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As I was designing the first boy’s pattern, the Samson Sweater, I searched high and low for the perfect fabric. In my mind I was looking for a striped sweatshirt fleece or french terry. Apparently, that doesn’t exist. At least for us at-home sewers. But what I did find is even more fun AND economical. So, here’s a list of ideas to get your fabric shopping on for the first Love Notions boy’s pattern!

I suppose I should first list the recommended fabrics, maybe you’ll even know of more/better sources these types of knits.

The Samson’s Sweater is designed for cooler temps which means it’s awesome for layering! It’s roomy and comfy without looking sloppy. If you were to use a light or medium weight knit fabric you may want to size down.

Fabric source ideas–

  • The best source I’ve found may surprise you. Checkout your local thrift shop for men’s sweatshirts and hoodies! I found several shirts that worked perfectly at Goodwill. And they were so cheap! You won’t find striped french terry and sweatshirt fleece in yardage like Old Navy and Gap use but you can cut up and re-purpose a men’s shirt that does have that fabric. The following two shots are of Sam in the size 8. The stripe is from a french terry I cut up from a couple of boy’s size 16 Target Circo brand shirts. I was able to get both a front and back out of a single shirt. The hood, elbow patches and bottom bands are cotton knit fabrics I had in my stash.


If you’d like some yardage here’s what I’ve found–

  • Cotton velour would make a very classic shirt. There are several shops online that carry this type of fabric. I personally shop for my cotton/poly velour at Print Knits Studio. She’s has lots of colors and ships fast.
  • Bamboo fleece would also make a great sweater/sweatshirt. If you get it in the natural off-white color you can dye it any color (or multiple colors) you want! Bamboo fleece has such a luxurious feel to it and takes dye beautifully. Nature’s Fabric has a great selection of bamboo fleece fabric as well as cotton velour (and even a couple of striped velours).
  • Check destash pages on Facebook. Usually, somebody has just what you’re looking for in their stash from years ago.
  • If you’re looking for prints, look no further than Landofoh. There’s a reason for that name– check out the selection and adorable prints! Note that this shop is in Korea so shipping times will be a couple of weeks.
Do you have any great sources? Share them with us in the comments!
Samson’s Sweater will be released sometime this month, like the Facebook page to get notifications and announcements… and maybe even a coupon or two. 🙂


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