ve been making lately. Yep, it’s that good. I also like the fact that when I had questions about fit, I could ask on the Love Notions Pattern Support Group on FB and people would help me (even Tammy!). That is customer service. I wish I could attach a pic of me wearing my pants. They look really good on me.

  2. Molly (verified owner)

    These pants are amazing! I was so intimidated about sewing real pants, but this pattern (and support during the sew-a-long!) made it so managable. These are classic and I can’t wait to make more!

  3. samsam7700 (verified owner)

    I LOVE these pants! They are so comfortable! It’s like I’m wearing yoga pants…except I’m not. I didn’t need to make very many mods to make these fit my body. And the waistband is my absolute favorite. Here’s a secret: I’ve been using this waistband for all the other pants that I’ve been making lately. Yep, it’s that good. I also like the fact that when I had questions about fit, I could ask on the Love Notions Pattern Support Group on FB and people would help me (even Tami!). That is customer service. I wish I could attach a pic of me wearing my pants. They look really good on me.

  4. myrnacmartinez (verified owner)

    I bought these in hopes that I wouldn’t be disappointed. I am plus size and although I sew nearly everyday, I never feel as though I could make better pants for myself than RTW. These are amazing! Super comfy, super flattering, and the best pant pattern I have ever come across. I will be making many more!

  5. kendel (verified owner)

    I am kicking myself for not making this sooner. This is so easy and comfortable. I am in love! I want like 20 more. I actually cropped my first pair to make some Capri pants for the summer and they are so cute. No one can believe I made them! Thank you for an amazing pattern!!

  6. Zulma (verified owner)

    This pants are really awesome! They are super quick to sew and they look very stylish with the welt pockets. I’m hoping my family (the live far) send me their measures so I can give them some.

  7. Cassie (verified owner)

    So awesome to have the maternity option! They make such a comfortable maternity pant!

  8. Sarah (verified owner)

    I was nervous to sew these up, but it is LOVE! They fit so well! And are a surprisingly easy sew! You won’t regret making these!

  9. Anne (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to buy this pattern at first, because any of my other attempts at making pants for myself failed miserably. Now I’m so glad I bought it! I’ve only made one pair so far, but there will be many more!

  10. Patty

    Finally…comfy stylish pants!

  11. grace412kids (verified owner)

    I bought this pattern and kept putting off making them because I was afraid they wouldn’t fit. I make tops and dresses all the time, but pants never seemed to work right. But, finally, I did it! And I am so glad that I did! They fit perfectly based upon my measurements without any modifications! I even made longer shorts out of this pattern. Thank you, Love Notions!!

  12. Evelyn (verified owner)

    I have to say, I’m still afraid, but I love the community and how there are a lot and a lot of pictures of everyone’s product to help encourage this to happen, I shall update soon once I finish it.

  13. Trista

    So much more than leggings. I love how stylish these pants are.

  14. Karen (verified owner)

    I’ve made these pants in a stretch cotton and they are so comfortable, even mastered the welt pocket! I love how the patterns are set out step by step. Makes it seem much less intimidating!

  15. Jillian (verified owner)

    This pattern is amazing! Nobody can believe I made my pants and my daughter says they look better than ones from the store.

  16. Elspeth (verified owner)

    Oh, these are wonderful. I made two pairs back-to-back and wear them both! I used a stretch denim for one pair and an arieta ponte for the other. They are very high waisted (this mama of two appreciates the support!) and I love how comfortable they are. Easy, peasy. Great pants for a beginner!

  17. cabral_shana (verified owner)

    This is a great pants pattern. I love the addition of the back pockets. Has the comfort of leggings, but dressier.

  18. ELIZABETH A MCDONALD (verified owner)

    These are my go to pants pattern. They are so versatile. I have used this pattern with so many different fabrics

  19. JoAnne Stingl (verified owner)

    Love being able to make a perfect fitting pair of pants that is just right for me!

  20. Lizel Schwartz (verified owner)

    I know a lot of people rave about this pattern but somehow it didn’t work for my body type. Im short and stocky with big calves . I still want to make one where I cut the trouser pipes a bit wider to see if I can make it fit better but this is the only love notions pattern that I’ve bought out of my huge collection of Love Notion patterns that wasn’t a success the first time I made it. I will give it a go again.

  21. Michelle (verified owner)

    These are seriously my go to for a nice pants pattern. Love the cigarette pant look, love that I can alter it in various ways. It fits my tall body so well and it’s so flattering!

  22. Jaye Holland (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I can make pants! The fitting workbook for these was so helpful. These are my go-to for work pants. The stylish fit always gets compliments and then the surprised look when I say I made them! I’ve made a few pairs without the pockets but I do think it’s worth the extra effort to put them in! I’m tall and it’s nice to be able to have a skinny pant that is long enough! I can’t say enough good about this pattern!

  23. Kim*** (verified owner)

    I ha e never owned a pair of RTW pants in my life that fit. Finally, with the help of the awesome fitting guide I could tailor a pair for my shape (10 waist, 12 hips, 14 at thighs, flat bottom …. ). It sounds like a lot of adjustments but with the great blogs, I worked through one at a time. My second pair is perfect and I’ve worn them to work. Can’t wait to make many more 😉

  24. Hayley Lown (verified owner)

    I love how flattering these are. I am short so I struggle to find ankle pants that hit just right. Want to make more already!

  25. srs5222 (verified owner)

    These are tried and true for me. I’ve made several pairs and wear them multiple times a week. They are super comfortable and look appropriate for work. (as a teacher). Highly recommend giving this pattern a go.

  26. Amber Berry (verified owner)

    Love, love, love, love, love these pants! Detailing is amazing. Each time I wear them, I am complimented.

  27. Leanne Eriksen (verified owner)

    I have these on the cutting table and I’m excited to see how they turn out. I have a hard time finding pants to fit, and being on the shorter side, ankle pants never hit in the right place. The fitting guide will be very helpful. Thanks .

  28. demaurithomas (verified owner)

    The Sabrina Slim Pant was my first ever pant make. What I love about the pattern is it’s perfect for beginners because of the pant fitting guide included with the fantastic instruction booklet. It definitely helped me understand why all my ready to wear pants and jeans always seem to gape at the waist or wrinkle behind my knees (these are just a few fit issues covered in the guide). This pattern also allows for a variety of stable knit fabrics which is great for those new to sewing with knits. The pattern is a quick sew which allows you to focus on fit instead of construction. Definitely a flattering style and a skill building pattern for anyone wanting a great pair of pants.

  29. Olga du Plessis (verified owner)

    Wow!!! Just WOW!!! I bought the pattern and thought hmm….not for me. Then on leave I decided to sew it up and loved it!! No alterations needed and 6 pairs later I still want more of this pant. Well worth the investment!!!!

  30. Yvette L. (verified owner)

    These are my go to pants. I make them in stretch denim for skinny jeans and ponte for work. I did have to heavily modify them to fit me. I put a lot of time and effort into that but I do not regret it. This is the reason for 4 stars and not 5. When I first purchased this pattern it didn’t have the extensive fitting instructions but the pattern now also incluses a whole booklet on that, and that alone you can use for all kinds of pants patterns fitting. Such a great value!
    Now that I have my pattern just right I can make pants very quickly (less than 1 hour if I leave off most details, less than 2 hours total with all the bells and whistles). I can make them faster than going to a store and actually cheaper, too! AND THEY FIT! All the options mean thy don’t look the same, either. I have recently even made several pairs for maternity. I cannot recommend this pattern, enough.

  31. Jen B (verified owner)

    Love this pattern. I’ve made 3 pairs, though the middle pair was a fabric with only 2-way stretch (no vertical stretch). I should have sized up or lengthened on those, as when I sit down they pull a bit unpleasantly. Those won’t be a keeper, but the black ponte knit and herringbone performance fabrics I used made fabulous pairs! I can wear them to work with a sweater or tunic and be SO COMFORTABLE!!

  32. Coreen Russell (verified owner)

    I made these for my daughter and they were perfect! She wanted skinny jeans and these really worked. Clear, easy directions. I added length originally but cut it off after trying on. She looks great in them and already had husband compliments.

  33. Amelia (verified owner)

    This was the first pattern I bought from LN. I was looking for a work appropriate pair of slip on pants, and these do the trick wonderfully! I used a few different types of stretch twill, I had to make some tiny adjustments to fit my body. It’s a wonderfully drafted pattern and great pants!

  34. Tanja (verified owner)

    Just made my first pair. The fitting workshop was really helpful and i was able to get a really good fit with a bit of tweaking. I will surely make them again, because they are so comfy and look a lot better than joggers.

  35. Rory McMillan (verified owner)

    Best pants ever!. They came together so quickly. The directions are superb. I didn’t have to make any modifications. I will absolutely be making many more.

  36. bbquisias (verified owner)

    I have tried a lot of pants patterns but have struggled to fit them to my shape. The Sabrina slims pants are the best-fitting pants I’ve ever made. I am currently working on my 3rd pair. I have found my TNT pants pattern. Thank you.

  37. Jeannie M (verified owner)

    These are the first pants that I attempted to make. I have tried a number of custom patterns and I still come back to these as my favorite. I find the key is getting a really soft elastic. The first non-roll elastic that I used was just too firm.

  38. Elisabeth Hirschi (verified owner)

    I love the classiness of the Sabrina Slims. They can elevate any outfit while still being comfortable!

  39. cabral_shana (verified owner)

    This was my first pants pattern. I didn’t expect a great fit the first time around, but the Sabrina Slims, with some small tweaks for a shorter person, are now my go-to pants pattern. They are also my capri and shorts pattern for the summer months. Another must have pattern from Love Notions.

  40. Nicole Martin-Schallhorn (verified owner)

    I made a pair of Sabrina Slims for the office and plan to made another in ponte. The instructions were well done. The result is a great looking pant!

  41. tinyberg68 (verified owner)

    I was always afraid to tackle sewing a pair of pants until now. I love this pattern and the way it fits. Yes, there were multiple mock ups but the pattern includes a booklet to help with fitting issues. Which I found invaluable. I now have 3 pairs of pants that fit me to a T. Thank you Love Notions!!

  42. Mary Powell (verified owner)

    I have mixed feelings about this pattern. Something is off with the sizing. I’m 5’6, which is the height the pattern is drafted for. I sized down one size and it fit perfectly… except the waist was four inches above my navel AND I had to shorten the legs three inches.
    So…five stars for the pants looking great in the end, but minus points for “accurate” sizing.

    I used ponte, and yes, I checked the printing accuracy…

  43. vh_scott (verified owner)

    I’ve always wanted a slim-fit stylish trouser, but all the ready to wear styles didn’t fit right through the hip or calf for me. The Sabrina Slims are an absolute miracle! The fitting guide really helps to understand what changes to make for a custom fit, and I can’t wait to make more! The only thing I would love to see is tips for finishing woven fabrics, as I’ve had my corduroy pair unravel at the seams.

  44. Erin (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite pants patterns. They fit perfectly and have so many options.

  45. kkelly.97045 (verified owner)

    I never make pants because I’m close enough to a standard size and fitting a pants pattern has always looked too stressful. But when I needed nice black trousers, I had to give it a try. The Sabrina Slims pattern is amazing! The fitting guide is detailed but easy to understand. I’m short with wide calves and I long ago gave up on “skinny” jeans even though I love the look. But I went for it with Sabrina and made the best, most comfortable close-fitting pants! For all the time we sewists spend trying to fit patterns, it’s a miracle to use a Love Notions pattern and have it all make sense! I love these trousers.

  46. danitajc (verified owner)

    The Sabrina Slims were my first pants ever! The fit was spot on and the welt back pockets gave it something special! I love how easy it was to sew these and how comfortable they are to wear! Love Notions patterns are always teaching me something new and upping my sewing game! Thanks!

  47. Stacy McDonald (verified owner)

    This is my go to pants pattern!! I love the fit and classic look. I love that modifications for common fit issues are offered in the pattern so you can tweak the pattern for the best fit. I’ve made this at least three times and foresee more in my future.

  48. Michelle Row (verified owner)

    I love these pants! They are so comfortable! They look professional, yet fit so much better than RTW! Sabrina Slims are a staple in my work wardrobe. I made them myself!! The fitting workbook is invaluable. Thank you Love Notions!

  49. tinyberg68 (verified owner)

    It took some trial and error as I am a beginner sewist. But I finally have a pants pattern that fits and I love to wear!!! I now have 3 pairs with another 2 planned! I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!

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