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Driftwood Sew Along: Day Four

Today on day four of the Driftwood Sew Along, we wrap up sewing our Driftwoods with hemming and sewing the side seam vents. Don’t worry though, we will still have a post and a fun hack for you tomorrow as well! Today for our hack, we are adding on to the Peter Pan collar and cap sleeves with a dress hack!

driftwood sew along

Sleeves, vents and hems

Before we get to today’s pattern hack, let’s wrap up the original pattern. Today, we have several things to do.

  • Attach those sleeves! If you need some help with this step (The crew neck version is a great beginner pattern!) check out this video we have on attaching sleeves.
  • After you have the sleeves sewn, you will sew the side seams. After you get the side seams sewn, you will construct the vents. Need help? Here is a video tutorial.
  • After you have those steps done, hem the sleeves, or attach the cuff if you are sewing long sleeves and you are done!

Driftwood Dress Hack

driftwood dress tutorial

It doesn’t matter if you are sewing up school uniforms, or just want a cute dress, this Driftwood Dress Hack is a must in any girl’s closet!

If you don’t already have it, you will need the girls Skater Skirt pattern. You can get it for FREE with a code in the Facebook Group.

Print the needed sizes in both the Driftwood and the Skater Skirt. You will need to shorten the shirt a bit. Measure the child’s side seam from under arm to the natural waist. Take that measurement and add a seam allowance. Use this measurement to determine how long your shirt needs to be. Measure your child from natural waist to where you want the skirt to end. Adjust the length of the skirt, if needed.

Time to assemble! With the shirt right side out and the skirt inside out, slip the shirt into the skirt lining up the raw edge of the bottom of the skirt with the raw edge of the top of the skirt. Match up the side seams and center front and back. You may need to ease the two together, that’s fine! Sew the seam.

polo sew along

polo sew along

That’s all there is to it!

polo sew along

If you are just joining us for the sew along, you can find day one here,day two here and day three here.

Tomorrow, I will have an alternate finish for the neckline. Then, you have the weekend to catch up if needed. Post your Driftwood creations in the Facebook Group in the assigned post to enter to win a gift certificate from Love Notions and from Zenith and Quasar! You can also enter by posting on Instagram by tagging @lovenotions and using the hashtag #driftwoodsewalong


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