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Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along Day 2

Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along

Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along Day 2 Welcome to day 2 of the Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along! If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it here.  Today, we will be tackling the pockets and sewing the back and shoulder seams and attaching the sleeves. 

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Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along Day 1

Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along Day One Welcome to day one of the Boyfriend Cardigan Sew Along. Join us while we break down the Boyfriend Cardigan pattern and spend the week sewing!

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Rhapsody Sew-a-long Day 5: hemming and bias binding tips

Rhapsody sewalong

Rhapsody Sew-a-long Day 5: hemming and bias binding tips Welcome to day 5 of the Rhapsody sew-a-long. Today we will be focusing on the final touches of the blouse, hemming and attaching the bias binding. There are a few tools available that can make these steps easier. But don’t worry! These tools are completely optional. They are NOT a must for sewing a Rhapsody,...Read More

Rhapsody Sewalong Day 4: sewing the sleeves + insert lace trim

Rhapsody Blouse lace insert tutorial

Here we are on the second to last day of the Rhapsody sewalong. If you need to catch up: Day 1: Cutting fabric + free dress add-on Day 2: Yoke assembly Day 3: Sewing the french seams constructing the dress For today we’re going to sew the sleeves and I’m going to show you a trendy touch you can add with inset lace or crochet trim. Before we begin, if you’re...Read More

Rhapsody Sewalong Day 3: french seams and dress hack

Rhapsody sewalong

Here we are on day 3 of the Rhapsody Blouse sewalong! So far you’ve cut your pattern pieces and assembled the yoke. That wasn’t too hard, right?! Today we’re going to cover two things: french seams and the dress hack. When you first learned to sew the phrase ‘right sides together!’ was probably drilled into your head. Well, today we’re...Read More

Rhapsody Sewalong Day 2: yoke Assembly

Rhapsody sewalong

Rhapsody Sewalong Day 2: yoke assembly It’s day two of the Rhapsody sewalong. Today, we are going to share some tips on assembling the yoke piece of the Rhapsody Blouse. If you didn’t mark the pattern markings yesterday while, cutting out your pieces, you will want to be sure to do that today. 

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Rhapsody Sewalong Day 1: cutting out your fabric

Rhapsody sewalong

Rhapsody Sewalong Day 1: cutting out your fabric Welcome to day 1 of the Rhapsody sewalong! We have a lot of great things planned for this sewalong. Each day, we will tackle one portion of the pattern. If you can’t sew along with us that day, don’t fret! You will have the weekend to “catch up” with us. When you have finished your Rhapsody, enter a...Read More

Tidal sewalong day 3

Here we are on the last day of the Tidal sewalong. So far we’ve covered picking fabric, pattern assembly and we’ve sewn up the body. Today we’re going to finish this up with binding the neckline and hemming the sleeves and shirt. Read more to get this top finished!

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Tidal sewalong day 2

Welcome back to day 2 of the Tidal sewalong! Yesterday we went over selecting fabric and printing and assembling the pattern. Today we’re going to just dive in and start sewing. The Tidal is such a quick sew, there are just a few seams. You can use a sewing machine or a serger, either will work just fine. Read more to get started.

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Tidal Sewalong Day 1

Welcome to the Tidal Sewalong! We’ll be going step by step through the process of sewing a Tidal Top (or dress if you like). I’ll also be including a free godet pattern piece that you can add on for an extra swing-y top. Read on to get the details!

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Sabrina Slims Sewalong Day 6: inspiration Pinterest style

Today is the last day of the sewalong. I’ve really enjoyed working with Kelly and our sponsors, Cali Fabrics & Raspberry Creek Fabrics, putting this SAL together. I hope we’ve held your hand just enough to get you started on sewing your own Sabrina’s. Don’t forget: post your finished Sabrina’s in the album in the group to be entered to win...Read More

Sabrina Sewalong Day 5: Sabrina Slims, Jogger Style

I hope the Sabrina Sewalong has given you the courage to sew up some pants you can look amazing in! If you are just joining us, here is a recap. Day 1: Picking fabric  Day 2: Step one to getting the perfect fit Day 3: Pockets, construction & alterations Day 4:Waistband & hemming Now make no mistake, I love the original design of the Sabrina Slims. They look nice...Read More

Sabrina Slims Sewalong Day 4: waistband & hemming

Sabrina Slims in cropped length with front pockets

Today is the day we finish our Sabrina Slims! I can’t wait to see how you all are doing with the sewalong. Be sure to post your progress in the group. To recap: Day 1: Picking fabric  Day 2: Step one to getting the perfect fit Day 3: Pockets, construction & alterations When we left off yesterday you had sewn the side seams, inseam and crotch. Today I’m going...Read More

Sabrina Sewalong Day 3: Pockets, Construction and Alterations (oh my!)

Today we are going to tackle how to make some alterations to the pants once you have them partially constructed. If you want to include welt pockets, be sure to do so before continuing on. Tami also has a treat for you after you learn how to alter your pants! She has a free front pocket add on that so many of you have requested! I know I’m excited for that!!

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Sabrina Sewalong Day 2: Step 1 to the Perfect Fit

Hey guys! It’s Kelly here today, and we are going to talk about creating a muslin for the Sabrina Slims using our own specific sizes and shapes. We will go over how to measure, how to blend different sizes together and then we are going to cut out our patterns and fabrics. Are you ready? 🙂 Measuring

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Sabrina Sewalong Day 1: Let’s talk about fabric

It’s no secret that sewing pants for yourself can be a challenge. With this sewalong (SAL) Kelly and I will be here to hold your hand for those who have never taken the leap into this particular garment. The pants we will be sewing is the newly released Sabrina Slim’s. This is the easiest pant to start with because there are no closures, they just pull on....Read More

Bluezette Sew Along Tips and Tricks

I hope you have been joining us for the Bluezette Sew Along happening in the Love Notions Pattern Support Page. Today we are going to be attaching the skirt and hemming. I’m making a dress for my daughter using some beautiful lace fabric with sequins on it. And while gorgeous, it was be difficult to work with at times. So, today, I’m going to share some tips...Read More

Bluezette Sew Along

This week will be having a little sew along in the Facebook group, Love Notions Pattern Support. Come join in and get some holiday sewing done early so you can enjoy the season!

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