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Welcome to Serenity Sew Along Week! The Serenity Sweater is the perfect, classic, cross front sweater pattern, and I am so excited to sew it with you. During the Serenity Sew Along, I am going to be walking you through each step of the pattern with videos and photos. I’ll also share tricks that I use while sewing up a Serenity. We have a lot to cover for day one, so let’s get started!

serenity sew along

We are taking a new approach to the Love Notions’ Sew Along

For the Serenity Sew Along, each day will have a blog post filled with photos of construction and a few hacks along the way, just like in the past. However, I am also including videos for each step as well! Each video will be linked in the corresponding blog post, so it’s easy to find. These YouTube videos will be taking the place of our live Facebook videos. Don’t worry though! I’m still available to answer your questions! Just shoot me an email at with “Serenity Sew Along” in the subject line, or post a comment in either the blog post or the YouTube comments.

Selecting the perfect fabric for your Serenity Sweater

I always say that fabric can make or break a project and the Serenity Sweater is no exception. While you are fabric shopping, you want to focus on those light weight knit fabrics with great drape. Amazingly, our sponsor, Surge Fabric Shop has a great selection of the perfect fabrics! Let me share with you what I have!!

serenity sew along

Sweater knits, like the gorgeous stack above are the ideal fabric for the Serenity Sweater. Go for lighter weight sweater knits, like brushed hacci or a light rib knit. I am in LOVE with Surge Fabric Shop’s matching brushed knits and rib knits! These are a match made in heaven for a Serenity Sweater with the new band option!

serenity sew along

Above we have Mustard Berlin Brushed Hacci Sweater Knit and the matching rib knit for the band and cuffs. I’ll share with you how I added cuffs later in the week! I also have the Marsala Berlin Brushed Hacci Sweater Knit. This brushed hacci is so soft, you will feel like you are walking around wrapped in a pillowy hug all day long!

My third sweater knit is a looser weave sweater knit. I have a fun tie front hack I’ll share with you later this week using this fabric! While this is a looser weave, I was prepared for it to be a bit finicky to sew with. It absolutely was NOT. It pressed beautifully and didn’t unravel or fray terribly while I sewed. It’s the perfect sweater knit for warmer temperatures and for layering.

serenity sew along

I also have this brushed athletic poly in violet. I think this would make a great Serenity for those who tend to get warm easily. Being an athletic fabric, it still breathes and is very light to wear. It also has gorgeous drape! If you like the look and feel of brushed poly, but it makes you hot, this brushed athletic is the perfect substitute!

serenity sew along

The fabrics that you will see featured here on the blog and the YouTube vidoes is double brushed poly. So comfy to wear, easy to sew and simple to care for, double brushed poly always finds it’s way into my closet! I will be using Misty on Smokey Mauve and Lola on Midnight Navy.

serenity sew along

serenity sew along

Want to see and hear more about these gorgeous fabrics? Join me on our YouTube channel for more!

Assembling our pattern

serenity sew along

We know what fabrics we want to use, let’s get to work on preparing out pattern! Here is a video on our YouTube channel that explains how to assemble your Love Notion’s Serenity Sweater pattern. I also share my favorite tools to have and how to ensure your patter pieces line up properly.

Making adjustments to the pattern

Often we need to blend sizes to create a great fit. Every body is shaped uniquely, so it’s not surprising that one pattern shape doesn’t work for all. That’s ok!! We can make the changes we need to create a great fitting pattern for every body!

Blending sizes is a common alteration needed. When you blend sizes, you want to make sure to use long smooth lines to connect the sizes. In the images below, the pink line shows blending from a larger size bust to a smaller size waist. The green line shows blending from a smaller bust to a larger waist. You will want to blend both the front and back when doing this adjustment.

serenity sew along

serenity sew along

serenity sew along

Determining if the pattern is the proper length for you is as simple as holding the pattern piece up to your body. Make sure the shoulder seam in sitting in the correct spot (you want the seam line, not the cut edge of the paper) and the grainline is running perpendicular with the ground. Compare your waist with the triangle marking on the side seam of the pattern. If your waist is higher than the triangle, you may need to shorten the pattern. Cut the pattern in two pieces by drawing a line perpendicular to the grain line across the pattern piece at the triangle mark. Cut the pattern piece into two pieces and overlap them so the waistline matches your own. If you need to add length, spread the pattern pieces apart to line the waist of the pattern up with your waist.

If you prefer video instructions, below is a video explaining how to blend sizes and adjust length.

Cutting fabric

serenity sew along

When cutting your fabric, it’s best to lay out all your pattern pieces onto your fabric at once to make sure you make the best use of your fabric. When I cut my front and back pieces, I only fold my fabric over just far enough so my patter piece fits as shown below. When you fold your fabric, make sure your fold is parallel to the selvage edge to keep your fabric from being cut off grain.

serenity sew along

To watch a video of me sharing cutting trips, click over to our YouTube channel with the link below!

After you have your fabric cut out, you are at your stopping point for day one of the Serenity Sew Along. Join me tomorrow for assembling the front of our Serenity Sweater.

Sew with friends and win prizes!

Sewing with friends on a common project is a great way to socialize and “meet” new people! Join our Serenity Sew Along Event happening in our Facebook Support Group. There you will get daily reminders for blog posts and YouTube videos, be able to ask questions in a friendly environment, and enter to win a prize at the end of the week! One lucky person will win a $50 gift certificate from Love Notions Patterns (good on all PDF patterns) and a $50 gift certificate from our sponsor Surge Fabric Shop.

Sew along discount codes

Use code SerenitySAL for 10% off now through November 30th. Sponsored by Surge Fabric Shop — take 10% off your purchase from 11/1-11/13 with code LNSAL10OFF.

Serenity Sew Along Schedule

  • Monday: fabrics, adjustments and cutting
  • Tuesday: assembling the front of the sweater
  • Wednesday: constructing the body of the sweater
  • Thursday: sewing the sleeves and attaching armbands on the sleeveless sweater
  • Friday: hemming and sewing the banded hem option





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  • Peggy C says:

    Do you think this is a loose enough fit that an FBA is not necessary? I usually use the FBA piece but just barely need it – right at 4” difference.

  • Rienie says:

    Would I be able to lengthen only the front?
    I made one and I am happy with the back length.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes. I would lengthen the center front and blend up to the side seams. You may need to adjust the elastic length a bit.

  • Mary says:

    I prefer the other method of doing a sew along on Facebook. There is interaction with people, questions can be asked and answered and comments can be made. It is not perfect on Facebook but that is what makes it fun. I always like it when the cat makes an appearance.

    • Kelly says:

      I appreciate the feedback!! We are still experimenting to find the best balance. I did share a little blooper in the Facebook group of my cat (named Fish!) jumping into the shot during a recording. Did you catch that?

  • lemdas says:

    In reply to Mary’s comment that she prefers the facebook group, I for one do not choose to join fb so I appreciate that you have the tutorial here. Please don’t discontinue posting SALs and tutorials on the blog! I am an experienced sewer but enjoy learning shortcuts and new techniques.-Leann

    • Keira Wood says:

      No worries at all! SALS and tutorials are here to stay. I am happy our Blog is a useful resource for you! The Facebook group is where our community shares all of their fabulous makes and we have so many fun discussions and surely learn alot from each other so I hope that someday you’ll consider joining. ~K

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