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Printing the large format pattern files

printing large format files

Most Love Notions patterns come with a large format pattern file. This is a file you can take or send to a print shop to print out on large sheets of paper. Which means no printing tapes regular sized papers together- score!

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Adding thumbhole cuffs to the Sloane Sweater

How to add thumbholes

Pattern hacking thumbhole cuffs to the Sloane Sweater What could make the newly re-designed Sloane Sweater even better? The Sloane is already packed with options like a hood, pocket and elbow patches… what’s missing? The answer to that is thumbhole cuffs!

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Olympia Fabric Choices

How Fabric Affects the Olympia Hi everyone! By now you have seen the amazing (affil) Olympia dress just release from Love Notions. I’m Keri, and I was lucky enough to get chosen as a tester for this pattern. Although I will admit, I was a little intimidated.  I am an experienced seamstress but, I have never had success with V-Necks.  But I dove in and signed up...Read More

Knit fabric resources I love

Where to buy knit fabrics

When I release a pattern the first question I get is ‘what kind of knit fabric is best?’ I always include fabric recommendations in every pattern but sometimes you need a little more hand holding or even a resource or two. It can be hard to find quality knit fabric in person in stores like Joann’s or Hobby Lobby (although, their knit fabric selection HAS...Read More

Sabrina Slims Sewalong Day 6: inspiration Pinterest style

Today is the last day of the sewalong. I’ve really enjoyed working with Kelly and our sponsors, Cali Fabrics & Raspberry Creek Fabrics, putting this SAL together. I hope we’ve held your hand just enough to get you started on sewing your own Sabrina’s. Don’t forget: post your finished Sabrina’s in the album in the group to be entered to win...Read More

Sabrina Sewalong Day 1: Let’s talk about fabric

It’s no secret that sewing pants for yourself can be a challenge. With this sewalong (SAL) Kelly and I will be here to hold your hand for those who have never taken the leap into this particular garment. The pants we will be sewing is the newly released Sabrina Slim’s. This is the easiest pant to start with because there are no closures, they just pull on....Read More

Art Gallery Fabric Inspiration for Sybil

Feel the Difference The tag line of Art Gallery Fabric is ‘feel the difference’. I have been sewing, and thus fabric shopping, for many years and let me tell you- you can really feel the difference in quality when you’re working with Art Gallery fabrics. Most especially their knits. They are so luxurious and hold their color so well. They are just a pleasure...Read More

Fabric Resources for the Sybil Skirt hidden control top

My favorite thing about the Sybil Illusion skirt is the hidden control top panel. I got the idea from my favorite pair of leggings from Lysse. Finding the right fabric was more challenging than drafting the pattern but I have found at least 4 different fabrics that work perfectly. All the leg work is done for you!

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Picking the right fabric for the free Laundry Day Tee

Selecting the correct fabric for any pattern is an important part in ending up with a garment you love to wear… and is flattering! This is certainly the case with the new Laundry Day Tee. The silhouette of this tee is a swing-y style that really needs a knit with good drape. If you were to choose a fabric that is more stiff and stable you run the chance to ending up...Read More

Introducing the Boyfriend Cardigan + Fabric Resources

Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, the food and most of all- the clothes! Layering is so much fun and practical. There’s no such thing as too many sweaters or cardigans or great jeans in my mind. With those things in mind I designed the Boyfriend Cardigan. This cardigan is a slightly over-sized style but still keeping some shape to it so you don’t...Read More

Shopping for Samson’s Sweater

As I was designing the first boy’s pattern, the Samson Sweater, I searched high and low for the perfect fabric. In my mind I was looking for a striped sweatshirt fleece or french terry. Apparently, that doesn’t exist. At least for us at-home sewers. But what I did find is even more fun AND economical. So, here’s a list of ideas to get your fabric shopping...Read More